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  1. I’m going to need to see some Shiv nudity to be fully on board. Just my requirement.
  2. 58% acceptance rate. 58%!!! They are flooding Texas with water head hayseeds.
  3. As much as I would like Texas to demolish them in the 2nd round, I am really hoping for a one and done from the fightin’ Texas farmers. The excuses will be glorious.
  4. I mean…. We did let them pick first …. So f those farmers.
  5. It is vacant - heard on Mark Caesar's show that basically all the fixtures, TVs, etc were stolen and the property is basically condemned. So.. we got that going for us.. which is NOT nice.
  6. Over on SEC Rant - b/c a slow day. Posted by some aggy proud of this - Fake Army Uniform for Baseball Team -
  7. I know it's a stupid statement / question but how does that fat tub of goo on the far right pass PT? Is that a dude?
  8. Just a continuation of dirty aggy recruiting and player support - got it Is there an NIL payment for mowing Kroger? I assume all kinds of shaddy shit w/ those hayseeds b/c that is who they are.
  9. Other than he's an idiot and aggy jock sniffer - what does he mean by "Austin is not built to do this" - This just smells like nothing more than 'pay for play'
  10. Where is the rest of this moose? Tough room… don’t have to tell you that.
  11. “10” Bo Derek’s tits! Love Blake Edwards
  12. I'm here for all of that - An expensive, public airing of their dirty laundry followed by a judgement that aggy owes the midget 100% of his contracted salary in 90 days.
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