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  1. I thought you retards were the party of science.
  2. proactiv is pulling ads from MSNBC over a person that lied about working for them on his twitter bio. This is so stupid, but not surprising in today's environment.
  3. Are you talking about the lady from Iowa? Why are you comparing two different states reactions, if you have a problem with what Iowa did, then take it up with them.
  4. Must suck to learn your hero is such a big piece of shit. Has you questioning your desire to enter into a relationship with him.
  5. Hogg going after McCain, but he's a kid. Geeze, you gullible fucking imbeciles, letting this piece of shit lead you on gun control.
  6. It's funny to see the people that feed off of class warefare reject it. The Left will only support pop culture that vaildates their world view, which is why you are starting to see them reject the reboot.
  7. I thought he was an adult capable of leading policy decisions. Make up your mind. Imagine being so pathetic that you have to take cues from a guy that is too stupid to get into college.
  8. lulz. 3 years in and Shaka still doesn't have the personnel to run Havoc. Dumbass, he's not even trying to recruit those players. So the least efficient offensive player on the team deserved to play the most minutes? Barnett left after he played for Shaka, and that uber shitty Missouri team had a similar season to Texas while losing their best player for all but 3 games.
  9. Yet, Osetkowski deserved to play 35+ MPG. You know no one though Jordan Barnett deserved to play. He transferred, got better coaching and improved. He shot over .400 from BTA while helping lead Missouri into the NCAA tournament. The problem here is that Shaka is running these kids off before the developmental kids have time to develop. Then people say "this team is so young," more [bs, bs, bs], you can't blame him for the poor play.
  10. Imagine being lead around by a kid has fucking stupid as Hogg.
  11. I didn't need you to type a single word to know you were a retard.
  12. It's fucking hilarious that libs have let a stupid high school kid become the leader of their gun grabbing movement. Says a lot about where that movement was heading before the local and federal government shit the bed and allowed Cruz to shoot up a high school. I also find it fucking hilarious that you libs are being used by him as badly as he's using the msm. So is Hogg a kid or an adult that can dictate policy, you fucking retards need to pick one narrative?
  13. Well considering that Hogg is an asshole as well as a dumbass, probably more than what Ingraham has said. Still though, after her kerfuffle with Lebron, she moved into 4th amoung all cable news shows. Whatever Fox news is doing, they are currently dominating their competition. So while these advertisers leave, and see their business suffer, new advertisers will take their place.
  14. Oh no. The government protects the citizenry. That is their main fucking job. They failed to do it in both Texas and Parkland. How fucking hard is it to comprehend simply typing in information into a system that would have prevented both shooters from getting guns? This isn't a monetary issue, but I give you points trying to conflate the two together. It's fucking retarded, which is why you did it.
  15. We should on paper have a decent squad next year. Unfortunately, we have the same shitty coaching staff, so expecting anything more than squeaking into the tournament and losing during the opening weekend is about the level of expectations one should have.
  16. Would have been hard for Allen to do anything since he fouled out with 2 minutes to go in the 2nd half.
  17. 50-50 over 3 seasons. They don't have to tank. They just aren't going to be good.
  18. Which is why he's going to get his ass handed to him in November.
  19. This is such a fucking retarded post. The government's job is to protect the citizenry, not pay for fucking healthcare. Maybe instead of spending resources, like say determining the sexual activity of Russian birds on cocaine, the government should instead use those resources where it's needed. Like reporting bad people to the proper channels so they are unable to purchase firearms.
  20. Exactly. The Air Force failed to report the Texas shooter for his domestic violence. Had they, he would have been in the NICS system and unable to purchase a gun. Same with Cruz. Thanks for proving my point. The current laws aren't being enforced.
  21. If you say so, what is Beto's excuse?
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