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  1. I’ve been out of the loop lately but I kinda feel like Erdogan told Putin “no sinking grain ships in the Black Sea.”
  2. 77 days till elk season for me. I picked up a Christensen Ranger 22 for grouse hunting and for some inexpensive range/trigger time, it shoots well. My first carbon barrel rifle. I’ve been rucking 1-2.5 miles a few days a week with my pack in cargo arrangement and a 50# “imitation elk quarter”. Tried another handload recipe for my 300WBY and still no luck. Factory ammo is still grouping so at least I know I can fall back on that. Last years elk hide got back from the tannery this week.
  3. It was easy on the palate as well. I did some long range shooting at the ranch today with some new handloads for my elk rifle and the results weren’t great. I had a little panic attack after that at the thought of not getting an elk this year. Need to change it up, figure it out and get dialed in soon.
  4. Where has this great thread been my whole life? I need to explore the site more. Elk burgers tonight, not nearly as gourmet as you guys.
  5. We just booked a duck hunt; don’t know what I’m going to do for doves yet. One of my good hunting buds has a great bird dog. Watching her work is the best part of the hunt.
  6. I thought they “supplemented” the Florida population with Mountain lions from west Texas a few years back; ergo it’s basically all the same now?
  7. This one was shot in Gatesville (west of Waco) last year, and there have been some killed in north Louisiana. They seemingly travel a long way sometimes.
  8. Thanks for being straight about it. It is very hard to read news stories and commentary on things up there and understand what is actually going on, since no one (understandably) wants to print anything negative about Native Americans. I’ve spent a fair amount of time around reservation land in the lower 48, and managing relationships/boundaries/rights is always going to be difficult; and to some degree rightly because of the mistakes/illegal acts/total war/genocide/evil committed against the tribes/Nations for decades/centuries. I don’t know the history with the Alaska tribes, but I’m pretty familiar with how things went for the plains tribes. It’s a tough situation. I think as Nations/groups of people we are still coming to terms with it and figuring out how to go forward. (Side note - once I asked a Dutch colleague how they talk about WWII with Germans (we were doing business in Germany on a VE anniversary or something), and he just said “We don’t. No one talks about the war!” (Just like Monty python said)) The story I referred to around Kotzebue basically sounds to me like the natives don’t want anyone else allowed into the areas they like to hunt, (even through its not legally theirs - it’s Federally owned land) and at the moment I think, got a commission to grant that request (which is now being legally challenged). But no article I could find just said “the natives want to exclude non-natives from these areas, even though it’s federally owned.” You kinda have to read between the lines. I don’t understand the provenance of how we acquired Alaska from the Russians and if they “legally” acquired it from the natives or what so I’ll have to go down that rabbit trail now…
  9. Very interesting - thanks! You’ll have to excuse my ignorance on a lot of this: A buddy and I have been looking at doing a caribou hunt up there. I would prefer moose, but the logistics of shipping moose meat back is difficult, whereas caribou meat can fit as checked baggage. One of the areas we were looking at operates in the northwest out of Kotzebue, but apparently “the native” (tribal)? lobby has recently gotten some of the northwest closed to all but subsistence hunters. I’m guessing that’s part of what you’re mentioning - Alaska seems very different than the lower 48 in regards to native/tribal hunting rights. (In the lower 48 tribes generally have special rights on reservations, not outside the reservations) What’s really weird to me is that the regs I’ve seen don’t seem to mention the tribes specifically in the subsistence sections, but that’s what it seems to be about. Is that your impression? Is there a lot of friction between the tribes and non-tribal? Why is the term “native” used up there instead of “tribal”? Or is the term not really referring to tribes, just folks that have been there for a long time? I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading about relations, history, and current dynamics with the plains Indians of the lower 48, and it seems like Alaska has a different and maybe more dynamic situation going on currently. (Even though we had a lower 48 tribal rights case reach the Supreme Court last year). Any other thoughts to explain the dynamic? Confusing situation. Thanks for posting!
  10. Fantastic thread, I just found it last night and read everything up to now. A couple questions: Do you mix any fat with the moose when you’re grinding it for burger? Do you dry any into jerky? What loads are you shooting from your 270 and what do you limit your shooting range to on moose? Do you hunt close to the house or have to drive out a ways? Do you get a subsistence moose permit or do you have to draw a tag? I think Rinella was discussing some really controversial legislation on tag allocation amongst Alaskans that was proposed last year - would/did it affect you? Would you rather shoot a cow or a bull and is the meat any different between the two? Thanks for posting!
  11. Glad things are coming together! As mentioned above, I also prefer the lighted reticle, really helpful in low light (esp for bad eyes); it also helps me focus on the target in general. I have the ballistic turret in my Swarovski, but with a 300 Wby, you probably won’t need it. Regarding bringing the meat back, I would try to haul it back and have it processed in Texas, that will give it some time to age in the coolers, and save a lot in shipping cost. My buddy got a tuna bag and it worked great for a quartered out elk, the full cape and ~50lbs ice.; might have held two elk with no capes included, and the ice kept fine: Note: we deboned the meat off the shoulders and hams before putting in the cooler. A bag-type cooler works pretty well for keeping the skull cool.
  12. Yeah, the carbon is 7.5 and the aluminum is 8.5. They are built pretty stout.
  13. The inside is some kind of stiff rubber, shouldn’t leave a mark on wood unless you really, really crank it down, which you won’t need to do, as you can put the tripod cradle right at the center of gravity of the rifle. It’s a very stable platform, but the downside is it is big and weighs ~8lbs.
  14. Did you upgrade the bolt shroud on that Tikka? Mine is broken and i need to get a replacement at some point
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