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  1. The big picture, the strategy, the offense/defense/special teams combined reflect the reality that Iowa tries to win without a lot of talent. The staff takes a lot of pride on doing things their way, it can seem very stubborn. They feel more proud of themselves when the o-line is a bunch of guys with basically zero other offers. Skill positions have been a weak spot for Iowa for decades. The schemes reflect the lack of the speed and skill on the outside.
  2. More highlights from the Wisconsin game, Braelon Allen puts a head down and shoves Schulte into next Tuesday: The nine guys in the box defense that the Hawk offense often sees, because the downfield passing game just isn't there. If the offensive shifts and the line make their blocks then the back breaks one tackle and the other defensive backs are out of place and it becomes a foot race.
  3. In the quarterback transfer portal/musical chairs/carousel, Tanner Mordecai from OU/SMU had his hand hit a defensive players helmet at the end of a throwing motion and left the game. The backup was Braedyn Locke who was prolific in HS at Rockwall before going to Mississippi State and then Wisconsin. He could spin the ball when he had time, but Wisconsin's passing game just isn't where Fickell or the staff want it to be right now. Wisconsin transfer Graham Mertz had the best game of his life leading the Florida Gators past South Carolina. Wisconsin running back Braelon Allen was playing through injuries and left the game at times only to come back and he looked like a classic Badger big time running back. He dished out some hits when he collided with defensive backs and if he played the whole game he would've had a bigger impact, he looked like he aggravated an injury on this play, he just seemed to be leaving it all on the field to get this game and win the division
  4. The transfer portal can be like a game of musical chairs for former blue chip recruits or High School stars who aren't starting at their school and Hudson Card seems to have just wound up at Purdue, and he has trusted his career and development to their OC Graham Harrell and the new staff in West Lafayette. The announcers talked about Harrell bringing some Air Raid to the B1G, but whatever they were running was some kind of weird first year transition with tons of run plays and almost no tempo to speak of. I hadn't followed Graham Harrell, but I thought his stock price was a little higher than being at Purdue. The Purdue offense was out of rhythm, all game long. The Iowa defensive line had their best game of the season, Card stood in the pocket too long. He had a move where he would just let the ball fly out of his hands while he was being dragged down by defenders. About the fourth time he did that there was finally an interception. He had medical tape around his neck area and had limited flexibility, maybe some pain from injuries in previous games too. The Hawkeye defenders made some hits that were on the edge of being flagged, the officials just didn't seem real interested in throwing the flags. Jason Garret didn't seem interested in providing color commentary on Peacock. Anyway, next up is Wisconsin and it looks like its going to end up like the Penn State game.
  5. Great content being recommended to me in the trending videos for you section:
  6. This was in the twitter official account today. Notice he is jumping and one of his feet is off of the ground:
  7. The new starting quarterback is listed at 260 lbs on the depth chart, and he does not carry it well. He looks like he ate a lot of cheeseburgers during his time in Wisconsin. The super hyped transfer quarterback that injured his quad and knee in non-contact injuries couldn't do the rolls and boots and some of the play actions, but this guy can and when he has to spin around it looks like a fat guy doing a pirouette. When the playbook is limited and margins are close, just the littlest bit of mobility makes a difference and injured Cade this year or Petras last season were basically statues in the pocket.
  8. I know is beside the point, but the q-anon and do-anything-to-get-a-retweet accounts on twitter spent about ten years creating some kind of parallel universe version of Angela Merkel where she was a liberal/left wing european and a gigantic failure of a leader. They would very often show off their knowledge of German politics by pointing out what a failure Merkel was, and were never shy about connecting stuff they don't like to Merkel. Blurry videos of crowds of immigrants, confusing graphs about solar power, whatever they could get their hand on. Related to the love of Putin, this stuff has been going on for over a decade. The messed up incentives of twitter before and after Elon meant that stuff like that would just go on and on. Literally any anonymous account would pretend to be an expert on geopolitics. I get that she has been out of power for almost two years now.
  9. At different times last night, the fans were booing the offense, the play calls, the special teams running on the field to attempt a field goal or punt on a short fourth down, even chanting "FIRE BRIAN". Former B1G coaches Pat Fitzgerald and Mark Dantonio were at the game for different reasons. The color commenter and sideline banter about Cooper Dejean was that he wanted to play quarterback, but looked at which positions turn into professionals at Iowa and that was part of why he decided to play defensive back.
  10. Its a thing for long term fans of the Iowa program. The offensive coordinator does things the way KF wants them. He works for KF and does things the way KF wants. They change the literal guy around a few times but the thing is whoever they put in the booth does exactly what KF wants. Back in the days early in the Ferentz years the fans were all convinced that Ken O'Keefe was holding the team back with his conservative approach.
  11. The big hyped transfer quarterback with the good hair has a slight injury that limits his mobility. The offense relies heavily on primitive rollouts, bootlegs, and waggles and scratching those of the play sheet limits an already limited offense and makes the job easier for the opposing defense. The biggest offensive play against Penn State was a broken play that a healthy quarterback would have scrambled for 20 yards down the field. The team is built to win games with 13 points on the scoreboard one way or another. A couple setbacks, turnovers, special teams mistakes and then putting up a goose egg on the scoreboard on the road is not an unexpected outcome.
  12. The best way to describe from a macro level is that they are the only team in college football that tries to win the way that they do.
  13. So for the past three days the Elon echo chamber including Catturd2, a major Canadian online activist named Libby Emmons, Posobiec, Ian Miles Cheong, and others have been sharing cropped screengrabs of an obituary from a month ago, the reporter investigating soon received a video that changed the story and later led to a murder investigation. But some of the influencers just skip from the obituary to the murder video and claim its a media conspiracy after the fact. The full story of the totally mindless spoon fed dishonesty from some of the biggest influencers
  14. My understanding is that the referee under the goal post, looking up, has to assume that if the goal post extended higher than the little flag at the top, that if any part of the football goes through the imaginary extended goalpost, you assume it would hit a real goalpost and bounce/doink for a no good field goal attempt. Any kick that is close to the imaginary goal post line is supposed to be no good.
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