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  1. I tried to find the Cheaters episode with the superfan on the bus who stops the scene they are staging/shooting and yells "you got caught on cheetahs". But I could not find the video.
  2. After TCU went to the College Football Playoff in their first year with a new head coach in charge. Now every team with a losing record and a new coach thinks that they are bound for the playoffs or at least a conference championship next season. With the portal and nil money and recruits coming in, who can possible argue against this.
  3. Portuguese music tends to not be popular among world music obsessives, or fans of foreign language music. The best and most clear explanation for this is the lack of rhythm and african influence that has made Brazilian or Cape Verdean music successful in the various ways "world music" has been used as a category form music in the past several decades. In Portugal today, Fado is known as music for tourists in seafood restaurants.
  4. I remember playing the game and recognizing one of the voices, the old Native American guy, and looking up the voice cast. The guy who did the main character in the first game had given up acting and moved home and was pulled back to do this game. The voice actors aren't unionized, and their share of the money from the hundreds of millions a game like this makes, it ends up being like a couple hundred bucks per day that they spend working on the game and basically nothing after. Rockstar and RDR are hardly the only studio that does things like this. Anyway, the voice work was really good in the game.
  5. trza-hawk


    You bumped a thread to compliment your own batch of reissues. Each one with a little stripe at the top to mark it as an of the moment reissue.
  6. Best music into? worst music intro? Best and worst at the same time?
  7. On Monday night there was a football game that stopped short because a player was injured on the field. The video was shared on every social media platform, the story was everywhere just minutes after it happened. Twitter gives tons of exposure to the most awful accounts, like a handful of people who try to trick others into retweeting and reacting to them. Hot take artists, Hack doctors, political people who made veiled references to vaccine denial. Those are the people who were the "winners" on twitter over the past couple days. One of the big accounts had a couple million views in just a couple hours after the sports event. And this repeats every time something happens anywhere. Its an awful platform, the incentivizing structure, the exposure and views and retweets, the biggest gimmicks and scam artists wind up rising to the top. The social network has a big problem with young people. I would go into it but younger people, especially ones with high internet iq or who understand what they read online, they just don't go to twitter.
  8. Probably an al-shabab fan, I have never met a lower form of being than the al-shabab fan base do they think we will just forget ever banega missing his penalty in the kings cup just over a week ago.
  9. trza-hawk


    Its endless audiophile jargon and marketing blabber designed to get middle aged dudes to part with their spare change for a reissue of an album where you can usually pick up the pressing from the original era for less than ten bucks.
  10. the game ended early so the trophy ceremony gets broadcast nationwide and nobody did any prep work for the speaking parts so everyone is just fumbling all of their words and can't tell transperfect from transparent and the lady from the sponsor can't read a basic stat line for the game mvp what terrible television.
  11. trza-hawk


    Score a goal against USA in World Cup, shown the door from a team in the Dutch league a couple weeks later.
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