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  1. 5 freakin' comeback wins in a row. goddamn this has been fun. even got the wife paying real attention.
  2. Time for some well deserved rest, Donnnie. Seems like you helped make a great family. Great pix, BTW.
  3. I disagree. Definitely aggravating in the extreme but the nerve, the determination ... awesome. Of course my perspective is different!
  4. I thought the dubbed to be one of, if not, the best dub jobs I've seen/heard.
  5. And what a nice surprise Arcia is.
  6. RIP, Charlie. Always will be a good boy. Damn.
  7. Fuga

    Austin FC

    Looked at this way, that's the best thing I've heard in quite a long while. 🤪
  8. Thanks! Totally unintentional! FFS Fuckin' fingers and lousy eyes. Fixed.
  9. Fuga

    Austin FC

    Found it! Sheesh. Had to do the googling dance. Again, thanks!
  10. Fuga

    Austin FC

    Thanks but I must have been slipped some stupid pills. I can not find such. Not in the AppleTV's Settings app. It does have General>Privacy& Security options, none of which relate. In the TV+ app I see no settings option, nor in Sports when it is selected, nor in Season Pass when it is selected. I am totally bumfuzzled!
  11. Fuga

    Austin FC

    I've looked and looked. Unless I'm doing something wrong, might you please give more direction to find this setting. I rely on this ability for MLB.TV and very much want it for MLS.
  12. A 2-out wonder by Osario and "Dansby Who" Arcia. Yeah, I know, Dansby's ain't too shabby so far.
  13. A 2-out wonder by Osario and "Dansby Who" Arcia.
  14. Looking good so far, early days may they be. Why the ever loving hell does a division winner open as a visitor in a daytime game?
  15. REALLY need Grissom to do well. Have little hope for Ozuna. Feeling good about Acuña. Hope for pitching to continue to shine.
  16. The first pic of Otis - talk about having no fucks to give.
  17. Fuga

    Austin FC

    Why didn't Fagundez start? Is this the first time he didn't? MLS matches?
  18. 13 years. Pretty good for a big dog. When I had to let go of my lab, Nellie, vet told me a big dog is pretty much a heartache waiting to happen. So sorry, Dbeasy. May your memories soon be simply full of love and happy. Rest easy, Sandi.
  19. HotDamn! Much thanks for the headsUp.
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