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  1. HotDamn! Much thanks for the headsUp.
  2. Treason. A concise 5 episodes. Never boring. Never lags. Not a happy ending but it is wrapped up favorably - can't think of a better word but I've been up for forever.
  3. Can I just say that these coaching staff uniforms suck. Can they really get that much $$ from the manufacturer? Both women's and men's staffs are wearing them. In truth, all I miss is when Vic takes off his suit jacket.
  4. Three US races. I too well remember despairing of there ever being one. Damn, I'm old?
  5. After almost 50 years of watching I just thought of something. 😋 Do cupcake teams in women's college basketball get any real $$ like cupcakes do in football?
  6. Such a good girl. So glad you can do for her what you do for her.
  7. here we go. over throws and false starts
  8. Yeah, as ugly as that game was last night Jones's minutes were pretty.
  9. I totally missed it (unsure if I'll miss her). What/how/why Ebo to Notre Dame?
  10. 4 is WAY too fucking young. Hang in there, Pepper and Chewbacca!
  11. In my experience, nah. Hasn't fazed any of mine. The last one was our current rescue. He had been a stud (if you can say that about a pug, LMFAO) and was 7 years old when we got him. Never missed them.
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