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  1. Aw, crap! More!! Hell, even that old Rambler!!!
  2. So many beauties. The Maserati, that black MG, the gorgeous Austin Healey.
  3. Glad to hear/see Frenchie back. All the others have been getting on my nerves for various reasons.
  4. A few nice cars there. /me wants that Cobra.
  5. I had a dumb orange tabby (possibly redundant, never knew an orange tabby that wasn't somewhere on the dumb scale). Anyways, whenever he got into trouble I could find him because he'd be hiding under the bed. Well, he'd have his head under the bed with his body sticking out.
  6. Damn cats. Every cat I've had, at the very least, had zero fucks to give.
  7. Much thanks for the info! Was just wondering if/when.
  8. In the same boat, C-Man. Some 1500+ and am ripping most to lossless. Hoping the library will want them!
  9. And we broke their 10(?) game losing streak. And then sucked again.
  10. Just saw this thread. Had red eared sliders for almost 20 years. Kudos to you for creating a great home and your due diligence finding him a new home. With his new home having that much room conflict should be nonexistent. Not sure he's a he. Male sliders have HUGE nails, like Wolverine type long nails.
  11. And doing it with little help from Ronald. His minor slump will surely be over soon. Hope TheKid's streak keeps up. Loved how he took one shot for glory with bases loaded then did what he could for a sweet single scoring two.
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