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  1. FUCK, fuck, fuck. All my condolences for the loss of your good girl, Avery.
  2. We've been waiting since this began but my daughter in Entiat, WA regularly uses our account, as do wee, here in Austin. So far so good. Probably just jinxed it.
  3. One of the most thought provoking things I've heard in ages.
  4. As much as I couldn't believe we'd really get anywhere with no pitching, and no bats(!), I still had hope. Ha! The wife walked out top of the 8th. Still love her though.
  5. In 1980 I bought a 1960 Impala from the original - get this - little old lady that barely drove it - less than 80,000 miles. Everything original, never wrecked, not a dent, AC still worked FFS. Had that wrap-around rear window. Paid $400!. I rue the day I sold it - had it for a few years. I was a full-time doc student on 1/2-time TA pay - needed every penny. Sold it for $600. Fuck me. Could have been mine - same colors, hub caps. 💔
  6. I just watched the WV match. OUCH. I am a newcomer to UT women soccer and have only seen pats of matches util this one. That field looks like crap. Is it even modern field turf?
  7. I doubt any thing untoward would result from CBD. I know many swear by it for all sorts of things. It's great to hear of your daughter's progress. BTW, sure does look more like a Pug than a Chihuahua. Possibly what we in the Pug world call a Chug?
  8. Nuts! I thought I had uploaded the video. A shame y'all did not get to see him in full attack.
  9. Good enough. Better than good - she's still around and have you as her angel.
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