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  1. I am old and miss the days when defensive players didn't flex after every play.
  2. Fine. Name one other non-Yankee they would be doing this for.
  3. You think they'd split the screen for Kyle Schwarber?
  4. When he hits 62, he'll still be seventh.
  5. The reason it's getting covered is a) and only a). No other team would be getting split screen coverage during college football for this.
  6. Split screen for an AL record. LOL
  7. For some reason, I think we're going to win pretty easily. Just a hunch. Having said that, the meltdown after a loss would be must see internet.
  8. Just checking in to see the level of panic.
  9. Since you're great at reading: https://files.mlb.com/mitchrpt.pdf
  10. How many Yankees were mentioned in the Mitchell Report?
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