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  1. Those jumps scare the hell out of me. As a newb coming from road I just want to push hard on the pedals for the most part but having a hard time doing that due to lack of skill. Just need to get more time on the trails I guess.
  2. Newb MTBer jumping into the thread. Experienced road cyclist & triathlete, just got a MTB to XC race & do off-road triathlons. Probably wasn’t the best idea but jumped into the Rocky Hill roundup yesterday as my first time off-road. It was a blast. Terrifying at times, but so much fun. Can’t wait to check out all the trails around H town.
  3. Looked like helmet to helmet from that sideline view to me, then also head to ground. And I’m not going to lie, all this info coming out about cte makes me question continuing to follow and support football.
  4. How much are you riding the exercise bike? Like a spin bike? I think you could do it that way and rent a bike and finish fine but you’d probably have a better experience if you’re able to get out on some 2-3 hours rides ahead of time. Even if your fitness and your legs are ready it’s stuff like your neck (helmet weight), arms and back that need to get used to being on the bike for a few hours. How much does it cost to rent a bike though? Might be able to get a decent used bike for pretty cheap. For instance I’m selling a well used CAAD10 for $500
  5. I’d love a family oriented hill country lease if anyone has any leads. Would be me and my two boys aged 8 & 10. I prefer bow but with the kids would need rifle opportunities too. Deer size not important, in it for the experiences. Fine with solid set of rules but would prefer places that don’t take it way too seriously (been there - it takes the fun out of it).
  6. I saw it opening night at 6pm. A lot of the theater busted out laughing when they kissed and when she called herself Skywalker. Just ridiculous scenes.
  7. These coordinator hires seem promising, but I still need to know who he’s going to hire to tell him how to manage the game clock & game situations. Our HC is still the idiot that thought he could run the game clock out with 3 minutes left and the other team having 3 time outs.
  8. I was just in Taos for a week, so all this NM talk hits close to home
  9. Guess I’m going to have to watch the clone wars cartoons. My 9 year old told me that the ending of ep 8 has a back story in a few of the episodes.
  10. So even with Carson going out and Dak/Zeke having terrible games I find myself with a 5 point lead (opponents team really shit the bed). My opponent is done and I have Thielen going tonight. Seems like I’ve got it locked up but yahoo seems to think I still have a 6% chance of losing. So they’re saying there’s a 6% chance Thielen scores negative 5.2 points? So is the play here to put Thielen on the bench and leave the receiver slot empty?
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