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    Horns Down

    OK, cool. Hook'em.
  2. and

    Horns Down

    I meant until the third quarter when Texas had ZERO penalties. Sorry if my post wasn't clear enough. Yes, I'll give you the onside kick BS.
  3. and

    Horns Down

    You mean Texpete?
  4. and

    Horns Down

    Sooner? LOL. Those negs are so painful, you internet tough guy. Get a life dumbass.
  5. and

    Horns Down

    Fuckers on the Kansas game thread kept complaining about the refs the entire game when there were zero penalties called on poor old Texas until the third quarter, delay of game being the first one. As opposed to five on Kansas by then. All of you who do that, deserve to be aggies.
  6. and

    Horns Down

    Sad its come down to this. Reprimands and horns down, WTF snowflakes????
  7. So let me just confirm, no playoffs for Texas Tom? Yes dumbass.
  8. It is that much until the next Premier shows up in Russia and throws him behind bars.
  9. How and why does a fucking country with a GDP of NewYork wield so much power. Someone(China) needs to swat'em down like the fly they are.
  10. and


  11. Yeah, tOSU is pretty good. Almost better than TCU.
  12. and

    LSU @ aggy

    They can't even do anything with curated hand me downs like Burrow. OU meanwhile....
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