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  1. Do you still feel Stewart enters the portal sometime this month?
  2. Is Duggan expected to return next year?
  3. They really like Daniel Cruz in the 24' class as a Center take. https://247sports.com/player/daniel-cruz-46114684/
  4. Is he going to take any OV's the next few weeks? Only one he took was to Michigan in the summer. Probably won't matter, LSU bound.
  5. Do we even give it shot with Harris or take a pass?
  6. Is the OL from New Jersey still expected to decommit?
  7. Reading a little more, looks like he's going to pick aggy over Bama' and Tennessee.
  8. Little surprising they think Goram-Welch returns. Figured he and Merrill would be the next two out.
  9. Hard to believe, but a 4* 24' WR from Georgia Fong'd to aggy this morning. Profile says committing on Dec. 11th.
  10. Elmer_Fudd


    I saw Metallica 15 years ago or so. Played nothing but stuff from the first four albums and a few black album songs. May catch some grief from some, but I actually like Load and Reload. Everything after that though, big nope. Correct on Megadeth. Dave and crew are still bringing the good stuff. Fortunate to have seen them twice over the years. Caught a guitar pick from Dave at both shows.
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