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  1. She was able to have an abortion when he was born. Stop being obtuse. Churches have to pay tax because some fuck up shoots a gay bar, but if it's shown that he wasn't a radical Christian then its all hunky dory.
  2. Why not, it would make rhem open minded, or are you full of shit?
  3. No, you can't argue why this okay. You're stalling hoping someone will protect you from your religious stupidity.
  4. Why do you think this good? You must have a reason to say this is good. I mean apparently being against this kills people as I've been told. Why is telling kids that getting grown men to do dances half naked with a sign that says "it's not going to lick itself " a good thing?
  5. You see that people of the world hate that there is something that tells them that the things they like sex, drinking, hiarchies, and other carnal pleasures that is said is a sin in the Bible restricts preoperative. They can't help but say that Christians, and other Abrahamic religions say that those things are not good. The Bible says to turn your life away from sin but to God, but we all know this. This isn't new, It's just much different tactics than what Nero did to early Christians.
  6. You're going to have to explain yourself. Paul was pretty clear on it.
  7. Then you need to be baptized, no issues on my side either then.
  8. I was told to go out to baptize all nations. Weird thing to be told to do by Matthew, unless it doesn't matter. What's your thoughts on women pastors?
  9. See we should have sin just be okay in churches. Don't mind Paul's letters. Jesus very much affirmed traditional marriage, it's going to be hard to say that he was OK with premarital sex, or that he was alright with gay marriage, if he affirmed traditional marriage.
  10. So all it will cost is a warm bed and not just a sandwich over in Greece now?
  11. https://twitter.com/alifarhat79/status/1575493341898473472?s=20&t=JX1vsLu4RspY6dHACrmZjA
  12. I wasn't the only one saying it, but as we can tell things have not gotten better. I was wrong. I'm not stupid enough to say otherwise. https://www.comerica.com/insights/economic-commentary/november-2020-us-economic-outlook.html I can agree with this.
  13. What happened si I supported the 2017 tax cuts, and still do. I also think spending should go down too, and we're reaping with what is happening now. I don't think tax increases are going to help if you also spend like a mad man on crack. You're more likely going to get stagflation.
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