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  1. Godspeed Zork, keeping these loons in their playpen has been bestowed upon you.
  2. What in the hell does peg mean?
  3. Well, certainly not that kind of sex. But point taken.
  4. I’m a novice in this area to be sure.
  5. How can a woman be a top?
  6. Stop sniffing your own farts every once in a while and just laugh, life is better.
  7. I’m all for equality, but a black Santa is a step too far.
  8. Thankfully Chrispy is a legal citizen with paperwork and doesn’t commit crimes, so I won’t need to worry about it. These migrants will get their due process, but the line is a bit backed up at the moment.
  9. The point was that the region never recovered from these civil wars, I wasn’t assigning blame to the lefty militias that you admire so much. Ah yes, blame the US, the tried and true tactic of the left. I knew this was the point of you posts, but couldn’t wait for you to finally say it. I fixed that an hour ago, which means it took you an hour to write that drivel? Yikes.
  10. I’ll grant some leeway to actual refugees, but economic migrants? Naw.
  11. I don’t doubt it, most of the world is a very unforgiving place. It’s not Nazi Germany circa 1939, however. Of course I would have, they were refugees.
  12. Like I stated, civil wars will tear countries and regions apart. It seems Honduras suffered from stagnating agricultural and de-industrialization. The fear caused by the other civil wars in the region also played a role. Mexico has ceded control to the cartel, so that one’s pretty simple.
  13. The Rebel Armed forces in Guatemala. I’m unsure if the FMLN forces were socialist or communist, but certainly left-wing militias.
  14. Wait, are you comparing these economic migrants to Jewish refugees escaping the holocaust? Whoa.
  15. Civil wars, communist revolutions, corruption, etc.
  16. It’s not as good as ours unfortunately. I feel bad for them, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
  17. If I were Trump, I would build a series of Trump hotels along the border. It would be great marketing/business opportunity and these migrants would get to live a little before being deported.
  18. Because they want to improve their standard of living.
  19. All it requires is that you’re under 18 when you enter and the asylum process takes a long time, so yeah...
  20. Because they’re economic migrants and will most likely be denied.
  21. They’re turning our good nature against us and abusing the asylum process. They know they’ll be turned down because of their bullshit claim, but they’ll pop out a couple kids and voila, more dreamers for the libs to protect. I can’t believe you guys fall for this nonsense.
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