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  1. Look at that fat man move!
  2. The Americans was such a great show, and the final episode wrapped up the show as good as any finale I’ve ever seen.
  3. Was wondering why this hadn’t made more of a ripple on this thread. Sure seems like the NCAA has been basically neutered.
  4. “How do you like the wine, Dad?” “I think I’d rather have a case of the clap than a case of this wine”
  5. +1 on this. I think I saw it for someone’s birthday party in the theater in 4th grade.
  6. Good night, sweet prince
  7. Was that the one with the kid in the sleeping bag trying to hop away from the monster that was destroying their campsite?
  8. WTF? Were the schools asking for this so they could cut back on the ever-escalating arms race of recruiting amenities? Because both the photo shoots and hotel swag seem like entirely harmless fun that recruits would enjoy and give them some tangible souvenirs of the process once it’s over. The NCAA just seems hell-bent on making itself as unlikeable as possible.
  9. I sorted that 1987 list by box office and I’ve seen 45 of the top 50 from that year, then counted up another 56 past the top 50 that I’ve seen, either in the theater or on video. And I can remember the covers of about another 50-75 from passing them over at the video store.
  10. That Bangles album was one of the first CD’s I ever bought. Not even ashamed. That was right in the thick of my personal Golden Era for seeing movies in theaters. End of senior year in high school and start of college on the 40. I probably saw a higher percentage of movies on that list than any other year I’ve been alive, and there are lots of bangers on it.
  11. This one takes me back. Saw it in the theater at a midnight screening. I don’t think I’ve seen it since but remember enjoying it. Susanna Hoffa should have done more acting.
  12. I’ve heard this theory discussed on a podcast. That the show creators pitched the basic concept to HBO (“Night Country”), and some executives said “hey, let’s make this a True Detective series” to create buzz from familiar IP. So they just glommed on a bunch of superficial callbacks to the first series that really have nothing to do with the actual plot of the show and we got what we got. Makes as much sense anything.
  13. Regardless of what they may have intended, I think the sum of what they put on film has to be that there are actual ghosts in Ennis. Otherwise, you have at least four characters (Danvers, Navarro, Julia, and Rose) that are experiencing hallucinations, and somehow the rolling orange is common to all of them except Rose. Even that doesn’t explain how a hallucination of dead Travis would lead Rose to the frozen bodies of the scientists or how Navarro is having hallucinations of figures appearing behind her that only the viewer can see. This also raises the question for me of what happened to Navarro at the end? We see her walking off into the frozen tundra, heading towards absolutely nothing, like she’s finally doing what she’s tried to do before and like her sister did. Then she shows up in the final shot in Danvers’ lake house. Is she alive there, or is it her ghost?
  14. Because you see, the only way to melt permafrost to access a world-altering microorganism is to pollute more.
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