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  1. D3zii

    2024 NFL DRAFT

    Has ford ran yet?
  2. D3zii

    2024 NFL DRAFT

    Did you just see his bag drills?? you know how many teams need a run stuffers (Browns, Vikings, Bengals, Cowboys ect) His biggest caution was movement and motor. Well I think the movement doubters can probably lay it to rest
  3. D3zii

    2024 NFL DRAFT

    Yeah Murph Dawg making money today. I’m predicting Top 10
  4. D3zii

    2024 NFL DRAFT

    Sweat probably just secured a 1st day pick Murphy may have just punched his ticket to the top 10 all this still depends on the rest of the combine
  5. Watching the game is only so much a coach can do! The team just looked lack luster. Rebounding tells the story But hey maybe it was coaching
  6. Brock finna get called for targeting shoulda had his ass at safety
  7. Brock did that shit on purpose 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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