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  1. She’s like the FB version of Brockemeyer for WBB. . but In positive news Moore , Gaston , Faye, and Ndjakalenga should be a good 4 in the back court but we need a better Big!! Vic has some work to do in the front court!!
  2. Sorry I was typing while upset. But it is what it is at this point but I was wondering was Jones a walk-on cause she plays pretty weak imo
  3. Is Jones a walk on?? Serious question , she’s to big joy to be able to get a Rebound , or a layup for that matter
  4. Hopefully Vic realizes and sees what we lack and gets it done in the portal
  5. Rori needs to find. Shot this summer, cause that’s ridiculous how they lag off and you can’t capitalize. No wonder we can’t do nothing inside
  6. Definitely agree, we had some good guards leave that would have definitely had this team looking different . Plus the Moore injury didn’t help
  7. And obviously recruit better no way we have guards who can’t score
  8. Yea that was actually a pretty good game!! It’s been some really good games this tournament for sure!! Or maybe I just never payed close attention after the famous Texas early round exits
  9. Calipari vs Jimbo Fisher it’s going to be a Big N and little O on Cal to Texas
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