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  1. I’d probably put in Carlson, and replace Thomas (Powell to 1B) before anything else. Daly is who he is, but the defensive dropoff with another SS is too big to risk. And we’re struggling already defensively. Its not like Daly is the one weak link in our lineup.
  2. Winning 10 in a row and the rest of our opponents solidified their resumes. SEC teams we faced are all T25, and Indiana/CSF/SHSU are Q2.
  3. Tennessee swept to start conference play. Don’t mind that. Makes me feel better dropping the game to Mizzou too.
  4. I’m cautiously optimistic. I get something like a 2017 vibe, with better top-end hitting and more balanced (though maybe not front-line dominant) pitching. Powell unlocks a lot higher ceiling for this squad. This was a very easy stretch, so I don’t think we should be resetting expectations yet. But I think we’re solidly in-play for top half of the Big 12, and if we pick up a 2/3 seed somewhere then Pierce teams are very dangerous in playoff play. Lets let it ride.
  5. Have to think yes. Figure AD puts serious pressure to make a change in the staff and starts assembling a list. Though I think Lemonis would have one more year to turn it around
  6. Flores over Carlson is a bit mystifying frankly. Isn’t Carlson way better defensively? Don’t know how its not Powell at 1B and Carlson at 3B. Freshmen are just not ready this year.
  7. Yeah, your point is where I was thinking. Lots of ways it could have gone down that shift our view, and we’ll never know. Very easily could be attitude, but its not like Pierce hasn’t shown himself to be pretty dogmatic about how he approaches lineup/pitching selection - one way or the other. End of the day, it would make a big difference with him on the team. But we’ve got talent and more on the way. We’ll be fine
  8. Yeah, sounds like total diva stuff.
  9. Not going to rehash the weirdness of his transfer, but Kash is off to a pretty blazing start. Against a much easier than conference schedule, but man.
  10. Boyds ISRs (very swingy early, but still) has them at 250 out of…260 teams. Should aim to boat race them.
  11. Not able to watch, what’s happening? Just doesn’t have it?
  12. Their start to the schedule felt laughably easy
  13. Ultimately, it was always a rebuild year. We almost completely turned over one of the best Texas teams of recent memory and the best hitting one of a long time. That said, Pierce absolutely does deserve hard questions about the HS recruiting the last couple years. 2020 class was ranked 25th in the nation according to Perfect Game. 2021 was ranked 60th, and will likely only yield one productive player (Luke Harrison). Other programs signed ~30 players, 5-10 T100 in the nation over that period. We signed 20 (Witt only T100). All of our talent was arms with Daly, Arthur, and Campbell the only position players of note. That’s the foundation of what Pierce is working with talent wise. 2022 (30th) has more mid-level talent and bats, but again, 11 signed and no T100. He’s got a great track record, has built consciously through transfers, and is coming off 2 great years. So a down year with a young team happens and don’t need to doom and gloom. But he’s gotta get more aggressive on getting the best talent to Texas, across HS, JUCO, and the portal.
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