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  1. The lab leak is a conspiracy theory. The vaccine stops transmission. The laptop was an illegally obtained hack. Getting the new booster is beneficial. Inflation is transitory. The list goes on. Narratives, spin. Whatever you want to call it.
  2. You’re just discovering that? A primary method of official information and narrative dissemination has been hijacked. “Build your own social network”. So some guy bought a big one. Histrionics have ensued. I think it’s all pretty amusing. I’m very aware of Elon’s moral failings. I don’t support him in all his endeavors, but I think Twitter succeeding as a more neutral platform would be a net positive. As a both sider I’m pretty accustomed to nuance.
  3. What about Bari Weiss? Is she controlled by the Russians too?
  4. But, muh advertisers. This may be true. I can cite a bitcoin specific example of Elon doing this recently. When he picked up on Dogecoin, he discovered the blockchain scaling debate like it was 2017 and these things hadn’t already been settled by the market. He sounded like a total dumbass. He’s since moved on. Maybe he does the same here. Who knows? What are you talking about? I like it here. That’s a dumb comparison.
  5. The Twitter people that thought they could namelessly suppress info are being doxxed. Oh no, anyway.
  6. Twitter suppressed a news story about their preferred Presidential candidate just before the election. They went so far as to lock out the Press Secretary of POTUS because she tweeted it out. They didn’t want a fully informed electorate. It’s being called a nothingburger even though this is the exact reason people on this thread are so upset about Elon buying Twitter. They believed the proper people had this power. Now they don’t. The real concerns here have nothing to do with “hate speech”. They want Twitter to die and a viable alternative to pop up so they can regain this power that is rightfully theirs. It’s really simple. They claim there’s more to follow. We’ll see.
  7. You make some great points, except there’s been widespread bitcoin ATMs since at least 2017.
  8. Y’all appear to be the ones obsessed with it. Go take a cold shower.
  9. I guess Elon gave Taibbi access to everything.
  10. He addresses that in the interview I posted.
  11. I don’t know, but do you see the whole world deciding to blow itself up over Ukraine? I don’t. You have a lot invested in this, but you have to think reasonably. Basically all the hawks like yourself underestimate the consequences of pushing a great power to the brink. Kick his Ass! Calm down keyboard warrior, you’re going to get us incinerated while you’re mowing a lawn. I’m glad you’re not in charge. You’re arguing against the realist view. You would risk global nuclear war over Ukraine. I wouldn’t. That’s straight up regarded. Give me a break.
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