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  1. Good point. It’s a great jobs program. Glad to see you’re on the side of more law enforcement. Let’s hire 87,000 more cops at the federal level. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about!
  2. Chad Wolf is going to have a say before all is said and done.
  3. If I could rep this post 100x I would. Just heard a great explanation of how this IRS expansion is Bs. Let’s say you had a problem with excess crime in an agency. Then someone proposed let’s hire more people to look into it. We should look at abnormal, but not necessarily illegal behavior, and then investigate aggressively to see if they’ve done anything illegal, people would justifiably be like wtf. This is almost pre-crime type of investigations that are gonna happen. I’m guessing lower class people are going to be worse at hiding stuff that the algorithms flag. It’s all total shit.
  4. Shipping routes are already being re-organized by Chinese to get around Russian sanctions.
  5. It will always be hard to beat being decapitated on a Kansas City water slide.
  6. That sounds awesome. We need to get cracking on that. It will be a big pressure point if/when we clash with China. I’d also love to see us onshoring some more of the solar/wind supply chain. We’re seeing what happens when a belligerent country has a stranglehold on your energy. It’s not quite the same as needing a literal flow of energy like Europe from Russia, but it’s a big weak spot if we’re attempting to squash other means of energy.
  7. I question how we could stop them from importing oil. Ukraine/Russia have shown that it’s very difficult to stop the flow of oil and gas to market. I guess if you’re blockading China then maybe that is possible but that’s like A WW3 type scenario. Some of y’all have more thorough knowledge of the advantages each side would have. China-rare earths, dominance of solar/wind energy supply chains US-oil/gas, soybeans. I’m sure there’s a lot I’m missing.
  8. What’s Cam going to get? $200M? These numbers are pretty silly. I can see why they’re hard to turn down. I know a doc who was offered $2.5m per year for the part time job of tour medical director. He said no because it was back when they thought most tournaments would be in Asia and his wife is loaded so he didn’t have to chase the money. He also had pro golf friends texting him and telling him not to do it. These guys all know who is really talking to LIV. Where there’s smoke there’s fire on this deal. Cam is gone.
  9. Unfortunately I doubt this. We’ve showed our hand sanction wise with Ukraine and it will be even harder to exclude China meaningfully from any markets. Do you have anything specific in mind that would really hurt them?
  10. Another boon for the non productive class. I guess you don’t leave cash tips then. I wonder what percentage of audits are actually successful and return a substantial amount of funds? There will be tons of fruitless and/or unjustified audits. These agents will have to find something to do once their firearms training is done. Look out Mississippi Delta and Rio Grande Valley.
  11. This entire story reeks of bullshit. “because you’re not comfortable” yeah you have an extra 250 people than expected. I don’t think they pay the ticket scanners enough to make it worthwhile for that hazard duty. You volunteering?
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