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  1. I have variable speed pump. When would I ride it mid or low vs high?

    My pool builder set mine to run from 8am - 10pm at 2850rpm. Seems high but they claim it's what works best. I have been asking them how I can setup two different schedules with a lower rpm and they say that's not recommended? I'm using the pentair ScreenLogic app which you can setup multiple schedules but you cannot tie the pump rpm to the schedule.
  2. Can I has his digits, please?  Lol

    So I want to put together a vertical tasting with some friends this fall.   Everyone will put in a set amount of money then the wine gets sourced.  I’d like the budget to be up to $1k for the tasting but I may get pushback on that.  The tasting will be for 5-6 people.  

    I’m looking for suggestions.  It’s definitely a red wine tasting.  My tastes run to the classic Italian wines but I’m starting to learn (and greatly enjoying) French wines.   While I like California wines they aren’t my favorite but I am also not a fan of fruit bombs though I understand that phase may thankfully be petering out. 
    Thanks for any and all suggestions.  

    Depending on what sort of vertical you are wanting you might want to up your budget.
  3. Man, that's pretty special.  I hope your guests appreciated those.
    Noticed the corks look a little worse for wear; wines holding up ok?

    This was a tasting put together by a small group. We sourced the wines from a collector willing to part with them for far less than market value.
  4. They are known to overfill their bottles so these corks are pretty normal. The Leroy wines were great but there were some crazy great wines opened that night! I'm sure I'm leaving some out...


    1961, 1982, 1989, 1990 Lynch Bages
    1990 Angelus
    1988 Certan de May
    1990, 1993 Dom Perignon
    1999 Salon
    2002 Pol Roger Winstan Churchill
    1995 Mouton Rothschild
    1995 Haut Brion
    1995 Leoville Las Cases
    1994 Diamond Creek Red Rock
    2012 PYCM Corton Charlemagne
    2009 Konsgaard

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  5. 2864b3dd793e8991c8e62651adb31117.jpg

    Had a few friends in town from across the pond. Opened a few bottles from Oregon on a Thursday evening.

    This weekend is going to be epic.....Leroy tasting on Saturday night!

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  6. This heat is killing my chemicals. First month I didn’t have to touch my autochlorinator and used the same amount of shock and acid. I’ve increased chlorine 3 times in the last two weeks, doubled my acid and almost doubled my shock. Oh and my water is 91 degrees. Fuck this

    I'm still trying to figure out how to take care of my pool...my pool company has been less than helpful! Need to figure out how my chiller works as my pool is 91 degrees!

    A pool beer solves all the problems!ebb9ca70965d4d108d5b8c60a0ddf3de.jpg
  7. So my pool builder is coming for pool school in a few days. It has taken them three weeks! I have some finish concerns mainly related to plaster overspray on the glass tile. Is this to be expected or should I have them scrub it clean? They also conveniently forgot to install the lid for the auto fill when they poured the pool deck. Do they make a lid that will retrofit into concrete?

  8. It's a hell of a setup. Doing anything else seems like it would be a hassle compared to just hanging out there. 

    We built the house to entertain. So far it has far exceeded our expectations! It feels like you are at a high end resort and never have to leave!
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  9. Serious question... you ever leave the house? If so, why?

    I was just talking about this the other day. We moved in three weeks ago and have only gone out to dinner once. Backyard and pool get the evening shade. After work we tend to have a drink or three in the pool and basically eat leftovers from the weekend!
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