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  1. You don’t think they’re already here? That’s cute
  2. There is a Mexican meat market within walking distance from my office. In the back corner, there is a taqueria that has the best gorditas I have ever tasted. Delicious homemade crema with countless meats and flavors. I have to limit my visits or else I would weigh the same as a bus. Anyway, I was talking to a couple of employees about the taqueria. One employee's parents immigrated with her as a child in the early 90's, the others parents immigrated to Texas before she was born. Both said that they will buy groceries at the meat market, but they will not eat at the taqueria. The cooks are Guatamalan. Central American racism is definitely alive and well.
  3. I thought a $20 tip was for the blowjob?
  4. Not literally though. It refers to any manufacturers of dairy products
  5. Steak and Ale was for the 80’s poors and the nouveau urban cowboys. Gallaghers Steakhouse on the Gulf Freeway in Houston was the place to be.
  6. I’ll be fifty five next month. I do notice that things irritate me more than they used to. I try to have a constant awareness not to turn into an angry old man. Even though I think I have earned it.
  7. Bialik makes the show nearly unwatchable. If it wasn’t for Oswald and Wheaton I would turn the celebrity final off
  8. Michelob Ultra and frozen fajitas are not nice things
  9. This thread brought to you by the Mt Pleasant Chamber and Visitors Council. Hope to see you soon!
  10. “The United States does not want to go home”. What an asinine statement
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