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  1. I ended up turning off the timer to the Polaris Creeper. I had amassed free Amazon points from a vendor and found a knock off Robot for less than $500. We are going on now about three weeks and it seems to be doing a pretty good job so far. It picks up most of the small debris, leaves, etc. I like the way it climbs the walls and "scrubs" at the same time. It is rechargeable and the battery seems to last about two hours. I have been running it mostly every other day. I wish there was a solar option so that I could leave it in the pool all day and it would recharge while it vacuumed. And I am not sure how it will work in the fall when the acorns start to fall. That seemed to be a big issue with the Polaris as well. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase so far. Thanks for the help and input.
  2. We have a 9 year old Hayward 6060 0.5 HP Booster Pump for the leaf crawler. It has been whistling for a while and yesterday it finally gave up the ghost. Am I married to the Hayward Pump, or can I get a generic pump and just re-align the fittings if the input/output doesn't match the current piping?
  3. BU's Isaiah Austin signed up to enter the 2014 NBA draft but didn't pass the physical because it was discovered he had a mild form of Marfan's. I think with a diagnosis and awareness of the possible physical limitations, it is a manageable syndrome.
  4. I am technically on a UT campus today at MD Anderson (Mrs Twosheds is receiving treatments), and I can assure you that everyone here is also wearing masks.
  5. Two months later and this is till accurate. Toledo Bend Dam currently has five gates open at a foot each. After this week’s 8”+ event all the standing water around the hood has this sheen that is seeping from the ground.
  6. The last two episodes of S1 streamed last night. I enjoyed this series more than I thought I would. Eps 9 and 10 caught me off guard with the resolution. I also enjoyed the flashbacks with the present day Imogene watching and seeing events through more mature eyes. Leila was easy on the eyes as well. I will watch Season 2 if it exists, and if not too much time passes before I forget that I enjoyed Season 1.
  7. Hey @markstanco , the SHV news just said a small plane went down at TXK. I hope everyone is ok?
  8. They were flipping off the Guatemalans?
  9. If I ever escape from prison, I hope to be a lot farther away than 22 miles after two weeks.
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