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Pulling files from the courthouse

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I think I need to request some files in an ongoing lawsuit as well as an unrelated arrest. Are the parties in the lawsuit or the attorneys notified who or when when a member of the public requests records? Even if not officially does it happen?

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Travis County, I assume?  The civil court records are mostly online, for free, here https://odysseyweb.traviscountytx.gov/Portal/

Pro tip.  You can search by name, but that can be a big slog if it's a common name, at all.  Cause/Case number is better if you have it.  When you click on things, don't use the back button to get to the search results from an individual case (for example), there's kind of a bar at the top with dots that say something like Search ----------------Search Result-----------------Case.  Use that or it will keep sending you back to the search field.

If it's a current or recent case, you'll be able to see the documents, if it's older, maybe not.  Often, the documents on a civil docket other than the Petition aren't very helpful. Maybe a Motion for Summary Judgment would give more of a clue as to what's going on.

And no, the parties are not notified.

The other thing you can do is go to the Courthouse and look at a physical file and make copies.

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