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  1. ——————————— Cogburn: Baby sister, I was born game and I intend to go out that way.
  2. Cogburn: Damn that Texan. When you need him he’s dead. LaBeouf: I ain't dead yet, you bushwhacker. Hold on.
  3. It is a great story. It's Deion Sanders. Prime Time. A legendary football player that could play baseball, too. Both on the same day. On the professional level. Dude goes to JSU and revives the program. He (and everyone else) knows if he does well he will be moving up to a bigger job. The bigger job has come with the drama of leaving JSU behind (he said he would leave on 60 Minutes if a better gig reared its head). Bigger gig reared its head and he took the offer. He ain't afeart. Failure is apparently fleeting concept to the man. Bring on the next challenge. Meanwhile the SWAC and JSU are left in the cold. "How could you, Coach Prime?" (after thinking to themselves "I wish a black man could get a fair shake in the white guy dominated HC profession. But don't leave us!"). The story is not CU football. The story is about a supremely gifted athlete can no longer rely on his legs and physical ability that started his successful career arc (he's damn near crippled). He turns out to have a very gifted brain, salesman's bullshit, the ability to motivate, lop off heads, coach, manage, recruit and market. He's not a one dimensional and stereotypical former athlete. I hated him at ATL and SF and loved him when he was a Cowboy. I'm completely intrigued and I hope he kills it. And then the Longhorns stomp a mudhole in his squad when if they ever face off.
  4. All of that is what runs around in people’s heads. Nowadays it spills out into internet chat boards and 24 hour a day TV requiring air time to be filled with everyone’s thoughts and opinions. 95% is angst ridden drivel and unfounded hate. 5% is informed news. He will still catch flak from who the starting QB is to recruiting to how he ties his shoes and everything else that can be scrutinized and nitpicked. This is what our society has become. Deion has a shot at a bigger program. If CU improves he will be set.
  5. Norvell’s success at FSU and his own success at CU. Returning to FSU as HC. Wouldn’t that be something?
  6. Isn’t 6 wins the requirement for bowl eligibility? At a minimum, his tenure will be very interesting, highly scrutinized and well documented. ESPN will most likely set up a remote office on campus as this story is too good to ignore. I hope Deion does well at CU. If he does I wonder what his next step will be.
  7. Union going beyond their scope to protect a member. Should be all public record.
  8. But she’s cooled off now
  9. Ah, OK. I'm not from Lytle. I just pass frequently pass through and stop at the HEB / WB.
  10. Was on the ESPN crawl this evening
  11. I like seeing this squad getting on the wood and scrapping for the loose ball.
  12. That’s BS. HEB and WB has been paired up in Lytle for over 10 years. Fake news!!
  13. Need to have a cup of coffee before starting next time. Wordle 535 5/6*
  14. The Heisman is an ESPN ad selling jerk off session. It is meaningless award for simple-minded dorks. Fight me.
  15. One would think they would be open for that day.
  16. Reese Bros. BBQ is less than a half mile south of the Alamodome is really good and @Patricio Swayze approved. Pete’s Tako House is great. Doesn’t try to be fancy. Just good TexMex.
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