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  1. Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003, and I understand he lived in California at that time, and all relevant times. In April 2009, miracle of all miracles, he undergoes a liver transplant in... Memphis. I think that's about 7 states and 2,000 miles away from his home. He dies 30 months later of... pancreatic cancer. If I rolled into a liver transplant program with pancreatic cancer, what do you think my odds are of getting a spot on the list? Ever making it to the top of the list? I'm going with "not good Bob." You cannot convince me that all of these transplant programs are run cleanly. Money or connections will get you a better spot in line at certain programs. Stevie Jobs didn't go to Memphis for the ribs and ocean sunsets.
  2. I bet if it was one of those Texas State "kids" from other threads, we would have already formed our own Cajun Navy and would be out there in full force.
  3. This strikes me as some kinda philosophical trojan horse bullshit. You're gonna sound all smart and get us all nodding our heads thinking, "yeah, this guy knows what he's talking about." Then, you'll try to turn it. I mean, surely you wouldn't open a thread about how we're all more reasonable than we actually seem, without some hidden plan. I give it 12 hours before you roll out that the earth is flat and aliens are among us.
  4. Anybody got any recommendations for best girl's dorm? Hardin House? Scottish Rite? Van down by the river?
  5. Julius Peppers (and his special lady friend) Most recent famous person in a random place? Charlamagne tha God at a taco shack in the Caribbean. What do I win?
  6. "Look old girl, you need an estate planning lawyer and a life-alert clicker. Not tits. Get the fuck out of my office - I've got twenty-year-olds to examine."
  7. I recommend Lasik. I used Tyrone McCall when I was 42. Cornea Associates of Texas: Ophthalmologists in Dallas, TX - Fort Worth - Plano (corneatexas.com) If I had one comment about the surgery it is that I never think about it, I just don't wear glasses anymore. If I have eye dryness, etc., it is generally because I drank too much alcohol and not enough water. Now, a few years down the track, I use reading glasses when I read but can survive without them - just a convenience thing. I don't "need" reading glasses, but if I'm in a dark restaurant and they give me the damned fine print receipt, the glasses help. I asked him about the monovision thing. His comment was something to the effect of "my goal is to give you 20/20 or better vision. If you want me to intentionally give you something less now, planning on a future date when it may make things easier... I will, but I don't recommend it." For driving, sports, outdoor activity, etc., I just wear normal sunglasses without drama.
  8. $78,000 and you get a 2 year old GMC with tow hooks and a nice suspension? Sign me up.
  9. If you spend a lot of time in an uber driving back and forth from one place to the next, you'll miss a lot of Boston. I highly suggest getting out and walking around/pub crawling it. I also think the average restaurants in Boston still overachieve compared to average restaurants somewhere like Dallas.
  10. Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie but I'd never know.
  11. My creativity will not be confined by the likes of you.
  12. 11 year old is right handed, and on his way. He has a Yamaha acoustic guitar, a Yamaha classical guitar (gift - "hey, I never played this - want it" from a neighbor), a Dobro ("hey, I never played this - want it" from grandfather), a PRS silver sky SE, and now he wants a telecaster. It would have made a lot of sense for me to learn right handed so that he could benefit from whatever I collected. Alas, it just didn't feel right to me. Instead, I bought a lefty so that we could spend time together and have something in common. I now have no excuses except my own ineptitude. And, if we ever get hooked on heroin we can probably sell that Dobro for a few fixes - not sure anyone else will do much with it, but it looks cool.
  13. I see some Ortega and what looks like a used colostomy bag on the third row. Is that the "top shelf?"
  14. You should try it. You seem like the kind of person that might enjoy it. Buy a case.
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