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loveSac sectional is it worth it ?

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Going on year 8 with our sectional.  A lot of times the furniture maker just gets rebranded across several stores.  I know one store had our couch for 16k and we ended up paying about 7-8 iirc at another place. It has held up finominole and hope we have it another decade.  Very solid build, materials, and very comfortable.  Average worked out overall as I was able to find a custom set of media room couches very cheap from a wife who changed her mind on the color deal. That shit gets crazy expensive quick and in a hurry.   Furniture expensive.

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Love my lovesac.  I bought it specifically because I had a huge area in my last house, and wanted it to fit exactly, not kind of.  

Quality is as good as anything out there.  Everything is washable.  You can update colors (though that's a pricey option).  And like I said first, it will be exactly what you want, not sort of fit the area.  

When I moved to the new house, I split it in half and have a perfect couch for the living room and my office/media room.  

There may be something fancier, there may be something cheaper, but there isn't a single couch out there that's more versatile, or is better quality IMO.  And yeah, it was expensive, just like every other non-POS couch out there.  But I got it in the exact color(s) I wanted and it's virtually indestructible.  Red wine got spilt on it by my wife and it came out with zero issue.  Dog barfed on it, no issue.  Kid spilled spaghetti, no issue.  

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