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  1. @YGIFS is Finkel? Finkel is Einhorn?
  2. Low information? I can read (apparently unlike yourself) all I need. It’s right on the end of the candidates name.
  3. Nah. He’s a plant hand and has always spent it like he is. And he treats pistols and ARs (and other bull pups and shit) like I do on Weatherbys, Sauers, and pre-64s. Different strokes. He gave me the pistol because all I keep in the house is a janky ass old LC9 and an old .38 snub nose (both his, lol) that he gave me 15 years ago. He took offense I would be so overwhelmingly underarmed in the mean streets of the west Houston burbs, with his little nieces no less. You can take the deputy out of the dept, but something or other.
  4. I assume you are speaking about the third sentence? I'm not saying that is a lack of moral principles. I'm stating the examples I gave are popular propositions, on this board anyhow. Even by some of the folks that would be affected (see @G650 and I've seen similar statements from ChiDoc) No one bats an eye to propose the rich, or the churches, or the newly inherited pay more. And maybe they should. But its a similar argument, if one disregards their feels.
  5. I owe it all to you and RD.
  6. When I grow up, my hope is to be like you. I mean that with only a tiny, tiny bit of sarcasm. Aside from your ledge dwelling, you seem enlightened.
  7. I'm certain this was clear the entire time. As stated, equality is great and a core staple, until it's convenient not to be. Also as stated, no one has qualms about others (when they are unaffected) paying more, as long as it's their chosen group (corps, churches, wealthy, etc). It's literally the same exact premise, flipped.
  8. You'retheonethatsucks,youleave.gif No one is going to change any minds here. And even if we did, no one posting has the power to take any action on it. Masturbatory theoretics is all it is, every single last topic on this forum. Can you point to when this was established? I understand the premise. I feel pinched compared to the rich, maybe I should get refunded in full? Percentage between me and Bezos is pretty stark, after all. I get how percentages work. I wouldn't gaf half as much if their share was $10, or $50. Now I get to hear about everyone who can't make $10 happen, and how that will decimate them. But at least then you have some pride you've contributed like the rest. I'd be fucking ashamed to show my face somewhere and pretend like I contributed to the financials of our society. Thanks for all the cool shit guys!!! It's cool, I paid sales tax on some stuff, and helped pay (way less than actually needed) to the highway fund with this gas I bought.
  9. When did I say it didn't matter? The only thing that I grouse about is the percentages. Same as others that grouse about the amount corps pay, or the "rich" pay. Basically, bitching about things that fuck others, but do not affect them personally. Sound familiar? Your hyperbole is the reason I can't quit you. The only reason we don't have starving bodies in the trees throughout the US is that folding money refund.
  10. No shit. It’s the only one I ever focus on. Because we all pay the others, percentage of gross be damned.
  11. Ok, let’s try this math. Noticed he failed to mention SS, Med, and Income tax in his example. So while doing my math, I figure his guy comes way the fuck ahead on his super regressive $65 annual vehicle registration. But let’s be real, we know those plates aren’t metal.
  12. These are taxes everyone pays, and are the only ones in your control. Since I guess you missed it, or don’t have a better gotcha, you can miss me with the tired Fox trope. Haven’t watched that channel since Colmes was annoying Hannity.
  13. Partial credit. Can you expand? You don’t draw SS but you sure af can participate in society, which is one hell of a return on 8%.
  14. True. Except for the ~30% equity that disappeared overnight. So yeah, cheap money on your 950k house that’s now not selling for 750… Maybe by the time they’re ready to leave it will have appreciated back to when they bought, who knows.
  15. I only watch 2 small areas west of Houston, but these particular two have fallen back to the prices from roughly 18 months ago. There is also ALOT less on the market, at least in these two hoods, for several reasons I suppose. But everything that was ~725, that went up to 950-1.1 last year, is back down to 775-825-ish. Have noticed the lots are higher than they previously were, but like 100%. Will continue to keep an eye, as usual. I know several people that moved out there during the boom, oof.
  16. They've been dark horse favorites to purchase him the entire time. Nothing new there.
  17. With their injuries this year, losing this much depth is a killer, too.
  18. Nope. Just trying to gauge how important equality is. It makes a hell of a soundbite
  19. Well, they don’t have a lot of experience with the whole attending, much less winning, big bowl games. Something something like you’ve been there before.
  20. Someone terrorizing our water supply scares me way more than a power outage.
  21. Haha. Yeah I get that. But not going to lie, it was smooth af.
  22. Listen, I’ve been called a fascist and a cunt, among other things. But a libertarian?
  23. To add to the back ordered comment, typically there are always spares in some type of storage. Sometimes, several companies pool up on it so there are immediate replacements available. But you can imagine it’s a small ratio to what’s existing. Also very heavy to haul and replace. It’s slow work. I’ve worked with a bunch of power cos on the delivery side, and installation side. It’s not rocket surgery, but it’s not flip a switch either. Don’t even think about all the transmission ROWs that are just out there on private land, and how bad losing a few of those at once would be.
  24. Lol. 10,000 spoons and all that. I was referencing Twice. Sounds like we have more in common than you'd think. I didn't learn Spanish in school. Correct. And you do make those calls, as do several other well heeled posters we have on this board. I often wonder if I'd feel the same once it was no longer a concern. I don't know if you recall this or not, but we work in similar fields. I get to see plenty of the same. I don't have the ability to help in the ways you did. Good on you. I also know what the local shop labor rates are up there, too. None of those guys are getting refunded their income taxes, so largely, not part of this discussion. I appreciate your civility, and wouldn't expect less. I hope you can, and think you do, understand that I wasn't making a dig at any of the 3 posters I was using as examples. I actually have loads of (internet) respect for all 3 of you. It has never even crossed my mind that each of you didn't fully and completely earn your share. And I hope to hell (and it appears) that you are enjoying the fruits of your labors. BUT, I do find the irony to be too much, at times. I'm glad you can "see it", but I would bet dollars to donuts you're a long, long way from feeling it. Imagine how my 14 year old truck feels (my fault, I like old vehicles)
  25. My favorite part is being educated by folks who daily drive their Aston Martins to their transatlantic races in their carbon fiber boat, guys who spent (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars on private primary AND international secondary education for their kids, while watching their homes turn from nice, to deep 7 figure values. Grew up in the Park cities, cool. Please, please continue to tell me how well you are dialed in with the poor in our country. By the grace of God we go, indeed.
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