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  1. I work with heavy equipment and it still amazes me how much shit can get done is so little time. And some of the precision still amazes me. We got guys that can do amazingly intricate shit with an 80000# excavator.
  2. Polk county bruh. Rough place. I spent a minute this afternoon trying to find even the tiniest bit of understanding about how people like this work. Just absolutely inexplicable to me. Let’s assume he didn’t kill her, and dad never found out about whatever terrible shit he did (assuming rape). You’ve only what, completely ruined a child/woman’s psyche/life forever. Upped her odds of all kinds of terrible shit by 10000%. Just absolutely destroyed the next 20-50 years for some child because who gives af? How can someone know that’s the BEST CASE scenario from your violent act, and still act? My only thought was they hold absolutely no regard for life. If that’s the case, why continue to live your glorious life between prison and campers behind single wides in the depths of east Texas piney woods? I don’t care about the painful death or prison buttfucking this guy has coming. If he’s found guilty, he could be rid of in 90 seconds at a cost of $.30 to the taxpayer. Fuck this guy. There is a lot to be sad/mad about these days, but this kind of shit - this kind of shit just puts me out on the ledge I’m not even welcome on.
  3. Guessing they are describing the overall length of the knife, not the blade? A knife with a 6” blade is some Rambo shit. My little mini-trapper is roughly 6” overall, and while it would suck to be stabbed with, would be a helluva lot better than some 6” bladed machete bullshit. Either way, dude had some adrenaline pumping while outrunning the stabby health concious dickhead
  4. Coming home from a camping trip in beautiful Glen Rose, seeing some dinos and big rocks.
  5. Saw one in Hearne today. Had to take a second look.
  6. Twisted X makes a good work boot, I’ve heard. I’ve got a metric ton of wear out of a pair that get bad reviews, but have been great for me (Irish setters, ~4 years everyday wear). The soles are finally getting bald in some spots that could cause me issues if it contributed to an incident, so will probably replace soon. They were comfortable af from day 1, have been near everyday wear for last 4 years from job site to field to everyday wear. Based on the reviews I didn’t expect them to last half as long, but steel isn’t even showing. Just a couple of bald spots.
  7. I’m a swifty bruh. Wife was first few hundred picked in the lottery for the Houston show, and the eras tour was first concert for a couple of my girls. I’ve got some swift fatigue, but that happened long before the Super Bowl and I don’t gaf about her politics. I *thought* she was actually somewhat conservative but I know the TN senator or whatever pissed her off and energized her over LGBTQ issues. Remember vaguely that part of the documentary from one of the hundred million times the kids had it on. I dislike her boyfriend 100x more, and cherry on the top was the Tucker deal. His bro and especially his wife seem cool af though.
  8. Does make you think how many storms that thing survived.
  9. Marginally affected. I mean, I’m doing plenty well enough, but I see you’ve been big dicking lately so congrats on that. Well enough that things just seem to be naturally compounding for the better, anyhow. And well enough I can afford to vote against “my best interest” purely for the entertainment here. I can’t really explain it to you, but the Texpatriates thread is worth it tenfold. The mental toll it’s taking on chucklefucks in the CR, refusing to see parents for holidays (then crawfishing, surprise!), uprooting and moving states, fear of a civil war, “how do I explain this to my kids?!?!”, etc etc. Web based opiates.
  10. Damnit. I was trying to get this together and you beat me.
  11. Why take money for a cause you don't support when you can take money for a cause you do support? Not to mention, be voted out the next election. They seek money and power, not one or the other.
  12. Come on Roethlisberger. One can still be opposed to an ethos while not affected. OR maybe leopards will eat my face. Time will tell, I suppose.
  13. Now, now; I wasn't the one being ugly. But in all honestly, a few years ago I realized that I'm not materially affected by either political party. I imagine it sucks to be dependent on the whims of the voting public.
  14. Listen, the parties are going to go back and forth, it’s just how it works. But the next time the Rs win, all I really want is one simple thing. I want you to remember that I cancelled your vote, and it was for a seasonal hobby and a bit of folding money. Enough to hit New Orleans for a long weekend or something.
  15. Lol wut. Of course he was, and it wasn’t particularly close. I’ve never contested that this country isn’t full of fucking idiots who like free shit.
  16. Lulz, fuck me indeed. I don’t find gun violence ok at all, where did I minimize that? The vast majority of firearm owners are law abiding, no matter what TikTok tells you. “Less fortunate”, I don’t even have the fucking time to be bummed out with that shit right now. Won’t find me there, but yeah. Elbows to assholes full of hypocrites.
  17. I literally gave you the boundaries. You chose not to read it? Lulz. Guns rawr. I care tremendously more about taxes and the wanton waste on social programs than shooting some pigeons made of clay.
  18. This is a pretty simple. Hell it’s been the topic dejour on the news for the last few weeks. Lol. Yeah. Big tit gingers are just turrible.
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