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  1. What setup did you get. I’ve been rocking the 5x7 on 12’ stand. First owner didn’t anchor it and it fell. I bought it for 20% of retail, took it completely apart and rebuilt it all, and it has been a great blind. Comfortable, dry, insect proof, etc. 5x9 or 7x10 on a 15’ would be a lifetime blind for me, but wife ain’t playing that shit.
  2. Eh, it’s more of a nuisance than anything. The rep is typically returned on the hobbies board in the same day.
  3. Any of you Civil/ME/construction guys know a good project engineer/project manager that needs work? Wrong time of year for it, but I’ve got one that isn’t working out and we’re past time for a change. Houston area.
  4. The law that most of the upset people are most upset with?
  5. A little bit of heat and the inability to instant abort your one nighter doesn’t make a state shitty. Contrary to the whining on this board.
  6. At least. And remember, it’s not enough that you succeed, others must also fail.
  7. Lulz. You think you're the winner? I’m not the one dying to leave my home. So, yeah, winning.
  8. Still proud of being a shitty human, I see. I’m embarrassed to share a state with motherfuckers like that. But, having winners requires having a loser. Makes me fucking hard thinking how bad they must hate living here, yet, it’s their home. Welcome home, Willful. Hope you are enjoying your stay.
  9. It's OK. They are going to money whip the portal for all of the experienced Oline that are typically overflowing in the portal.
  10. Little kid in the front is like fuck this goofy shit. Ends up in Lubbock or Austin I’d bet.
  11. Bizzle been making several appearances this season (and a pretty good sport, as usual). Canada finally got their shit together.
  12. Ha. Was just about to say, I’ve seen them in a bunch of small south Texas towns that you wouldn’t think would have the budget for new fancy streetlights. Makes a lot more sense I’ve seen it quite a bit in the last year tho. I can still see fine with it, so figured they were a new thing.
  13. Brazos Bend has a cool telescope deal they do during the summer. Typically a couple of Rice grad students out there explaining what you’re looking at, etc. We take the kids a couple times a year. Still close to Houston, but darker i suppose.
  14. I’m almost certain the only reason my wife doesn’t complain when I strike a non-insignificant check for the lease each year is the time she spends stargazing with the kids down there. Sad, but I still remember the first clear night the kids spent out there, and them realizing there are exponentially more stars than they had ever seen in the Houston sky. Now they keep telescopes there and have the apps etc.
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