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  1. I wish our high fences were down, and one side did (but for another section of same ranch) this last year. Used to hunt a 500-ish acre high fence place in Freer and they were "finding" deer all the time. I get the sentiment, but it all depends on the place, and topo. If they're hand feeding them and darting and whatnot, yeah, it's likely not going to be very sporting. But at that particular place, there were way more days you wouldn't see shit than would. And it was loaded with good deer, they were just off in the deep shit. If I owned a place, I would do whatever I could to get it fenced. Even "good" neighbors are iffy when a great 4 yo you've been passing walks out.
  2. For sure. And their height. I dont recall a single male under 6’, but dozens of them at 6-2/3 in our office. Oh, and of course, they are very smart and we are very dumb (their entire ethos)
  3. I dunno man. I worked for a Dutch company, amongst a bunch of them. Maybe it was just really, really bad luck and we had all their zeros. And I’m not saying there isn’t any. I’m just saying I’ll take my chances with the French.
  4. Well run tournaments can be lots of fun. Poorly run tournaments are typically littered with cheaters and weasels that know how to game the system. A certified weighmaster isn’t letting anything with a cut tail, and flat nose, or glossy eyes pass muster. Pretty much every one of them I’ve ever encountered take their job very seriously, and their reputation even more seriously. I personally don’t like the ones with huge Calcutta’s. I don’t live in that world, and that takes a lot of the fun out of it for me. The few times someone’s dropped major cash on my boat, we just go and fish for fun, and let the stress disappear.
  5. No doubt. I get that. Lots of fuckery. But what I’m saying is they went so far and above that it was unbelievable. Had obv been doing it so long they didn’t think twice about making it plausible. If your 22” fish weighs 5# and mine weighs 6, no one even looks. When mine weighs 9, people start to get curious. A few more filets, and no weights likely would have netted them the day 2/overall and no one would be the wiser. Them always opting to keep their fish in lieu of donation was the biggest red flag to me. Funny, I have a partner that does the same thing (but because he’s catholic and has like 235 family members to feed at all times) He’s not getting that option next time, #optics. Yes. Legit tournaments polygraph you. And it’s a legitimate polygraph most of the time, not some shit you can just bumble through.
  6. Well fuck. RIP. Spent a few months in Hurricane Mills, TN, a couple of years ago. Her "ranch" was a constant attraction on the weekends. If you're ever in that area, The Log Cabin cafe if tremendously good.
  7. The funny thing is they won by 16# and some change. I see about 10# and a few filets that might make up another pound or two in that basket. They would have won without cheating.
  8. As I like to call it, the annual Victoria barge canal gut punch.
  9. No doubt. And he's got the best medical care in the world, or enough $$$ for it anyhow. Still a soft spot for kids with legit issues. I think of his fashion as an additional gift to us. Yeah, nephew iirc. It wasn't his kid. Still surprised that dude didnt fold when he took that one to the jaw.
  10. I hate to rip the kid because he's got the health issues. But the kicking ass and taking names stare doesn't work when it's on a skinny kid that's leveled off at 5'-5".
  11. Damnit. That's been on the tip of my tongue since I saw the end of the game the other night and couldnt come up with it.
  12. I'd also like to add, fantastic lemon selection. I keed.
  13. We have a "good" whataburger a few miles up the road, and a "bad" one closer. The good one is consistently good. As good as it was 2 decades ago, no. Still better than any other fast food burger, without a doubt.
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