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  1. You're forgetting they are stupid, and assuming they gave it a second of analysis before typing that.
  2. Yeah it was a lot more fun before even shitty boats broke 100k. I keep thinking it will price some traffic off the water, but lol no.
  3. Saw the part about him *potentially seeing one of the cops ex's upthread. Never saw the pic afterward/sent, that is crazy. Fuck yes he should be charged in that case.
  4. This was the best part. Not sure owned even covers it.
  5. Agreed. These thread titles last for years. I’d MUCH rather aggy not win because they are perennial losers, not because they lost a player due to the suffering of over a dozen coeds. Fuck this guy, fuck aggy, and fuck rape. Joke was surlyesque, but not a good look for anything associated with UT.
  6. The OBS diesel 3/4 and 1-tons in good shape are selling for more than they did new. Between 30 and 40k.
  7. They are. Need to find that article of the guy that put a million miles on one is some stupid short amount of time. Some route between central and west Texas iirc. I remember it was enough miles to require several oil changes and tire rotations a week. Something like new tires every month. Shit, will do some digging if I get time today. I've seen this same graphic for a Japanese sedan and Porsche 911. Hint - they are both tremendously larger than their earlier iterations.
  8. My bad. Yeah you right. All I really remember is he was going to be the missing piece, has questionable lifting techniques, and allegedly liked to take things in high school. Maybe subconsciously I was loling at his pass catching TE abilities and penciled him in as another lineman in my gray matter.
  9. Yeah I knew he had moved over to TE, but figured maybe they still report him as an OL. Didn’t think there would be several alleged serial rapists along the line.
  10. Also, not going to lie. When I had only seen “rape” and “OL”, I thought Max Wright was (allegedly) reliving some of his high school days. That all kinda went away real neat like and in a hurry, too.
  11. I never should have told you. If she finds out, I’ll be in deep shit. She might even cut me off.
  12. Not like he has a gif of carrying motherfuckers into an end zone by the collar, or knocking down Bevo for that matter.
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