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Looking for CPA Referral

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what I am looking for is a CPA who can undertake and perform an independent audit of an HOA's books (my HOA, of which I am a member of the board - worst job ever) over a several year period.  this is not because of any suspected wrongdoing or discrepancies by the property management company's accounting and maintenance of the books, but rather the board doing due diligence.  I have spoken to several CPAs but it sounds like this task is kind of a specialty, that many/(or maybe most) CPAs do not do.

I am in Austin but don't know that the location of the CPA is all that important.

thanks in advance - PM if easier

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Rudy Colmenero.  CPA & JD.  UT-Austin guy.  Here in Austin, can do forensic auditing/accounting, if needed.  He helped me out with something somewhat similar (admittedly, not exactly like you say from what you posted).  One of maybe 7 people on this planet I trust implicitly.  https://www.vk-c.com/attorneys/rudy-r-colmenero/            I don't like humans.  I love this guy.

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