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  1. So when you were screaming to Secret Service, "Get my shoes! Grab my shoes!", you were referring to your 'whole ear', right? This miracle man will be studied by ENT's for centuries.
  2. Dude, it's one page back. also, this pic reminds: "Matt just did this to his face to own a Lib! Point, MAGA!" (checks notes) "My bad, not a Lib, a Liberace."
  3. Cutter Sagers? Cash me Outside, Cash. No Sweat, Bitch. Bronc Heiener TIL, the simulation doesn't become self-aware as SkyNet at NORAD. It first infiltrates the Utah State children's rodeo first as a beta-test.
  4. So like literally a Frank Dreben situation?"
  5. He looks like Wayne Newton fucked Mina Suvari
  6. The Rodney movie? That is beyond weird. I love the movie but they almost always show a movie related to baseball, even if it’s in the background like ‘Trouble with the Curve’
  7. Did she blow the rest of the sports team first? You know, for the bulk discount.
  8. Did Trump just say the Electric Boat/Shark thing was an "analogy?" Is Eric coaching him up on vocabulary? Death by Battery is to Death by Shark as Presidential is to a Fucking Moron
  9. I thought "Midweek Refuel" was like a metaphor for nourishing the soul. But with this Man of God suggests is, what if the fuel was something else? Obviously he's a monster who should be tortured for years. The child is no way at fault. On a weekly basis, one of my kids will seem off emotionally or mentally. And I'll give 'em space, but if it persists---Mom or I will pry. And invariably (and thankfully), it's what so-and-so said at school, or why can't I have this, mundane bullshit. But one day they'll hide something more emotionally trying, we did it, our kids do it, their kids will do it. We over-analyze at times and we also miss blatant stuff all the time when it comes to mental health and communication and routine. What I don't get with these damn parents is, are they just in denial? Are they complicit? Do they feel it's just punishment from God for something they or their children did? Are they largely victims themselves from their own childhood and "looking-the-other-way" is just baked in trauma? Because every parent misses something with their kid almost daily in the mental or emotional plane. But how the hell do you miss your 11yo walking funny for a few days, their undergarments soiled with blood. I mean there are red flags, but holy shit.
  10. There's a Riders on the Storm reference in here somewhere if Jim Morrison has the courage to kill himself again. Wednesday will barely top 80 I bet. Gonna be muggy as fuck, but this is awesome for late July. Obviously we will all pay dearly in September. PSA: dump all the standing water in a week's time. Mosquitoes started out slowly this season but they are fucking pissed.
  11. When de-planing, wish the guy, "Hey, good luck with your P-transition." -the hell you'd say to me ? "Your transition procedure. Seems long and complicated, but if that's who you truly are inside..."
  12. Yes, Cole in 2019---needing just one less inning than Pedro Martinez to take the prize. 326 K's in 212 1/3 innings. Sale's 214 1/3 is honorable mention. None of them can hold a candle though to the great John Clarkson who mowed down 308 batters in 623 innings in 1885. Some say he's still throwing both ends of a double-header in two weeks.
  13. Well my point about the 3000k career club still stands. Okay, back to 300k's in a season, even in this era. Which pitcher achieved 300k+ in a single season in the fewest innings?
  14. And there's not much on the horizon to join them. Kershaw this year. Even though he missed 20/21/22 with injuries (57 total K's over those three seasons), Sale appears to be healthy. I think he makes it before 40yo. Cole is a question mark. 50/50 shot, at best. And then anybody else even close to 2000 is pushing 40yo. So maybe 2 more, 3 with some miracle within our lifetimes? 19 of the 20 (assuming Kershaw gets it this year), will have occurred in the last 50 years, 7 just in the last 20.
  15. And we know nothing about it? It was part of the teleprompter, sir. Or this like a "Happy Fun Ball" situation? "The projectile components of Happy Fun Ball include an unknown glowing substance which fell to Earth, presumably from outer space."
  16. Yes. Phil Niekro had 3, first of his kind to the 3k mark. Sabbathia would join him 35 years later, also with 3, on his way. To your previous answer of Sutton. He also holds the esteemed mark of being the only modern-era pitcher to get to 300 career wins, while winning 20+ in a single season.........just once. 14 wins for 23 seasons, on average. Led the league in GS just once. Never led the league in IPs, averaged just 2bb/9inn, only 3 seasons with an ERA over 4.00 in 23 seasons. Only saw him much later in his career on his '88 Dodgers farewell tour. Didn't realize how consistent that guy was until now.
  17. Decent guess. But Sutton recorded 200+K's in 5 seasons. Obviously, longevity is the key hint here. Think old-school, inning eaters with rather average K/9i ratios.
  18. You freaked the shit outta me. He was 52 actually. I am now robustly into middle age, and I cannot tell how fucking old other adults are. There's a lot of older dads at our elementary school and we do dropoff duty together on Fridays and shoot the shit over coffee afterwards. And new guys will come in and introduce themselves and usual "Went to Texas", "Went to SMU", etc. And then some guy I figure is about my age will say "Finished undergrad in '09" WTF? And another guy I think is 10 years younger than me is 10 years older than me. I just want to make it to next year. Other random thought-if you've been driving around for over an hour with your radio/stereo volume at 3 or less, the car should just shut it off for you and save the power. My mother and my wife will drive for days with news/talk/religious radio on where you can't even hear it at a stoplight but get upset if I just switch it off. "Well, I find it soothing." You don't need to be soother doing 78 down the highway.
  19. Boom. Vida Blue. Always found his baseball cards fascinating as a kid because of some of them (depending on Topps, Fleer, etc.) would show "VIDA" on the back instead of "BLUE" csb/ saw him pitch at Wrigley in '85 with my dad. On the theme of strikeouts: Which 3,000K+ career pitcher had the fewest 200k+ seasons?
  20. "Super Troopers III" looks darker than I thought. 30 days for raping an 11-year old. Too light a sentence, he'll get preferable treatment, and 30 days isn't enough to develop a pattern on him to get to him. By that look on his face, he knows he got away with something.
  21. Yeah, I think we're getting into 'airport-adjacent' episodes. I'd switch over to boats, but the only 'actual' boat scene is Russell from NBC for Greenpeace. There's lots of 'boat-adjacent' episodes, shining from which is "The Andria Doria" Trains are plentiful with all the subway scenes. How about Busses? -Kramer Reality Tour -Can't remember the episode plot, but Kramer puts his head on Jerry's shoulder in the back row like in "The Graduate" (IIRC) -and obviously, 'Batman the Bus Driver'
  22. Well, cross him off then. NSIAP, J.R. Richard? Or Louis Tiant?
  23. the 70's/80's is a good hint but it's also drawing all my educated guesses away like Mark Langston (didn't pitch in the 70's IIRC). I was thinking some guys way back in the 50's/60's. It's either some flash in the pan who played late 70's/early 80's to qualify for the thing. Or it was some ace who racked up 300+ in the 1970's and bounced around in the 80's well beyond his prime. there's a bunch of guys in the 2000's, but they get locked down the second they have a small injury. I know it's not right, but I'll throw it out there to eliminate him but Mickey Lolich for Detroit?
  24. If you were playing the drinking game "The Wall", where you have a shot every time he mentioned "The Wall" at the Southern Border specifically with that term and/or mentioning Mexico...congrats. You're probably feeling pretty good this morning. The other drinking games have a lot of hungover amateurs this morning. There's no point in bringing up what he said last night in 2016 and 2020, and has no plan for which to correct. But his people like his vagueness upon which they can plant the seeds of their own anger and frustration and hatred. He's a master of it. A true confidence man. There's so much to unpack about last night, but I'm still stuck on his segue from affection for Hannibal Lecter to literally a 9-minute riff on MS-13 and Migrant Murderers. And why Hannibal Lecter?
  25. We're gonna build an Iron Dome and Mexico is gonna pay for it! I mean, Israel. I mean, Albania!
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