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  1. So back row is Jerry Garcia, Mark Hamill, Brown Jon Heder, White Jon Heder, Fisher Stevens, and young Gabe Kaplan.
  2. So you don't wanna go to law school? Well what do you wanna do? I WANNA DANCE! /D&C
  3. My copy anyway, Of League of Women voter guide had the RR and Williamson county races bios of most candidates. I’m sure one day they’ll be shut down by a dictatorship but they still do a fantastic job with no acclaim. You can get them right now at most grocers or local library.
  4. I can’t find the rest of that interview for free. What the fuck was he talking about? I half expected him and Laura to touch rings and say “In form of Navalny! Shithead twins activate!”
  5. Starring? You guessed it. Grimm Diesel
  6. Kinda bummed I didn’t see a gravy seal with an AR-15 outside Randall’s yesterday to protect election integrity.
  7. And Michael Richards was also in “uhf”. World are colliding! trivia time: which two actors who appeared on Seinfeld also appeared in the movie “gung ho” alongside Michael Keaton?
  8. Yep, the guy who was supposed to play the role was bumped for Emrey who was just too damn compelling. As a consolation, they gave the first guy the role of the helicopter gunner who played it batshit fucking insane.
  9. Well then I’d like you to meet Mohammed, Jugdish, Sydney, and Clayton. And don’t be shy about helping yourself to punch and cookies. huh? Yeah
  10. Who was married to Elegant Degenerates? also, kudos to MTG on a literal entry into the Congressional record of, and I quote: “the southwest border of terrorist.” So much for my damn drink coupons, but am I free to move about the country?
  11. Gee, I can’t imagine who in Juarez would direct him to do that? What an utterly baffling mystery.
  12. Portia de Entry? I mean; there’s a hundred jokes I could write based on that comment alone. And watch her left hand.
  13. Audiences totally dig it when chicks kiss and bump stuff, yo!
  14. Sheriff Ritten P. Cocktrane?
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