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  1. First of all, what a time to be alive. Willow? Great movie. A bear whacked out his mind on cocaine? And shit, literal human shit? All trending Top 3! Also, "Groyper"? That's the name they voluntarily gave themselves. And they wonder why they aren't getting laid?
  2. YGIFS

    West Wing

    Was Mallory, Leo's daughter? She's #1 for sure. Lots of one-off appearances by some very saucy women. But for regulars, Mallory 1, Ainsley 2, Mary-Louise Parker 3. Although MLP would be more fun in the sack probably. And one of the other Bartlett girls, not Moss, was smoking hot too. Can't remember which one though /csb
  3. According to this groundbreaking analysis, shouldn't Kenya be in the world cup every time then? /noracist And how do countries not at all known for middle distance to long distance running like Portugal, Uruguay, and Italy do so well in soccer?
  4. Sometimes I think the face I meticulously drew on my thumb as a kid, and named, and gave a background story to, came to life and won two Congressional races. But I mean, I wasn't drinking back then. But here we are...
  5. Yeah, I agree that Trump didn't know much about Fuentes other than his name, that he has a large following under his America First banner, and that he adores Trump. Trump cut off the briefer after that. What I'm contending is this parallel narrative from all his typical apologists that Trump didn't even know Nick was there, he was not invited, just showed up, etc. Trump doesn't even know his own politics, I understand he doesn't know Fuentes'. But to claim that Kanye just rolled in dirty with Nicky Fountain and their other bro is just bullshit. His staff knew for multiple days Fuentes was coming and what Nick's background was. Trump probably ignored that, but Nick didn't just show up to the table, "Yeah, I come here for the strudel...it's great.
  6. Even McCarthy is trying to go with the "Trump had no idea who this Fuentes person was, he wasn't invited." The leaked photo I saw has Fuentes sitting 18 inches away from Trump with a large steak knife in his hand. You know that thing the Secret Service suddenly does now for no apparent reason. Even if he wasn't a former President, I would think a club like Mar-a-Lago would stop a black man and his teenage sidekick at the entrance to the main dining room. Fuentes was on a list for days and vetted. Everybody at that table knew one another.
  7. SO about a 40 minute walk/jaunt as I posted, no? That's not awful, but it's not good either. So my question is 2.5 miles. That's 10 minutes in downtown San Antonio by uber on a normal Thursday evening. What do you think it'll take on a night like the Alamo Bowl with lotsa people leaving Pearl and lots chaos around the stadium? I know that area fairly well, but I have no frame of reference for what's it like on a big night at the Alamodome.
  8. I've been to the Pearl and I've been to the Alamodome, but never in one evening. That seems like a bit of a jaunt, 30-40 minutes each way. Is an easy Uber in terms of places to get dropped off or one of those things where you spend more time finding your uber at Pearl, sitting at stoplights on the 37 access road, and then navigating the Alamodome chaos? THat would be a fun place to eat and meet before the game though, never had a bad meal at any of those restaurants.
  9. I remember finding a bag of those at a family gathering and thinking they were real candy as a young kid. They tasted like plastic and feet. And yes, AIDS will suppress your diet. Can we count Pan Am Airlines as a "brand"? Wasn't it the largest airline on the planet at its peak in terms of both passenger count and market cap? I realize stores aren't the same thing as brands per say, but didn't realize until yesterday that there are less than 20 K-Marts and 20 Sears left in the United States and it'll be half that in a year's time. I mean Sears was fucking huge, bigger than Amazon is today in terms of market share. For tangible consumer brands, I'd have to go with Oldsmobile. It was an after-thought brand under the GM banner when most of us were coming up, but it was a massive line both independently owned and under the GM flag for a full century before the full wind-down began. 35 million cars and SUVs sold all-time. At one point by the 1980's, 1 in 3 American households had owned an Oldsmobile at some point in their past/present. Other than maybe pickup trucks in some geographic markets in the U.S., that'll never be matched again.
  10. Didn't get a real good look at all the production design, but you could pretty well tell this was mid-80's/peak bolivian marching powder. From the Duran Duran song to the ambulance van to the camping gear. I'm sure there'll be some anachronisms, but this looks spot on.
  11. You make it sound so easy. Of all position players in MLB, the guys who "just swing a stick at a ball", less than 300 are from the United States. Now position players do not require anywhere near the endurance, spatial awareness, and athleticism that professionals in NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS require. But their fine motor skill abilities are among the rarest in the world, never mind hand-eye coordination. Each sport requires a different type of "athlete", we all get that. Alls I know is soccer/football requires far more strategy than almost every single American can possibly fathom. Just because there's not a guy on the sidelineswith a color-coded, laminated posterboard with 256 plays on it, whispering into a headset to 9 guys in the booth with binders full of shit...the amount of strategy and timing and awareness is beyond compare. Most athletic? Not by a damn sight. Impressive to watch? Absolutely. It's like Water Polo. Even when the action isn't right near you, you still gotta tread water. In WC action, you're still at least lightly jogging to get into position and follow angles. Like the Matt Damon quote in "Dogma"
  12. UNT System under Tech. UoH System under Texas State or A&M System. TWU under Tech or Texas State. Leave TSU on its own for mid-term future, unless they make a request. This is patently ridiculous. I think SFA starts a domino effect of system consolidation. Then again, UH-Victoria degree holders apparently hold grudges.
  13. And outside of a casino or a political rally, no place has more dumbasses than an airport.
  14. flash quiz: Besides being a made-up horse name by George, when else would the name "Prickly Pete" surface on Seinfeld?
  15. So as per usual, the Italians fucked something up? Big shock.
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