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  1. Johnnie Walker Blue, some Chocolate Chip Mint, maybe toss in a banana. Baby, you got yourself a Sundae /RIPcarlweathers Sad to hear Willie passed, but what a wonderful life he led. Greatest CF our game will ever know. Say Hey, Heaven...
  2. well first you gotta open up the hood. If you want, you can dump the Ford and trade up to the G-Spot. I mean G-Class from Daimler "Nikki" Benz.
  3. I got no answers, just more questions. So similar to most aged languages, chinese/mandarin/et. al have a passive vocabulary of over 350,000 'words.' However with no alphabet, their 'symbols' or 'characters' are limited to only about 50,000 'words', expressed through these written/digital symbols/characters. With active usage being only about 15% of that. So they're not really letters, they're not really syllables, and they're not really complete words in the majority of instances. I get the verbal structure of the language pretty good just because my wife is trained in linguistics and speech (not that I can speak or understand it). But I just to this day have never received a proper explanation of the difference between their written language. Nobody on the planet can draw 350,000 different characters by rote using just a series of 4-14 strokes. So they've narrowed it down to about 50,000 which is still a tall order to maintain a deep fluency. But how? How does it work dammit?!?!
  4. Wait, his security team is a Yaz tribute band is called, "Going Upstairs at Eric Trump's"? But we don't live in a simulation?
  5. You wanna get conspiratorial? I'm obviously insane, but thankfully not Qanon type insane. It's not as common a practice in Texas to refer to interstates by names as opposed to numbers. In Chicago, We would say "The Eisenhower" for I-290, or "The Tri-State" for I-294. Somewhat similar how California calls it "THE 101" or "THE 5" (Stuart!). Well one of the main interstates to get into downtown Chicago, not far from Trump's Hotel is "The Stevenson" or I-55. Named for the former Governor Adlai Stevenson, who would go on to serve as Kennedy's Ambassador to the UN. He was in Dallas the month before and he and his staff treated so horribly, he warned the Kennedy detail not to go to Dallas that fateful week. If you take "The Stevenson/IH-55" into the city, it links up with I-90 where you would exit into the CBD to get to the Trump Hotel of all places. We refer to that I-90 stretch locally as "the Kennedy Expressway." From the Kennedy, if you're headed to Milwaukee---you merge right to I-94 (portions of which are named for Kennedy, Edens, Byrne, and other local figures). From there it's about 70-80 miles to the arena. Not only are there major overpasses and vast swatches of cloverleaf entrances/exits on the way to Milwaukee. There are also a handful of, what we call "Oasis", which are purpose-built overhangs above the surface lanes. They usually contain restaurants, fuel stations, dog walking areas, playscapes, areas for truckers to rest, etc. You can cross over them by automobile, but it's effectively a giant parking lot, they aren't really intended for turnarounds....more for rest and refreshment. Think of a size like a TXDoT rest stop or a Buccee's but built above and across 10 lanes, heated from underneath. Everyone of those from the Stevenson to the Kennedy to 94 to Milwaukee will be to be cleared twice a day for a week. Nobody can penetrate the motorcade from up there, but they all serve delicious fast-food and will serve as Sirens of Temptation to the Donald. Wouldn't be hard to figure out what he's gonna order. And then the toll plazas. Think of the ones like on the new 183 or 130. The ones on I-94 are even bigger and covered to protect booth operators from the winter elements. There's a handful of them from the Kennedy to Milwaukee. It will create a huge bottleneck for the motorcade. Obviously they can glide through for free, but still, you can only push through a handful of vehicles/motorcycles at a time at a very slow speed because while Trump's parade of vehicles is tough as shit, those toll booth barricades have been sustaining collisions from 80,000 pound tractor-trailers and 95,000 tandem tractor-trailers for 75 years. So they have to line up slowly and take their time before they can open the speed back up again. anyway, just some fun facts about the Tri-state area interstate system y'all might now know.
  6. Well you see, at least it's a reverse commute. I doubt he wants to attend anything other than his acceptance speech, but he does have some glad-handing to do with other RNC leadership and donors to keep the grift train running. But yeah, his plane is too big to take off from anywhere but O'Hare and Midway. So it's straight up I-94 to Milwaukee. That's nearly 100 miles, that's a long ass way for a motorcade to block off dozens and dozens of on-ramps, block lanes, periodically halt oncoming traffic in sections where the highway isn't that sufficiently divided (it's a very wide highway with large divides for most of the trip but it gets narrower and not as spaced from about Gurnee to the Kenosha/Racine area). 4 business days, of which, he'll probably travel up there 3 days. Probably midday, but still a shitshow. He won't be coming back until late at night, 11pm or so, which won't present much of an issue heading back into downtown Chicago. But those 3-4 days of him heading up there are cause all kinds of logistical challenges and piss off a lot of potential voters in SE Wisconsin. I mean, if he had Marine 1 or something else, that'd be one thing. But they can't fly a fixed wing plane up there. It's gotta be done with a motorcade which has to stop at the Illinois border and switch over to Wisconsin state troopers alongside his own detail. And then resume the trip. There's gotta be several dozen overpasses of major roads that will also have to be closed and cleared for that 100 mile stretch. And unlike our on/off ramps, many of which are elevated in Texas, in IL/WI---they are cloverleaf style for the most part due to freezing temps. So they are more linear feet (I don't know the calculus of it). So there's gonna be several dozen of those that need to be sealed off but because of their length (~3x the amount of footprint than an elevated ramp), that's more personnel needed to keep not only the ramp blocked but also the circle of land inside of it to the shoulder which will need to be patrolled for anybody hiding in those tall summer grasses. Once he gets past National Avenue/59, kinda where 'downtown Milwaukee' starts, it's business as usual for Secret Service...just another city visit for a President/former President, something they've done in their sleep hundreds of times. But given the layout of I-94, duration of the drive, and volume of cars on a weekday on both sides of the highway...it'll take several hundred troopers from both Illinois and Wisconsin to secure that route at several hours apiece. Never mind what it costs the drivers who are not at work but stuck in traffic and the retail along the way that nobody can access (halfway thru the trip is a Six Flags amusement park and one of the 5 largest malls in the U.S., plus all the other gas stations and restaurants that will be shut off from traffic for what could be hours). Total expenditures and lost revenue of all of the above could total hundreds of thousands per day, millions over the course of the week. So his hotel can make a few bucks on 9 rooms on the Chicago River. Business genius
  7. Has he been smearing his itchy butt along those radiator vents like my dog across our family room carpet?
  8. YGIFS


    Fair point, but BCOM and its affiliated hospitals are almost polar opposite of Baylor University. Very pro-science, pro-alternative care, lots of community wellness engagement, flexible payment options, free clinics, research, women's care, etc. Obviously being partners with the Catholic Health System, they're not exactly 'progressive' System, but they're not in the stone age either. Baylor University's pre-med/bio-chem program consists mainly of learning how to intentionally spoil rape kits and that the need for abortion is simply a demonic idea planted into the woman's cerebral cortex due to caffeine and dancing. My rant aside, I'm sure Ken Paxton and Dan Patrick are concocting a "legal" plan to force BCOM to reveal all patient records for the last 10 years for a "professional ethics audit" of the health care providers. About 5 years ago, I went with my wife for our final checkup before delivery of the 2nd munchkin. And her OB/GYN whom I've gotten to know over the years, helluva nice guy. Very conservative, church-goer, rich southern white guy, but we get to talking (we've spoken socially at fundraisers so he opens up to me about shit and vice-versa). And he's telling me he's got his value set and beliefs, but that God gave him a skill set and a bedside manner to make sure everybody regardless of gender has agency over their body and their health choices. (this is me speaking in his voice at the time, so past tense). "I dunno, I've got a bad feeling from some what I'm reading and hearing from colleagues, Texas is gonna start enticing doctors like me to start turning over patient records or compel them in other ways. I thought he was being as paranoid as I was. Turns out he was a half decade ahead of his time. Once again, our prize mistake---a lack of imagination.
  9. I knew a girl from Montreal and another in Lyon who liked to blame a game with me called, "Two Girls, One American Fist." It gets weird at the end. But you learn a good bit of French vocabulary just by their safety words.
  10. I believe you're thinking of our 6th President, Samuel Adams. 50/50 shot one of is right, though there's only a 10% chance of that. I'd really like to see that Wright Brothers Memorial. But that's quite a trek to get out there. Otherwise, I think I'm doing pretty good on that list. My daughter had to do a class project on our National Park System. So she asked me about 'em and I still have the maps to everyone I've ever visited since I was a kid. So we went through them all, it was really cool. It reminded me of that old dig, "Yeah, Europe got the cathedrals and castles, but we got the National Parks." But this goofy facebook post reminds me to make the girls two bucket lists for the U.S before they have their own children. One, a list of natural sites (parks, oceans, etc.) and then another of man-made ones (skyscrapers, museums, etc.). I remember my cousin and two of his buddies rolling through Chicago when I was in junior high. Between college and law school, their goal was to see a game in every major league stadium. They stayed with us briefly and took me to both Wrigley and Comiskey in one day. IIRC, they made about 20 and fell a bit short due to rainouts, etc. But only one 'em was a big baseball fan, but it was their way of an excuse to map out seeing most of the country. But yeah, some of those manmade ones are such letdowns.
  11. Was it the kicks or the thumbs that gave it away? Also, does Taylor Swift lip-synch? I honestly can't tell anymore these days with artists on screens because I just have an inherent delay with screens and sounds due to tinnitus. But we streamed her Eras tour show for my daughter's sleepover birthday party earlier in the Spring. And I only stuck around for the first 30 minutes and let them have their space. But apparently it was like a 2:45mts. show and she belts it out while dancing almost the entire time. I was exhausted just watching her. Reminded me of the long shows Madonna used to do back in the day, but I'm pretty sure she was legit lip-synching. I guess the ticket prices are based on $/hr.?
  12. We now go live to three pro-Biden low-shower pressure NY libtards:
  13. I think she wants to change "FUCK" to "FVCK" in order of the Roman Numeral 5, which is the number of toes she wishes she had. When you can achieve two goals at once, you make it happen.
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