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  1. skipperj

    Arsenal FC

    Fun game today. I watched some of it on my phone at a tap room in east Austin with a Leicester fan , a couple of Spurs fans, and several Arsenal fans. I really like the additions to the team. Emery is going to favor some newer players. I’m okay with that. I have liked how the teams have played. Unbeaten in pre-season, which means nothing, but the competition has been big. Austin Soccer Foundation had a footgolf tournament today, and there was a great turnout of Austin Gooners. Got to talk with a lot of fans of other teams as well. Austin has a really strong soccer community. League play begins with City and Chelsea. It’s time to see what this team has.
  2. It’s also possible that people do take it this seriously. Are you familiar with this board?
  3. The main thing that is wrong with Surly/Shaggy food thread is that there is a wrong/right argument. Believe it or not, I like to mix my burger places up. I like Whataburger, P Terry’s, and In n Out. They are all different burgers, and they are all delicious. Chicken is the same way. I enjoy Chick-fil-a, Popeyes, Plucker’s wings (boneless and regular), Hooters, and many others. Get over yourselves.
  4. I do like to mix in the breaded wings at Hooters. Their quality is very inconsistent, though. Kids used to love going there when they were younger. Great kid’s menu with the owl bass puzzles. I got wings and beer and watched some noon NFL. Wife would get some chicken nuggets, everyone happy.
  5. Sullivan’s was the first nice steakhouse we started going to. Had my college graduation dinner there with my dad. We took our son there for his 16th birthday. Also miss Mezzaluna.
  6. Especially with you posting.
  7. Maybe they were invented in the upstate New York town of Boneless, and they have a different definition of wings? Might be an acronym.
  8. Dogs be cool af with those.
  9. Whichever jackass on another thread disrespected ABBA can suck a dick.
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