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  1. This time around Texas needs to make the best decision for itself and not what's best for any other university. We'll see if that happens.
  3. If sarcasm hurts your head, then this doesn't seem like the right place to be.
  4. Is a Grier pick-six to lose too much to ask for?
  5. I'm pretty confident Texas beats them in a re-match. WVU would rather throw the first game against OU and try to win the Big 12 in the second than beat OU and lose to Texas (and the Big 12 title in a re-match). I'm somewhat serious. I don't think WVU can't beat OU back-to-back weeks or OU one week and Texas the next. In the end, the committee will do what it takes to keep WVU out of the playoff.
  6. Does WVU lose to OU on purpose to avoid benefiting Texas? Do they do the Horns down after they lose in celebration?
  7. True. Which just means Texas plays a tougher schedule than the numbers show. Still should've won both games if not for our own mistakes/ineptitude.
  8. If either team played Texas like they're playing today, Texas is 9-1. So goes it.
  9. I hope the punt returner is throwing the game, otherwise that was terrible.
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