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  1. Hey hey hey we can’t have big 12 loyalists? Offense> defense..wait...
  2. Right aren’t these our tickets from two years ago? I had 2 then now have 2 now, technically not feeling another win unless I have 4 tickets now??
  3. Just to speed things along, I think the answer is “it don’t make a shit”
  4. Yeah that’s a long one too...maybe should try something shorter for a little change up.
  5. Did, uhh, anyone actually pick up anything from that trailer besides a pig, truffle hunting, and maybe some keeeeling? No? Good talk.
  6. There’s a large tattoo right where the cup lands. Makes the surface a little flatter for an easier landing.
  7. Can’t leave us hanging with “distracted”. There are too many awesome possibilities.
  8. Did the fledgling bird chuckle? Feel like this is being overlooked.
  9. Think you’re missing someone named sanders.
  10. Let’s go!! Hell yeah
  11. Beard was the first one to call Emoni Bates after he decommitted...well then. I know that’s as much of a pipe dream as possible but I like the effort.
  12. Thankfully it did or it’d have been way past
  13. And there is the first Phil-like moment
  14. “Hitting a cut” *hits a big sweep draw
  15. Dang thought he was going to show in that one. Definitely didn’t fade at the end. Wish I would have read this thread a week ago. Would have jumped on in
  16. Appreciate that bricktop but that info is still incorrect. As someone who has been addicted to fentanyl a few years back, this is not medicinal fentanyl. These are fentanyl analogues that basically have complete different chemical makeups and therefore react much differently than pharm fentanyl. For people wondering why, the explanation above is pretty spot on. Government shut down Prescription on opioids around 2010, added corn starch to oxy and other pain pills to make them tamper proof. Many people, myself included, had nowhere else to turn other than heroin. Eventually people started mixing fentanyl into Heroin to make it stronger and cheaper. Each batch is different, there are 10+ different analogues, so much can go wrong. I shouldn’t be here, so many others should. It’s terrible. And yes, the rehab business is from top to bottom a joke and has a long ways to go compared to the rest of the health world. Another person dead from this addiction, Rest In Peace, life with addiction is tough as is.
  17. Did GB3 already announce or is it just assumed he’s not coming back?
  18. Solid job. Really enjoyed that one. How dare you give away the Godzilla plot though without spoilers.
  19. Was that bijan that couldn’t be taken down? Had to be
  20. Not cool at all. Would love to wish alcoholism/addiction on him for a day but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. So I’ll copy what a previous poster said and say-get fucked...futureman style.
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