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  1. Damn that’s a good counterpoint. How dare you
  2. I’m about 64% sure the guy on the left doesn’t have a ring on. Can’t be um. He married a spinner.
  3. Yup I’m with everyone. That was an easy game to win yet that’s how it ends. Get the f out
  4. ^^^^have you seen will baker? Also have you seen him play? He could use a year to either bulk up or become a stretch 5 or ideally both.
  5. Any time you almost cover the spread by double, it’s a solid win no matter words are in the other team’s name. Could always be better but not a bad start. The team we played is better than some of the other cupcakes that some of the top 25 took on.
  6. Every team I root for always has to play games that come down to the last possession. Go chiefs! Was definitely worried there for a bit. Still wish we would sign ET though.
  7. I’m really hoping the harden to nets deal never happens. I would like to see KD win one without everyone saying it is “tainted” by being on a super team. Also, I know their injuries were different but when I heard about the injury to klay I got this bad feeling about Durant this year. Hope to hell not since I just want to see him tear it up in Brooklyn
  8. Does anyone have their old Pokémon card collection tucked away collecting dust? Or did your kids ever play and now they don’t use them anymore? Definitely interested to take a look at anyone’s collection. Probably have always wondered when these things would be worth something, now would be a good time to try to find any of your old cards. All jokes are welcome but yes I am very interested in buying any cards you or someone you know might have! Reply here or shoot me a message! Thanks
  9. Coach o on judge Judy would be priceless
  10. Better have fans. I finally won tickets to this one but COVID and all. Actually kind of glad I’ll hopefully get to see the masters in the spring like how it should be. I thought it’d be cool to see it different with the leaves changing and maybe play differently but I regret thinking that. Here’s to a miracle happening so a family dream can come true.
  11. Go ahead and take Shane Beamer. Also we should be on the phone with Stockton, a nickname can be made so we don’t have a gunner as the qb. Mainly I just want to be able to say “he can pass that bitch like stockton”.
  12. Been wanting him for awhile. Id says that’s a BYAH!
  13. As long as it’s not aggy, ND, usc, and ideally Clemson, I will be happy. Is that possible? Most likely not but if there’s a year where a byu or cinci could make it, it’s probably this year.
  14. Had heard about that game but never saw clips of that so that was pretty cool. Pos rep for the clips. Funny thing is was I was fast forwarding and came to a part at 1 hour on part 2 where the announcers were talking about how good of a leader kingler is cause he never lost hope and was hyping his teammates...only as the camera shows him on the sideline with no one around him and his head down. And of course as I’m writing this, the sound plays in the background “and I think we can say Texas is back!”. Arghhh that phrase.
  15. That’s guaranteed to cost us a game
  16. Did anyone ever post pics of the gf?
  17. My fiancé’s sister came over last night for the first time in a long time because she’s having issues with her boyfriend because she wants to have a poly relationship. He was of course open to the idea at first but after her getting more matches on bumble, rightfully so, and her catching feelings for this girl, he is now against it and sadly becoming extremely controlling and aggressive. (There’s more to this story but it’s not the point) After a few hours of just hanging out, she starts crying and we find out that it’s “the girl’s” birthday. So we’re like wtf go be with her. Long story short the girl decides to drive down to meet for drinks. Of course, all the bars are booked for hours so they end up back at our place. My girl/avatar gets drunk about once a year and I guess last night was that night. It strikes midnight, I’m about to go to sleep and she says “I think we should paint!”. (We got into painting mid COVID when we were bored, it was fun but hadn’t in a while) I facepalm and say “babe, it’s a little late, maybe a movie would be better.” Oh now it’s painting time. Well, I decide since I don’t want to see the result of the paint massacre I know is coming and go to bed. Dia Lupa (don’t look her up) then starts being blasted and so does the drunk screams. A couple hours later she stumbles into bed and I ask how did the paintings go, and she says “oh we just primed them so far”....it was two hours later. After a couple hours of sleep, I start walking into the kitchen and notice little paw prints on the floor. I bend down to wipe the first one away and it’s stuck on. Wtf? I follow the foot prints all the way into the kitchen and notice about 100 cat paw prints of lovely paint on the hardwood floor....they left the wet paintings on the counter and the cats decided to have their own paint party. When she wakes up i tell her what happens and she says “oh it’s not a big deal watch” while she grabs a paper towel, wets it, and scrubs the floor. Nothing happens. “No big deal huh?”. TONE. act 2 ”hey babe, I didn’t know you started your period last night.” She says, “I didn’t.” Son of a bitch. In the middle of the night I see white paper flying from under the bed. The cat was ripping up toilet paper. In my sleepy state in picked everything up, threw it away, and then realized I had blood on my hand. Of course, the cat only goes crazy for tampons in the trash. As she cracks up, “Hey babe, I’m glad you and my sister got closer last night.” I’m lucky.
  18. Lol we are arguing if big 12 teams would beat smu. Oh how far we have fallen
  19. When you lose in fantasy by .5 because Brady got you 2.3 points. Unreal. Fucking a
  20. I enjoy how many people plus the media thinks it’s a given that they will get into the championship game. With how the standings are now, them still having bedlam, its the big 12, and a fr qb, it’s certainly no guarantee.
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