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  1. Maybe. I watched Tanner Mordecai play football for 4 years. He was solid, but not stellar. There's nothing special about the way he plays. I think he was just happy and surprised to get a scholarship to OU. Not sure he will transfer.
  2. I’m hoping Figurelli will reach out and grab a bare wire while standing in a bucket of water.
  3. I like that the kid wears baseball pants and not bell bottoms.
  4. He wants to be their Freddie Steinmark. They always have to copy us.
  5. Wait. I thought it wasn’t about player demands, according to some people on this site and some $9.95ers.
  6. Yep. He’ll run his mouth while he’s in the process of getting toasted. It’s a sooner DB tradition. And they’re so classy, too.
  7. What does Steve have to do with the University of Texas?
  8. Javonne Shepherd also laughed at the thought of doing school. Stupid clown motherfucker.
  9. Bagmen or no, the folks who always look the other way will still be there.
  10. They can feel whatever the fuck they want to, but those words were written some 40 years after slavery to mock the university president at a campus with only white students, faculty, and administrators. Only a dense person would relate those words to slavery after being made aware of those facts. The words have nothing to do with slavery because there had been no slaves for 40 years.
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