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  1. If you're apart of it, how did you see it?
  2. I'm pretty sure it all means he is getting an annulment and has decided to enter the priesthood. Since we're all pulling things out of our asses.
  3. It’s right there in the name, dummy.
  4. It’s usually donut powder (probably with a little coke mixed in).
  5. You must know a lot that the rest of us don’t. Geoff? Geoff Ketchum? I didn’t recognize you with mayonnaise slathered all over your face!
  6. Not sure I’d go quite that far. Plus, there’s that whole reason he has to keep his arms covered...
  7. Oh, its almost like Chip and Taylor have been reading surly and mashing up every single thing said here into a shitty fucking ball of nothing, then asking $9.95 for it.
  8. The fact that the bitch used a sock to make that post is what pissed me off. A bunch of stupid motherfuckers have had diarrhea of the keyboard lately. I mean, more than usual.
  9. I'll skip Taylor and Chip or Anwar and Fatass Ketch's version of fantasy and just wait for Jason Higdon's post-signing day reveal. LOL, my friend.
  10. Why would that have been awesome? That’s stupid.
  11. Must be the deal about A&M taking unreported foreign money.
  12. If you've been reading the quoted poster's posts, you wouldn't be astounded. He's either a teenager or someone from another fanbase. edit- or the poster formerly known as Girdwood. I'd bet money that's exactly who it is. Fucktard extraordinaire.
  13. I've never really felt like he was bitching about it. He's just been very consistent that it isn't what he wants to do and it takes time away from his other duties. I agree about the shit hire, but once that decision was made, the milk was spilled. He knew it pretty early on, and did the play calling by committee to mitigate the problems (IMO), then ended up mostly calling the plays, at least for a while. I think it became consuming for Herman, which led to a ton of struggles this season in particular. Obviously, he held off making an official personnel change for as long as he could. Yes, it was largely self-inflicted. That happens with coaches at all levels all the time. The question and what will define TH's career is how he responds. I know he's intelligent enough, but is he not so stubborn that he can respond the right way? I hope so.
  14. Yeah, or they (whoever the hires will be) and Tom agreed it would just be best to wait until NSD to make the announcement since the time table is so short. That will probably cause less recruiting turmoil at Texas and their current schools.
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