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  1. Maybe, but that wouldn’t be their out of the blue surprise.
  2. From the people whose mods crystal ball every prospect to A&M right off the bat.
  3. Hey dipshit: since 2012, Texas A&M has played 9 FCS teams and was 9-0 against them. The Aggies have also played 17 G-5 teamsand were 17-0 against them. They played 64 conference games. In that same time frame, Texas has played 0 FCS teams. The Longhorns also played 10 G-5 teams and were 10-0 against them. They played 73 conference games. You’ve only won more games because you’ve played a shittier schedule than we have. Stop sucking.
  4. Those kids were killed on the altar of aggy arrogance. Y’all have blood on your hands. And you suck at sports. And education.
  5. Their culture is their problem, and it ain’t changing. Fish Camp will see to that.
  6. The problem is they have to recruit to that shithole to run that shitty offense. It ain’t easy.
  7. Sham? The rules allow it if you have a coaching vacancy. It’s not like a team would fire a coach every year to be able to do it. We’re just making the most out of having to fire a coach. The first time was because the NCAA added a 10th on-field coaching spot for all teams.
  8. Well, it bugs us when people want to cheer a murderer like Whitman because he killed Texas students. We feel bad that aggy killed other aggy students. We think it’s terrible that it happened and terrible that aggy refused to take responsibility for it. It’s like they knowingly killed those kids twice. The situations are completely opposite, and we are not glad that the aggy kids died. But it was completely avoidable if there had been any adults at aggy. Their culture doesn’t allow it.
  9. Your school and students willfully killed their fellow students in November of 1999. But y’all won the game, so it was worth it. Whoop!
  10. Fuck aggy! Hateable losers. No one fucking likes you.
  11. Was filmed on the Drag, by the West Mall a few years back.
  12. I was booing Mack because Mack put us in that position- one that we haven't fully recovered from a decade later. And in hindsight, he should have been booed more. And had rotten fruit thrown at him. Now, I'm pissed. Oh, and of course aggy will be calling for King to start. A. they actually think he's a 5-star talent (he isn't) B. aggy benching the multi-year upperclassman QB is one of their oldest turditions. They have hardly ever had a senior QB finish his tenure as a starter. They're fucking idiots.
  13. Half-armed? Did he have another aggy with him?
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