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  1. Wonder how Zach Evans' spring school search is going...
  2. Newsflash, aggy: Everyone hates you.
  3. Well, he could become a Rae Carruth-type, but he’ll need to become much more lethal. Just doesn’t have Carruth’s killer instinct.
  4. Bru was a zero before there even was a patient zero.
  5. Also doesn’t change the fact that we were awarded the national championship in 1970 and have the trophy to prove it.
  6. They’re models of health. I’m sure they’d be fine.
  7. Maybe one of these years we’ll get lucky and play a team that DOES want to be there. Until then, I’m cool with just kicking the asses of whoever lines up against us.
  8. I think we’ve found something ban worthy on surly. That creepy bitch has me on the verge of puking. There was undoubtedly a burnt rubber smell on her ships in the Merchant Marine. 🤮
  9. They made the film when they moved to the SEC.
  10. CDC is dealing with a pandemic.
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