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  1. Some of their fans shot us the bird at Qualcomm before the 2001 Holiday Bowl. Fuck ‘em.
  2. The curse of Vince Young. Those dumb fucks had a chance to draft a Texas legend. Instead, they’re NFL aggy.
  3. Phillip Fulmer is a fat piece of shit. Tennessee got what it deserved for continuing to employ such a dishonorable pig.
  4. Oregon, Stanford, Washington State, Utah, and USC have been good off and on during that stretch. And Washington made it to the playoff.
  5. Yep. Ranks above most of the names that have been kicked around on this thread. I’m gruntled.
  6. More folks need to sign up on the Husky board.
  7. Kwiatkowski is a legit choice. Not sure why his name never really came up here until today. I’ve thought he was solid for several years.
  8. May have been waiting to see that Pruitt was for sure off the table.
  9. I mean, I think they had the name and it was figured out here so they spilled the beans. Not sure we get credit on this one, but...
  10. It would take a fleet of short buses to transport all the stupid at Texas A&M.
  11. Yep. I expect better grammar out of a university, even one in Tennessee.
  12. Best team Shoemaker has ever had. When they left, their coach left, too.
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