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  1. He's a genius (I.Q.-wise), and he does whatever he wants to, regardless of the consequences. If he wanted to be at a blueblood, he would act differently. He clearly just doesn't care. He gets paid very well, and he's genuine. I think most of us would gladly swap places with him. He's the class clown because he can be.
  2. That or it will come down to the coin flip. That's how legitimately close it is in his mind.
  3. That wasn't a popsicle Timmy was sucking on.
  4. I think most other posters are crowing because so many seemed to want to crown Rattler after his win over an FCS team that Oklahoma should have never even been playing. Fuck Rattler.
  5. Tex Pete

    Vandy @ aggy

    Don’t forget that was an UNDEFEATED Vanderbilt team Aggy just beat.
  6. We quit running the ball in the 3rd. Gave our defense no rest, allowed Tech to get back in the game, and really shit the bed. Thankfully, we came back to life.
  7. Yeah, that’s it. I literally attend probably 40 football games of different levels every year. You may have missed it, but we haven’t won the Big 12 very many times, regardless of how many games OU loses. That’s because we rarely capitalize on their losses. Glad we’re still in it and I was wrong today. I’m certainly not mad.
  8. I’m here. Glad to eat crow. So fucking tired of not winning the conference.
  9. Yeah, we’ve wronged all those rights! Everyone pat yourselves on the back.
  10. Once again, OU loses, we don’t capitalize. They’ll win the conference for the 185th time. Nothing to play for Fuck you, Tom. Fuck Kris Ash. Fuck Mike Yurcich.
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