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  1. Trump aides- "Oh look! He's chasing a squirrel! Don't wake him up!"
  2. With the 30 plus lawsuits filed in (I think) 5 states and needing tens of thousands of votes to be overturned, has there been a single case of anyone charged with voter fraud aiding Democrats yet this election? The only case I recall so far is a Trump voter who tried to vote a second time as his son but I honestly have no idea.
  3. On this day, 25 November 1960 three sisters – Patria Mercedes Mirabal Reyes, Minerva Mirabal Reyes and Antonia María Teresa Mirabal Reyes were assassinated for their opposition to the US-backed Dominican dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo (content note: mention of sexual violence). They had started a group called the Agrupación Política 14 de Junio (14 June Movement), named after the date of a massacre Patria witnessed. Two of the sisters, Minerva and Maria Teresa, were imprisoned, raped and tortured on several occasions and their husbands arrested and tortured too. However, they persisted in their resistance and Trujillo decided to put an end to them once and for all. On May 18, 1960, Minerva and Maria Teresa, along with their husbands, were convicted and were sentenced to three years in prison for undermining the security of the Dominican state. In a strange gesture, on August 9, Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabal were released by express provision of Trujillo. Their husbands, however, remained in prison. Purportedly a show of generosity, it was however part of a plan by which they would be assassinated by the Servicio de Inteligencia Militar secret police. On November 25 the sisters and Rufino de la Cruz, who was driving their jeep, were stopped by Trujillo's henchmen. They were separated and clubbed to death. The bodies were then gathered and put in the jeep, which was run off the mountain road in an attempt to make their deaths look like an accident. In honour of the women, the UN later designated 25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
  4. I CONTINUE to be all ears, and will bring it up again- how does a guy who takes out newspaper ads to call for the execution of innocent Americans even get CONSIDERED much less nominated by the GOP for president, much less earns unwavering devotion? That's an Alice-In-Wonderland stand-alone issue that should IMMEDIATELY disqualify any candidate from any party, not based on any strategic political calculation, foreign policy, domestic policy, but basic SUPER GODDAMN BASIC human decency. And I can probably list another half dozen- by themselves, no extra info needed- INDISPUTABLE STAND ALONE FACTS- that should have disqualified him from any decent human being's list of presidential candidates, but the multiple NY publication ads should be more than enough, along with his subsequent refusal to retract or admit his mistaken premise- all known before the 2016 election- that still stand as you're reading this. All ears. Sock it to me.
  5. Despite (lack of) mobile formatting- much like my own posts-, good article from Arizona. http://www.tucsonsentinel.com/opinion/report/112120_election_foothills_op/rise-garys-how-gop-lost-foothills-turned-pima-deep-blue/ "I’m talking about the Garys, the Jims and the Helens. These are whites who worked pretty hard on their degrees and spent quite a bit sending their kids to college. They’re not so eager to follow a party when it insists known reality doesn’t exist and if Trump says “Up is platypus” then up is platypus, or you are an enemy of the American people. The Garys and Helens still might believe tax cuts pay for themselves and that Medicare for All is an anathema. They just refuse to turn their reality over to a 74-year-old despot-in-the-making conjuring new realities on Twitter and in landscaping company parking lots to match his latest tantrums. The Garys live in the Foothills, and 2020 looks like that area finishes a big-time realignment of its political persuasion. These are highly educated voters, who once voted Republican but have severed their ties with the Party of Trump. For the Foothills denizens, it looks like Trump was the last straw of many loaded on their political backs. Nate Cohn of the New York Times and Perry Bacon of Politico have done precinct-level analyses of Georgia and found similar results to one another but with a slightly different take. Cohn found what put President-elect Joe Biden over the top in the Peach State was the support of affluent whites, who were well-educated — the Garys and the Helens." "Something else had happened in the mid-00s. The Pima County Republican Party changed. Gone were the moderates and in were the true conservative purists. They were lead by Melvin. They made a lot of noise and made it clear that RINOs were no longer welcome in the party. Well, it's happened again. The party is no longer what it was, so Republicans become former Republicans when they start asking: "What do you mean Barack Obama wasn't born here?" "Can you please show me where it says death panels?" "Default on our debt? Excuse me?" "Please explain Benghazi to me and show the scandal." "This wall of yours will do what, allegedly?" "Having sex with a porn star while his wife is at home nursing his son?" "What in the name of Anna Kournikova are you doing around all these Russians?" "You are saying the virus that killed my mother is a hoax, but voter fraud is real?" "Know what? Get off my damned xeriscaping and take you stupid red hat with you."
  6. How many Trumpists could the Dems have Susan McDougal-ed had they been as maniacal in overturning an election as the GOP characterized?
  7. ...and Mueller testified on live television, as well as in his report, that Trump lied under oath regarding foreign interference in America's democratic system of government, which the Democratic House declined to use for impeachment, unlike the GOP House that used perjury to impeach Clinton for a consensual blowjob that somehow came up during an investigation for an Arkansas land deal in which the Clintons were ultimately *whew!, right slorch!* absolved.
  8. 40 plus indictments, guilty pleas, convictions, prison sentences, and roughly a dozen fed cases borne of said investigation is slightly more than jack shit.
  9. Absent the consensus of the intelligence community, confirmed by the Trump DOJ-appointed investigation, and re-confirmed by the GOP-chaired Senate Intel Committee- all without litigation cuz super leniency on behalf of Dems is actually a maniacal effort on Dems to overturn an election... ...unless I'm mistakenly inferring something in your post, it doesn't, though you could be referring to something else.
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