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  1. You've claimed *all caps* "NOBODY" is more corrupt than Hillary. Now, according to you, she's not even the most corrupt Democrat. Walk us through that, and how she gets the silver over Bill other than at some point in your life a woman really hurt you.
  2. Translation: I'm a cuck of Manafort-Stone proportions.
  3. This fallacy only illustrates how far to the right our country has swung. None of Sanders' proposals were extreme, some to the right of previous GOP administrations' actual policies, and he's failed twice to secure the Democratic nomination. The GOP has become a party apoplectic in opposition to policies it has advocated for in the recent past filled with anti-science, anti-democratic, under-indictment candidates openly embracing fantasy conspiracies who routinely secure GOP nominations and leadership roles.
  4. Richard Dawson: Category is... Things That Go Away. *BRRR!* Richard Dawson: Mr. Trump Donald Trump: THINGS!
  5. They are, and Abbott who had to clarify that "local control" the GOP has preached for years actually meant state control when he overrode localities ability to enact stricter lock down measures, has now 180-ed again and left localities with the decision whether or not to open schools and possibly be defunded by his party on the federal level. Leadership- All the power and none of the responsibility.
  6. “I want to avoid confrontation. I don’t need to put that on my belt that—I mean, I don’t even want to kill these globalists,” Jones said.
  7. The problem here is that when you point out that people who have spent their entire adult lives studying a subject and acquiring expertise in a given field to the Fuck Your Feelings Folk, their feelings get really hurt because that's just pointy- headed elitists in their ivory towers thinking they're soooooo much better than them, and hurting the feelings of people with a raging inferiority complex indoctrinated into embracing pride as a virtue as opposed to one of the 7 Deadly Sins, is one of the worse things in the world to possibly happen.
  8. "in force" = short of 2 dozen protesting the president's preferred method of voting
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