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  1. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice #810 #811 (#821 incorrectly numbered) #821
  2. Per upthread convo- Llano Sr just took a video of his 2019 Eco cold start to dealer. Warranty fix on timing chain / cam alignment finished.
  3. Vile Weed! ... Yes. Now please someone honey mustard!
  4. I’m still rocking 7.2 until it becomes crash-a-talk. I get an error, but maybe not the same one on timeline, but hardly ever get it for unread or participated. Usually a simple refresh works. If not Clear cache. Turn off video and pic previews in settings then try again. Anyone have the thing where it removes posts you know exist towards the bottom of a thread? Mine will occasionally go say Op-#16, #22, #23, #22, #23. Almost always that same pattern of repeating last 2 posts of a thread when there’s missing content. Have to close the ap and relaunch.
  5. Oooof level high. Name something worse than carrying drunk overweight Texans around a humid night of Downtown Austin, River walk, ACL or HLS&R; Pedicabbing drunk sunburn Texans on sand in the afternoon heat of July 4th weekend on the STX coast!
  6. Y u no take pic from scissor lift?
  7. Lulz. Estimated 1.4 Bil vehicles on the road. Assuming 1:1 replacement and that Tesla continues to hit targets and churn out 100k units / qtr only 14,000 qtrs to go! Aside from the apples oranges comparison of XOM to a vehicle/battery/technology manufacturer, 1 has a PE of 10.3 the other is somewhere around ~250. Without googling the car makers on the chart I’m guessing they’re all 5-25 range for PE ratios.
  8. I’ll just leave this here. “A student at a public university making an extremely offensive statement on social media is almost quintessentially the kind of thing that should be protected against sanctioning by public authorities,” said Mark Tushnet, a Harvard Law School professor. I’m sure your legal analysis and study of the 1st amendment is on par with Mark Tushnet.
  9. https://www.k-state.edu/sga/judicial/student-code-of-conduct.html Big bold letters at the top. “Neither this nor any other university policy is violated by actions that amount to expression protected by the state or federal constitutions or by related principles of academic freedom.” He isn’t on campus, so doubt he broke their information and technology codes. I’m not going to look-up. He didn’t come close to violating 3, 14, 15, or 16, imo. And even if some SG and faculty panel decides he did violate one, his freedom of expression trumps it per the above. No one has to like what he tweeted, but it is well within his rights to “say it” and stay enrolled at a public university in any state.
  10. What’s the band on that second one?
  11. Separate land line for the kids/work/dual-up modem was a pretty big baller mode.
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