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  1. This. I’m all for some NERDZ hot takes pissing off the general forum, but GOT was a completely different animal. A single film (reimagined) of a single novel written years ago isn’t the same as a still incomplete (finish the damn books George!) fiction series turning into a pop culture phenomenon that ran for years. It’ll be interesting to see if WOT series can generate the same enthusiasm. Less sex. Less gratuitous violence early. Less implied danger to main cast throughout. More “mental” magic hard to capture on film, and may be most importantly, not HBO Sunday night prime time.
  2. Are you the HS coach from Dazed and Confused? "I Kai Money agree to not indulge in any alcohol, drugs, sex after twelve, or engage in any other illegal activity that may in any way jeopardise the years of hard work we as a team have committed to our goal of a championship season in 2020"
  3. Field or DJ? I’m taking the field.
  4. Not to derail the dancing/advertising QB thread, but It would be an interesting study of long term franchise success versus average duration of consistent QB1s in that same 20yr time period. Not that causation = correlation. You have Detroit for instance: Just-a-guy, Harrington, Kitna, (Journeyman?), Stafford. Consistent for ~10 years and a handful of Wildcard losses to show for it versus. NE: Bledsoe, Brady, Newton (yesterday) NO: Brooks, (journeyman?), Brees GB: Farve, Rodgers
  5. The agency that started that meme is apparently a Baker believer.
  6. Ah yes, evokes a simpler time. Now watch, Soulja Boy off in this ho Watch me crank it, watch me roll Watch me crank dat Soulja Boy Then Superman dat ho!
  7. That assumes alcohol at my house. “Coke” is carbonated sodawater usually from a drive thru, possibly random fountain. “Sweet/shake” is a malt, shake, float, blizzard, soft serve, etc. Possibly dine in during the before times, but likely from a fast food place.
  8. Simulation is getting confusing. I’ll give 300:1 Biden team agrees to a pre-debate drug screen to be bigger people, and then it comes back negative save for 200mg of hydroxychloroquine, cause 2020 gonna 2020 and my brain isn’t melted enough.
  9. 1)Is that a dead head seat against the wall? 2)nice belt less denim, bro. Contractor? TV/film crew?
  10. Lulz. I agree with your sentiment, but “help the shareholders at the expense of the board and senior management?!?” Oldrichpowerbrokerslaughing.meme No way any of those bonuses and payouts get back to old APC shareholders. As of this summer LLOG, Beacon, and other partners were pursuing subsea trees and a floating production hub for Shenandoah...we’ll see.
  11. Are the tapes off-the-cuff adderall rally Trump or campaign talking points nasally breathing Trump?
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