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  1. Don’t forget the deal break-up fee. Wonder if Vicki and Wirth had any side convos in DC yesterday? “Thanks for the $1B cancellation fee Vicki. CVX’s stock purchase program was great in Q3 & 4. How’s that whole APC/Buffett/Icahn deal going?”
  2. Fidelity is 65 cents as well. Edit:...for options. 0 on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds.
  3. I’ll take it. Reduced take home is better than the alternative by a long shot.
  4. Welp, got the call today. Taking my sizable haircut immediately and for the foreseeable future, but still employed with benefits. Not to the bone, but definitely took some meat with bloat for sure. I was expecting it, but was hoping to sneak through for another couple pay cycles. Seeing the caller ID on the cell phone hit like a Mack Truck. FWIW - Contract staff position with E&P company supporting GoM Operations. Be safe out there gentlemen.
  5. ...which is why I made the comment about cellphones, and it’s from the final episode. 2019 - Need to call someone grieving in the hospital, better get a land line installed at the house, wouldn’t want the old 5G or WiFi to interfere with call clarity and cause a faux pas
  6. Cellphones change everything in the Seinfeld Universe.
  7. Hi, this is Darren from Kramer’s office. Mr. Kramer would like to schedule a lunch with you at Monk’s coffee shop.
  8. What’s with the gap? What’s with the gap? What’s with the gap? Look at that gap!
  9. Ironborn were right all along. A Merry 6 kingdoms Kingsmoot to some and to all a goodnight.
  10. TFW “Dada can you fix this” GOT BVB, imo.
  11. Moral of the story is once you’ve had wildling redhead as a freeman oath-breaker you don’t go back.
  12. Episode after Battle against the Night King they showed him all jacked up without a right ear. Then everyone got pissed because Jon was all “Big gulps, huh? Welp, Ghost, cya laters”
  13. Sure. If you don’t account for the dining, nightlife, gambling, tourism, arts, culture, and Lil’ Wayne ( or whoever is cool in the 504 now) influence. Downtown New Orleans and Durham NC are pretty much the same place for a 19 year old millionaire black kid.
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