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  1. Understand and agree. But always the angle of fair treatment, imo.
  2. Disappointed for all that Karen has not issued a statement, further proof her agent is not good. Always politcally correct to issue a statement for the benefit of future employment. My virus lockdown paranoia on display, but do you all think there could be a possibility of litigation (retaining Shaka) ?
  3. Excerpts: Could Texas have won its all? White thinks so. He noted that Janae Jefferson and Miranda Elish were again playing like All-Americans while youngsters like Courtney Day and Shea O’Leary were finding their strides. Perennial contenders UCLA (Rachael Garcia and Bubba Nickles) and Arizona (Dejah Mulipola) also were missing key players this season due to their involvement with the U.S. Olympic team. “The stars were aligning a little bit for us,” White said. “We had a lot of work to do, but I think we had as good a chance as anyone out there.” This week, the NCAA approved the restoration of the eligibility lost by its spring-sport athletes this year. That ruling meant that seniors across the country could extend their careers into 2021. Three Texas seniors, however, have decided to move on anyway, White told the American-Statesman. Starting shortstop Kaitlyn Slack will head to graduate school at Kansas and join former UT assistant coach Jennifer McFalls’ staff in Lawrence as a graduate assistant. Reagan Hathaway, a fifth-year outfielder who already has a biology degree, won’t return next season. Neither will reserve outfielder Tuesday DerMargosian, who is studying journalism. DerMargosian, Hathaway and Slack all appeared in what turned out to be the final game of the season, a 7-0 win over New Mexico on March 8. “It’s very hard for them. … This is an uncontrollable, there’s nothing you can really do about it,” White said. “You’ve just got to go forward. You always talk about not living with regret.” White doesn’t anticipate the loss of any players to the NCAA transfer portal, but the team hasn’t held any end-of-the-season meetings either. Texas signed six players in its 2020 recruiting class, so as many as 23 names could appear on the 2021 roster. “We made a good decision with 25 lockers in the locker room,” White joked about the softball team’s under-construction training facility. https://www.hookem.com/story/the-stars-were-aligning-a-little-bit-for-us-texas-moves-on-after-2020-seasons-abrupt-ending/
  4. Was their ever a reason/rumor given for all of the player transfers ? (Sedona Prince, et al.) Prince may not be a good example due to other reasons. Maybe internal issues which were key in Aston's demise ? Liked Karen, she frequently attended softball games when schedule permitted.
  5. The waiver will present challenges, particularly with the uncertainity of the MLB Draft (likely only 5 - 10 rounds) and reduced bonuses. Texas' 2020 class (ranked #1) has 14 and the 2021 class has 6 thus far (Perfect Game). Correct me, but I believe the draft eligible are Elder, Ellis, Diaz, Todd, Petrinsky, Fields, Williams, Stehly, Stevens, Zubia (10). Petrinsky, Todd, Ellis and Diaz are Seniors eligible to return. Only Elder probably has a chance of being drafted in the limited draft. Pierce has a difficult decision in managing the roster. Not necessarily in numbers this year, but in playing time. Who will be asked to leave ? Hopefully, he will find teams for those asked to leave. I suppose the positive is that the talent should increase, but great empathy for the draft eligible and those that may be cut. Ohio State's Greg Beals said Tuesday he isn't worried about 2021, when the 35-man roster limit will be relaxed to accommodate seniors choosing to return for another season. The problem comes in 2022, when the limit is back in force. Beals has 11 freshmen coming in this fall, and they will join nine players who will be reclassified as freshmen because the 2021 season ended abruptly March 12. “The greater effect might be two or three years from now,” LSU's Paul Mainieri said. "Most schools in the SEC have their 2021 recruiting classes for high school players already done. So now you're bunching a lot of kids together, and we'll see how it plays out. “As far as this year, the impact is minimal. What is of greater impact is what Major League Baseball does with their draft.” The renewal date for scholarships is July 1, and coaches might not know which players are staying or going by then. If there are five or 10 rounds instead of the usual 40, juniors and seniors who aren't projected to go in the early rounds would be apt to return to school. The more rounds there are, the more likely there'll be fewer junior and seniors returning. The fall semester could be drawing close before the numbers are known. “You've got freshmen that are coming in that were counting on those seniors and juniors leaving or going to the draft,” Mississippi athletic director Keith Carter said, "so what does that look like for the young players and does that change the dynamic with them?” Junior colleges stand to be the beneficiary of the uncertainty. Iowa Western Community College coach Marc Rardin said he recently got four calls in one day from advisers for high school seniors looking for a fallback plan if they aren't drafted and the Division I schools they signed with have clogged rosters. “Some kids who are signed with four-year schools coming out of high school are a little apprehensive about it and want to make sure they get somewhere they can have a chance to develop and play,” Rardin said. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/baseball/2020/03/31/ncaa-throws-baseball-coaches-a-curve-with-added-eligibility/111512752/ (excerpts) Under the terms of the deal hammered out between MLB and the MLBPA, the 2020 draft will be cut to no fewer than five rounds (MLB can expand it if it so chooses and several scouting departments hold out hope that it could be expanded to 10 rounds). The draft will be held as early as the current June 10 start date and as late as July 20. The dates for both periods are fluid because of the evolving novel coronavirus situation. The draft’s signing deadline will be Aug. 1 at the latest, though it could move up based on the draft date. The expectation is that MLB will set a draft date roughly one month before the draft takes place to give teams time to prepare. While no details have been formalized, it is expected that the current draft date will be used to set the cutoff date for draft-eligible 21-year-olds even if the draft date itself is pushed back. For both the 2020 and 2021 drafts, there are provisions for voluntary showcases before the draft (dependent on prevailing conditions around the country) to attempt to help MLB teams see players whose seasons have been cut short by the coronavirus. Potentially even more important, teams will be limited to spending no more than $20,000 to sign any undrafted player. Previously teams could spend up to $125,000 on any late-round pick Assuming the draft is five rounds In 2020, if a college junior goes undrafted, he can either sign for a maximum of $20,000 or return to school, knowing his negotiating leverage will be limited the following year as a senior sign. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/new-deal-saves-2020-mlb-draft-but-hurts-incoming-talent/ (excerpts)
  6. Yes ! As exemplified by the above replies, everyone is different. But cedar is the "heavyweight" for me.
  7. Flonase works for me. Oral prescription just not as affective and may cause side effects (my experience). About $12-$15 over the counter, iirc, (60sprays) Walmart has its own brand Equate for about $10. Key ingredient is Fluticasone Propionate. It is recommended to spray daily during allergy season but I go by the allergy forecast.
  8. Travel restriction clause may be an issue. As part of the agreement, obtained by ESPN's Jeff Passan, the players and MLB primarily agreed that the 2020 season will not start until each of the following conditions are met: - There are no bans on mass gatherings that would limit the ability to play in front of fans. However, the commissioner could still consider the "use of appropriate substitute neutral sites where economically feasible"; - There are no travel restrictions throughout the United States and Canada; - Medical experts determine that there would be no health risks for players, staff or fans, with the commissioners and union still able to revisit the idea of playing in empty stadiums. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28962850/mlb-mlbpa-agree-stipulations-return-2020-season
  9. After the above post, an interview was published today in the AAS. Lengthy, but worth the read. Excerpts: Your long-awaited jersey retirement ceremony was supposed to happened on Wednesday. Have you heard from Texas about a rescheduling? I have not heard from anybody about rescheduling. Obviously as soon as they canceled things, I knew that was out of the window. But I’ve again told my husband that I’ve waited 14 years, what’s 15? I’m just assuming they’ve got bigger fish to fry, figuring out the blanketed year of eligibility for everyone and what that means and (what) that means to the school and athletic department. I know there is bigger fish for them to fry. I’m not worried about it. I know at some point we’ll talk about rescheduling it. (Texas athletic director) Chris Del Conte has been great in letting me know that it was going to happen eventually, and so he made that happen. I know it’s not going to get lost in the shuffle. Speaking of Miranda, what are your thoughts on her and the season that Texas was having? Miranda’s a great pitcher. We all knew that before she even came to Texas, which is why everyone got excited that she came to Texas because she had made a name for herself at Oregon. She was at the national team tryout in January for the 2019 team and I talked to her a little bit. She’s a great competitor, she wants to win, she obviously works hard. You can tell that she keeps herself in great shape, which is awesome. Not a lot of younger athletes understand how much that can pay off for you. Her and I have had brief exchanges on social media. She’s always been super nice and so supportive of what I did previously. I’m completely supportive of everything she’s doing now. In fact, before the season started, I said, “Take us back to the Promised Land” and she was like, “That’s the plan.” I was really excited that she decided to come to Texas with Coach White (White). I’ve been so excited to see the program continue to rise. They were having an incredible year and I thought this would be the year they would go back to Oklahoma City. I think they had a great chance to make a run at the title. Hopefully they can put all the pieces back together for next season, too. If they return most of their seniors, they obviously they’ll have just as strong of a team. https://www.hookem.com/story/statesman-interview-cat-osterman-on-a-postponed-olympics-2021-and-miranda-elish/
  10. Thoughts for Cat ! After many years, today was to be the jersey retirement ceremony - plus, no Olympics. Need to win the game against coronavirus. Stay strong, #8.
  11. VPNs are a safeguard, but what is your operating system (Windows.Mac) and Antivirus and do you have the latest updates ? Would do a complete scan and also with other available online free scans (Kaspersky, Norton, Microsoft Safety Scanner,etc). If not too much of a problem, backup data and do a clean install. RogueKiller is a good one. https://www.adlice.com/download/roguekiller/
  12. Excerpts from a lengthy article: Good to see Morgan Cooper is still in the game. Life in the minor leagues is hardly glamorous. Most players do not make a livable wage, and not all prospects received a sizable signing bonus. Paychecks don’t come during the offseason. It took until Thursday for MLB to pledge that its minor leaguers would be compensated through April 8. With limited financial resources, many minor leaguers are in the same boat. Booted from spring training, how do they stay in shape and prepare for the upcoming season? The Texas campus has been shuttered, so the ex-Longhorns don’t have access to UT’s new multi-million dollar development center. High schools and gyms across the nation have also been closed. Kingham has turned to home workouts; his girlfriend has stepped up as his throwing partner. Kansas City outfield prospect Travis Jones plans on using the old batting cage in his parents’ backyard in Humble. Ty Culbreth, a left-hander in Colorado’s farm system, is training alongside a few others and treating this time as if it were December or January. Morgan Cooper, who was a second-round pick in 2017, has been allowed to stay in Arizona at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ facility since he is rehabbing an injury. “Right now, my training is mainly outside, trying to find little things to do here and there to keep my body in shape and ready to go,” said Kyle Johnston, a pitcher in Toronto’s organization. A local option for UT’s minor leaguers — at least those who swing a bat — did open its doors last week. The Hitforth facility in South Austin has several ties to Texas. Owner Lowell Galindo is a Longhorn Network host who does play-by-play for baseball broadcasts. Former UT infielder Masen Hibbeler is a coach on the Hitforth staff. Hitforth is described by Jeff Leach, its director of hitting, as a “hitter’s heaven.” It’s also a haven for the technologically savvy. The facility uses HitTrax, Blast and Driveline to track data. The iPitch machines can be calibrated to imitate any type of pitcher. Hitforth is targeting clients who are both competitive and committed, whether they be 10-year-olds or in high school. (Hitforth does not yet instruct softball, but does have a pitching machine for that sport). In addition to lessons, the facility is designed so that hitting competitions can be staged. Fun and swag — bandanas, chains and arm sleeves — are also encouraged. “We want this to be a place that empowers athletes to realize their full potential as powerful, athletic hitters,” Galindo said. “(Ideally that would) bleed through into other areas of their life. … We want this to be the foundation of their confidence.” Membership is not cheap — $100 each month gets you unlimited hitting and data tracking, and an initiation fee and individual lessons are extra. Galindo, though, recently tweeted that Longhorns on a professional hiatus can use the facility for free. He’s heard from minor leaguers like Zane Gurwitz (Los Angeles Angels), Bret Boswell (Colorado) and Michael Cantu (San Diego). For Galindo, offering up his facility was a way to pay the Longhorns back for the time they’ve spent with him and young fans like his son, Mack. “To me it was a no-brainer that we would provide them with the opportunity to get all the swings in that they possibly need,” Galindo said. “It’s family, right?” https://www.hookem.com/story/as-the-coronavirus-puts-their-baseball-careers-on-hold-ex-longhorns-look-for-some-spring-training/ Former Texas player Masen Hibbeler instructs 17-year old Landon Pyles at the new Hitforth hitting facility in South Austin on March 20.
  13. No hope for Parker ? Suppose her lack of PT even in games decided was telling. Luv her mechanics at the plate and thought fielding was a matter of gaining confidence. Great academic, may not want to enter portal.
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