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  1. Tech alum, born in Denton. As @texasstrong12 earlier mentioned, Schlossnagle was very close to taking the Miss St job (see below) and some reports say he turned down the job. So like all successful coaches, he is not afraid of another conference. You have to wonder about his relationship with the new AD Donati and the need for upgrades to their facilities. He has mentioned that the cost of tuition is an issue for recruiting. Per reports, Saarloos turned down the Stanford job a couple of years ago in his home state. He may be content as a pitching guru. As men
  2. Good point ! TCU/UTRGV cancelled for Tues due to UTRGV health concerns (allegedly).
  3. Obituary. Services 12PM, 12 May, Riverbend Church, Austin Thoughts and Prayers for the Ehlinger Family. AUSTIN, Texas – Arrangements for a Celebration of Life service have been set for Texas Football linebacker Jake Ehlinger, who passed away Thursday, May 6. Services for Ehlinger will be held at noon on Wednesday, May 12, at Riverbend Church Home for Hope, located at 4124 N. Capital of Texas Highway in Austin. In lieu of flowers, the Ehlinger family is asking that donations be made to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Those looking to do so can
  4. A reporter asked the same question. 🙂 The reporters asked Jim how a running back from Wisconsin got to Texas. "By plane," Koy said Bertelsen replied without expression. “And,” Koy said, “he wasn’t trying to be a smart aleck.” Below is a great, lengthy article on Jim's career worth the read. Has some great photos. Will post one below. It is oft forgotten he scored the tying touchdown in the historic 1969 Arkansas game. Worster and Street had the attention of the media. RIP Jim, Thanks for the memories ! https://www.hookem.com/story/sports/2021/05/07/
  5. Check again. Just started on ESPNU.
  6. Thanks for the reply ! Also, concerned about defense and the wind's effect on the catcher's throws, popups, flyballs. TCU has stolen 80/100, we are 63/80. Potential for alot of running. TCU fielding .979, we .980. Texas leads the league in SH with 36, TCU only 4. Would expect that TCU has really worked on bunt defense. Playoff baseball !
  7. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Lupton+Baseball+Stadium+%26+Williams-Reilly+Field/@32.7033815,-97.3823941,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x864e72153ea08aa5:0x3c8b797a0a0b1fc5!8m2!3d32.7027992!4d-97.3721802 https://weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/l/0a618306ade513e6f8c7ce8afb260fff01820c0036f0c71448960731c7524a81 Looking at the map, Lupton faces South ? Winds forecast from SSE today 11-14 mph and Sat from S 20-21 mph. No rain.
  8. https://www.hookem.com/story/analysis/podcast/2021/05/06/texas-athletics-tcu-coach-jim-schlossnagle-sam-ehlinger-nfl/4969748001/ If you have the time and can tolerate Bohls and Golden, above is a lengthy podcast interview with Coach Schlossnagle - sharp guy, very sharp. Good summary of TCU. Impressed with his knowledge of Texas players. Thinks TCU and Texas should be top 8. Note the number of times he says Omaha just in general conversation. "You don't bang (hit) your way to Omaha, you pitch your way." TCU has used 19 pitchers this year trying to find the r
  9. Elder's stats from his first start. Hoping for better, will see if how he develops and if they leave him in High A. As mentioned, not normal for a pitcher to begin in High A. https://www.milb.com/gameday/braves-vs-dash/2021/05/04/643104#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=643104
  10. Braves didn't worry about velo when they signed him for 850K, about 4.5K over slot value. They like that sinker/slider and the other great tangibles. Thanks and keep us updated.
  11. Called the TCU ticket office. Game was cancelled by mutual decision due to travel. TCU just returned from Morgantown and IWU from Thibodaux, La playing Nichols (long bus trip). Sounds as if TCU wanted to rest before Texas series, and also not take chance of affecting their RPI. They went from #2 to #3, jumped by Miss St.
  12. For good reason. Tech is good. Very competitive playing with a MASH unit after losing 3 key pitchers (key starter Birdsell) a key player in Neuse, and others. Been to the CWS 4 of the last 5 years. One of best coaches in college baseball. They may implode down the stretch if the injuries finally show, but give them credit. Sometimes we have to tip our hats !
  13. Did you all see Coach Bartlett get thrown out of the game ? Argued what looked to be an an obvious safe call at 1B. Perhaps she thought the ball was not controlled by the 1B. Not a good look, especially the little curtsy she did before going in the dugout. Not sure of her impact on the team thus far.
  14. Good point ! Re: 122 pitch outing against OKSt last Sat. Ty's pitch count was 80 entering the 6th where he threw 42 pitches. Not good. Should have been relieved instead of completing the 6th especially after the doubles. We led 4-0 entering the 6th and OKSt rallied for 3 runs from Ty. Have to protect your arms at this point in the season. Pierce has to trust the bullpen. Can't let your ace throw 42 pitches in 1 inning.
  15. Listened to audio. Check tape delay, but in 1st inn w/2 outs, ball hit to K Washington in CF which announcer indicated was catchable resulting in double and opened scoring. MW opted to bring Rhodes in to play 3B. Not sure K Washington has played CF ever, at least this year. We know the issues she had earlier in LF. Not a fan of this musical chair defense when you are last in the league. OkSt had 3 DP's to counter our 7 singles and 1 HR. As mentioned above, could not get the key hit. Is A. Washingotn injured ? Edit: Just saw replay. Tough play, wou
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