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    Fire Tom Herman

    Though it is Wednesday and we need to move forward, Brian Davis has a good article with fan emails. (excerpts) Tom Herman is going to be the Texas coach in 2020. No, the school is not hiring Urban Meyer. Full stop. As for Herman himself, the university just handed out a two-year contract extension for the Sugar Bowl win — bidding against itself, I might add — and will not eat a buyout worth more than $20 million at the moment. What was the harm in waiting until after the coach’s third year of a five-year deal to give him a raise or extension? Oh well. What’s done is done. Herman is now signed through 2023. Q. Don’t you get tired of Tom Herman always saying “really, really”. Really really seems to be his favorite phrase in describing almost anything including but not limited to his opponent and his own team. This fan is really, really tired of seeing Tom Herman’s team being out coached week after week. I’m really, really tired of babbling nonsense of why he and his coaching staff can’t coach up good talent. It’s getting really, really old hearing that “Everything Matters” except on Saturday. Don’t you know that the fans and administration in Baton Rouge are really, really happy that Texas won the Tom Herman sweepstakes. — Bill These are really, really interesting thoughts. Every coach leans on verbal crutches at times, and as a beat reporter, you eventually tune it out. With Mack Brown, every opponent always “scares you to death.” With Charlie Strong, the Horns “just need to execute better.” My only real issue with Herman’s press conference verbiage is this idea he “doesn’t know who we play next.” Really? The Texas football CEO should at least acknowledge who’s on the schedule. But this is the same coach who refused to call a Ray Guy Award winner by his name — punter Michael Dickson. It was just “the punter,” same as Cameron Dicker is just “our kicker.” To each their own, I suppose. Q. Saturday’s conservative end game play calling by the offense and the inexcusable defensive encroachment on the field goal brings to mind a statement by former football coach Lou Holtz. “Dumb loses more games than smart wins.” This quote should be posted in the locker room for coaches and players alike to see. — John Nugent, Georgetown Q. You can’t blame Tom Herman for the defense jumping offsides. They should be well aware in not doing that. — J.D. No, you can’t blame Herman directly for the mistakes of an 18-to-22-year old athlete. But you can blame him and his coaching staff for not having the Horns prepared for a hard snap count. “I noticed throughout the game that they were timing our cadence,” Iowa State snapper Steve Wirtel said after the game, according to Randy Peterson of the Des Moines Register. “We gave our cadence, and in my peripheral vision at the time, I saw No. (46) jump. I snapped it at the time. He jumped offside, and I saw our guys engage with him. They were keying on our cadence throughout the game. “When I saw that color (of uniform) break the plane, I snapped it,” Wirtel added. “I heard the ref say offside, (46) on white. The rest was history.” Pretty good coaching, I’d say. Q. Maybe the recruiting rankings are bull. Maybe some 16- and 17-year olds have greater potential. Maybe some have more heart. Maybe some can’t be bought with million dollar locker rooms, or maybe the ones who can aren’t the type of kid you want. I love Iowa State for who we are and what we represent. Let the recruiting magazines fleece their readers and subscribers with presumptions and forecasts. I’m fine with that. I’ll take our humble, focused, dedicated kids and coaches over spoiled, indulged and entitled players any day. Hope some day we aren’t looked down on. Have a great day. — Dan This was my direct response to Dan’s email: “Fantastic email and thought. Hang on to Matt Campbell as long as you can.” https://www.hookem.com/story/whys-texas-tom-herman-isnt-going-anywhere-big-decisions-loom-2020/
  2. torre

    2019 Texas Volleyball

    Nice quote from Jerritt: When I asked Jerritt Elliott if Texas was now the hunted instead of the hunter, the UT coach pointed to the Longhorns logo on his shirt and said, “We’re always the hunted, whether we’re No. 1 or No. 30.” He was thrilled to see how emotionally restrained his players were when they faced Baylor the first time. “I was really impressed. They were calm. I think they’re pretty relentless. Now we’ve got to go on the road and see how they respect the opponent. We’ll have to play very steady and be emotionally stable on the road.” https://www.statesman.com/sports/20191119/bohls-rhule-has-zero-plans-to-leave-baylor
  3. Not sure, doesn't appear they will. https://texassports.com/documents/2019/11/16//FWS1.pdf https://texassports.com/documents/2019/11/17//FWS2.pdf https://texassports.com/documents/2019/11/19//FWS3.pdf Above are box scores. Not bad overall. Batters (both teams) K'd 21 times in game 1, 16 times in game 2, and 11 times in game 3. Errors weren't that bad except for Orange team in game 3 (4). Petrinsky only DH'd. Guess insuring he is 100% in Feb. Andre Duplantier played 1st all 3 games. He pitched, SS, and 3B in high school. Strong bat, may make impact. Lot of SB in game 3. No passed balls listed for the young catchers. Lot of talent, like football need to develop. I wasn't able to attend any games, someone may want to provide input.
  4. https://big12sports.com/documents/2019/11/18//19_AA_BIG12_FOOTBALL_web.pdf B12 did not provide list by school. Check my figures after a cursory look. ( ) first team Iowa St - 32 (21), KSt 32 (23), Baylor 30 (18), , Kansas 23 (6)WVU 22 (16) Texas 21 (16)OkSt 20 (16) Tech 19 (15) OU 14 (11) TCU 8 (4)
  5. This answer may provide bulletin board material for Baylor. Should have included props to the Baylor coaches and players. Disappointed the offsides penalty was not addressed by media.
  6. https://www.tenforums.com/gtsearch.php?cx=partner-pub-7156303416008077%3A205v6qk06j2&cof=FORID%3A9&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=losinig+wifi+connecton&sa.x=0&sa.y=0 I normally go to tenforums.com for issues. Check the above link and use search bar for further inquiries.
  7. Seems like other programs also sign highly rated MLB prospects. Suppose you just make sure you have a backup plan. Below article from Kendall. Scroll up to post 156 for more info. I am not a premium member of any sites that have the complete list. Kelly(7), Witt(18)and ,Jones(25) are in top 50, 2 more commits are in top 100. Lucas Gordon above at one time was a USC commit. Agree, that it is strange that he is leaving the PAC12. Note that Kendall will publish another recruiting ranking in December for the 2019 class which is the proof of the pudding. College baseball’s signing period for the 2020 recruiting class is in full swing, and we’ve partnered up with our friends at Prep Baseball Report to give you in-depth recruiting coverage. In December, our staff, in conjunction with the PBR staff, will look back and rank the 2019 recruiting classes. After all, there’s no better litmus test to rank recruiting classes than to see how they stack up against their collegiate peers during fall workouts. For now, though, it’s time to give our readers an inside look at where the premier high school prospects for the 2020 MLB draft are headed to college should they choose not to sign next summer. Vanderbilt signee Pete Crow-Armstrong headlines the PBR HS Top 100, while the list is followed by Virginia pitcher Nate Savino, who will graduate early to join the Cavaliers for the 2020 college season. Oregon State’s Mick Abel, Oklahoma’s Ed Howard and Vandy’s Robert Hassell round out the top five. Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Florida, Miami and UCLA each have six prospects in the PBR Top 100, while LSU and Texas come in with five prospects. Mississippi State, Oklahoma and TCU each have four. We’ve published 50 of the Top 100 names for free, and while the other 50 names will be premium, users can get a look at the entire PBR Top 500 by heading over to Prep Baseball Report. https://d1baseball.com/featured/2020-high-school-top-100-prospects/ (click link for top 50)
  8. Read the article in the Statesman, can't locate it at this time. Kelly, Elliott, and Naviar's contracts were amended for benefits like dealer vehicle use and other areas. Not anything performance related.
  9. I hope not ! If not mistaken, Herman and Shaka's contract end in '23 and Pierce's contract in '22. As we know, the problem (recruiting) is to let a coach enter into the final year of his contract without an extension. So if a team is not performing to standards, we hope a change will be made.
  10. Just announced today. Early start on Sat is due to Iowa St game at 2:30. However, release doesn't mention LHN coverage and is not listed on LHN guide as of today. WBB plays Arizona at Erwin Center, Sunday, 1PM, LHN. May tape delay baseball if any coverage. AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Baseball's annual Orange & White Fall World Series is scheduled to begin Saturday, Nov. 16, at 10 a.m. at UFCU Disch-Falk Field. Game two is set for Sunday, Nov. 17, at 1 p.m. with the series finale set for Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 4:30 p.m Admission to each of the games is free. Fans may park in the East Campus Garage next to the stadium and gates will open one hour before first pitch. https://texassports.com/news/2019/11/11/baseball-sets-fall-world-series-schedule.aspx
  11. torre

    End of game-KSU

    Postgame press conference: Q. But specifically to not get them any more time -- TOM HERMAN: Yeah, that was -- again, we pride ourselves on our clock management. I think you've seen that time and time again. I said the gods were kind of shining on us that we lined up in an illegal formation when Sam scored because that probably wasn't the prudent thing to do. I got talked into it by the O-line and Sam, but to be able to milk that thing all the way down to three seconds with the kicker and unit that we have was -- again, to take possession with 6:45 in a tie ballgame and then get a win and with double zeros on the clock 13 plays and 67 yards later, that's pretty impressive. https://texassports.com/documents/2019/11/9//Herman_press_conference_11_9_19.docx
  12. Good job with the updates. Thanks !
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