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  1. The following are excerpts from a 16 Jul article in the SF Chronicle. Article also states a full scholarship to Stanford is worth $70K. Every day that NiJaree Canady doesn’t commit to another school is a relief for Stanford, which hopes its star softball pitcher returns after entering the transfer portal. With some experts saying that bidding for Canady could reach as high as $1 million, Stanford finds itself in negotiations that could forever alter non-revenue sports. One source with knowledge of the talks would not disclose specific figures but said Stanford’s NIL collective, Lifetime Cardinal, was “giving their all” to retain the nation’s top returning player. “It’s very, very important for us,” a source with knowledge of the NIL negotiations said. “I think there is a good chance she stays,” said Jessica Mendoza, an ESPN announcer and Stanford softball alumni. “I wouldn’t bank on her leaving. She’s in the portal, but I think there’s the chance she stays (at Stanford). What we’re seeing now in the portal is it isn’t a commitment to leaving, but seeing what’s out there.” Two sources at Stanford told the Chronicle under condition of anonymity because they did not have permission to speak on negotiations between Canady, Lifetime Cardinal and Stanford that the school is “not out of it” as far as bringing Canady back. According to the source on NIL negotiations, Canady is getting offers near seven figures from well-funded collectives at Oklahoma and other schools. Florida is believed to have made a bid, and Texas, Oklahoma State and Florida State have also reached out to Canady, according to a source in Stanford’s softball program. Wherever Canady decides to go for the next school year, her entering the portal and what she ultimately commands in NIL money could change how the sport is recruited for years to come. “NiJa transcends the sport of softball,” Mendoza said. “There are a lot of opportunities for her regardless of where she is.” “She’s going to skyrocket (the NIL numbers) to a whole new level,” Mendoza said. “But it’s too fluid a situation to attach a number.” https://www.sfchronicle.com/sports/college/article/nijaree-canady-stay-stanford-considers-record-nil-19566500.php
  2. Saw a draft analysis that said he would have went higher but for injury concerns. Seems susceptible ? Report said lumbar injury last year or before and groin injury this year ? Do you have any insight ? Working with MLB/minor league trainers may eliminate those concerns. As you state, seems to be a great person. Wish him well.
  3. Team USA is in Italy for the World Cup which starts Monday but Canady is not on the roster. From the OU board. https://www.dirtburglars.com/forum/sports-forums/athletics/other-sports/1403878-8x-time-national-champion-oklahoma-sooner-softball…-4peat’s-sake/page27#post1414433 https://www.usasoftball.com/team-usa/womens-national-team-program/2024-womens-national-team/
  4. Reggie on Vince not accepting the Heisman. "that's Reggie's trophy" Great story !
  5. Didn't see this posted. Well deserved, Coach Steve. Even though we Surlyites like to criticize at times. ☺️ Hope you are studying those SEC pitcher tapes. AUSTIN, Texas – Using an implemented strategy that resulted in historic offensive statistics, a Big 12 Conference regular season championship and an appearance in the Women's College World Series Championship, Texas' Steve Singleton has been selected as D1Softball's Assistant Coach of the Year, the publication announced. Texas, which tied its program's single-season wins total with 55, also led the country in batting average with a .370 clip. The Longhorns were also one of just four teams across the country to score 500-or-more (507) runs. UT also set a new single-season home run record, surpassing a mark that previously stood since 2010, while also totaling over 1,000 total bases (1,051) for the first time in program history. https://texaslonghorns.com/news/2024/7/8/softballs-singleton-selected-as-d1softballs-assistant-coach-of-the-year.aspx
  6. Congratulations, Coach ! (siap) (excerpts)
  7. USA vs Japan Game 1, 1-0 Japan. Kelly Maxwell allowed only 2 hits but an unearned run in the bottom of the 7th decided. Game 2, 9-5 Japan. Canady 3 inn, 4 hits, 3 runs, 2Ks. Kilfoyl, 4 inn, 8 hits, 4 runs, Cagle, 2 hits, 2 runs. Game 3, Monday, 7PM JST, 5AM CT Perhaps Canady decision will be in next 2 weeks ? 4 OU players (Alo, Hodge, Maxwell, Hansen) on the USA Team likely trying to recruit her. Heather Tarr and Tim Walton are the coaches. https://www.usasoftball.com/team-usa/competitions/competitions-wnt/2024-japan-all-star-series/
  8. Probably for the best. He was hitting .083, 24 ABs, 12Ks, 1 HR. Needs to get in the cage with Tulo. https://www.capecodleague.com/stats/chatham-anglers/batting-average?playerPool=ALL
  9. To your point. Note the kids having fun. Relaxes them pregame. Check their jerseys "Dingers and bat flips, never bunt"
  10. Excerpts: Barnes attended baseball games at Texas when his time permitted. Barnes not only got to see the Volunteers hoist a national championship trophy, but with one of his old friends from their days at Texas together on the coaching staff: Frank Anderson. Anderson was part of a Men’s College World Series winning team with the Longhorns in 2002, when Barnes was the head basketball coach there. Seeing Anderson get to win another ring is just part of what made the night a special one for Barnes and all the Rocky Top faithful. “It was — honestly being there for the national championship game was extremely special and honestly I’d been there one other time and it was at Texas,” Barnes said. “I told Frank Anderson, ‘We’re 2-for-2.’ Because Frank was the pitching coach at Texas when I was there and he won it that year. And really one of my highlights, with everything that went on, when we were getting ready to leave, I saw Frank sitting in the dugout by himself and it really touched me. He was there, everybody was gone, just sitting on the back of the bench looking back out onto the field and I got so much respect for him.” https://www.on3.com/college/tennessee-volunteers/news/rick-barnes-calls-college-world-series-win-extremely-special/
  11. torre

    2024 NCAA Baseball

    https://www.stingerwoodbats.com/pages/stinger-high-school-national-championship Not NCAA, but if you need a "baseball fix" Stinger Sports sponsors a National High School All Star Tournament @Charles Schwab, Omaha. Started today thru Sunday, ESPN+. Can't find team rosters but all teams have college commits. Saw a few innings, today, good baseball. Kids are good. Sad thing today Charles Schwab was completely empty but gives a good view of the stadium.
  12. Very true. I have sat near him at some away games and he is cool.
  13. https://thedailytexan.com/2019/07/02/occupy-left-field-texas-baseballs-biggest-tailgate/ Marc Pena, Texas St grad and politician extraordinaire especially to player's parents. I don't frequent LF but have never seen him wear burnt orange or a Texas cap. NTIMM That said, it is my understanding he does a good job raising funds for TOF.
  14. Don't know the accuracy of the below, but Schlossnagle and his Wonder Boy Weiner going with the unexpected since losing Sdao. Badmaev, RHP 1st year transfer from Tarleton, has not started this year, 2.70 era, 23.1 IP, 27/5 K-BB ratio. 27K's in 23 IP impressive. Schlossnagle may be going with the 3 inning approach. Lamkin only threw 70 pitches on Wednesday but suppose they felt he needed more rest. Tenn starting their #2 RHP Drew Beam. Their ace also pitched Wed. https://www.lonestarlive.com/aggies/2024/06/live-updates-texas-am-vs-tennessee-in-cws-final-game-2-score-lineups-and-more.html
  15. B12 umpire behind the plate. Pretty sure he was the one who tossed Pierce or was the crew chief.
  16. Stamos is Tenn #3 guy, only started 10 games. Sechrist (ace) pitched Wed vs Fl St. Suppose they wanted a LHP to start instead of their #2 RHP Beam. FML ! Not a good move, Tony.
  17. Piqued my attention because Nadia Taylor (one of my all time favs) is asst coach there. Did not see anything on AD's behavior, but the softball team has alleged internal issues. Namely a player allegedly carrying a gun and threatening other players. And Coach Vesely's failure to respond and treatment of players in other matters. Just a guess the AD firing may have been because he was aware and did not take action. Firing AD first step in litigation control. A lot to digest, perhaps to take with a grain of salt. Add to your Summer reading list if interested. And of course we have to now worry about the SEC vs B12. https://www.coogfans.com/t/ot-dangerous-toxic-culture-uh-softball/56378
  18. Can't believe Florida trotted this kid out again ! FML ! Surprise me Liam !
  19. https://weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/l/c8979662f11457914c5025399ef000a84c3677f79e4ecbccd6ab852794ad2809 Weather does not look good for the evening game, even in the later hours. Game 1: (8) Florida State vs. (4) North Carolina | 1 p.m. | ESPN+ | ESPN (Fubo) Game 2: Florida vs. (2) Kentucky | 6 p.m. | ESPN+ | ESPN (Fubo)
  20. Can anyone identify that logo on their caps ?
  21. Checked to see why aggy went with the 3 inning pitchers' approach. At 3:35 Schlossnagle indicates this will be the approach going forward due to not having Sdao. Note that Kentucky and aggy did not play each other this year.
  22. Just checked. Florida had the worst ERA in the SEC at 6.16. Only 2 solid starters this kid Peterson (5.97) and Caglianone (4.71). Probably should have started Cag instead of this young guy. Let's go to bed fellas. Doesn't look good. https://floridagators.com/sports/baseball/stats
  23. https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/c8979662f11457914c5025399ef000a84c3677f79e4ecbccd6ab852794ad2809 Radar shows heavy t'storms until approx 9PM. And weather site states a tornado watch.
  24. Can you confirm that from other than a paysite ? I know there was a reported incident with a heckling fan at a road game vs TCU ? I find that hard to believe from a retired 4 star General especially to players and families.
  25. Good point ! @Js1 when time permits, can you crunch the numbers for us ?
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