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  1. Good point about the portal. Many reasons to enter, opinion was referring only to those two. I certainly do not have "inside knowledge" and if I did would not post on a public board. My personal opinion is only based on observation, what some have said here and other places and the dismissal of Allen.
  2. I did not say MW could not develop pitching - I said this year's staff at the time was not developing. Most agreed at that time. Kudos to MW.
  3. Exactly ! Gash was the top rated 1B in the State by Perfect Game and #8 in the Nation. Josh Stewart was the #6 RHP in the State and 41st in the Nation. Is Perfect Game perfect ? No, but it is the standard. Makes no difference where they played high school ball. These kids have been playing Select since they were 12 years old or younger. College and pro scouts place more emphasis on Select leagues where the competition is much higher. Gash is currently hitting .326 with 4 home runs in 12 games at Santa Barbara against excellent competition. Players were selected to go to the CCL from major colleges/programs. Both Gash and Stewart were significant losses. Stewart's father is a Texas-Ex. Stewart, like Nixon, left for better coaching/development. https://www.perfectgame.org/players/playerprofile.aspx?ID=402237 https://www.perfectgame.org/players/playerprofile.aspx?ID=387607
  4. Parker Bostic was Jose's first pitching coach. No coaching experience. Ran a baseball performance clinic called Maximized Baseball which focused on analytics. Rice team ERA was 6.04. Bangs pitched at SCar, Jose must have got a rec from someone. Need Rice to be competitive.
  5. Yeah, the thing that gives the story credence is the IT poster, djb, is well connected. Not sure how much under Pierce and staff. He is a teacher in Austin and has a side gig photographing and videoing prep baseball. Quite successful, has really grown. He was a regular poster on Shaggy. Good guy. The scout "may" be Chase Lummus' Dad, Mark, who is a scout with the Mariners and pitched at Texas in the early 90's. Chase is a LHP from the '19 class who has not pitched due to Covid season and TJ surgery. I met Mark at a high school game sitting in front of him when he saw my Texas cap. He really follows Texas Baseball not only because of his son but as a former player and alum. He is really enthusiastic and likely has a close relationship with Pierce.
  6. Consider asking at the Ole Miss/Arky game today. Some likely have purchased advance tickets and loser may not want to attend. Buyers may be lined up as the losing team exits. As stated above, be patient and watch the market even up to game day. https://www.ncaatickets.com/documents/2022/6/14/22_00835_Updated_MCWS_Account_Manager_User_Guide.pdf https://www.ncaa.com/championships/baseball/d1/ticket-questions
  7. Click on the story for more details. USC insider blog.
  8. Friend sent me this article. Can't verify accuracy. Also a paywall article in the AAS if anyone has access. (link 2) Somewhat surprised but good that softball did well. Most might have been Lauren ? 64 deals is quite a bit. Here's how each sport stacked up: 94 football athletes racked up nearly $900k in NIL deals, including one contract worth $60k and three deals worth $50k apiece. While UT is not allowed to disclose names associated with compensation, UT star running back Bijan Robinson made waves with six major NIL deals, including a recent contract with Lamborghini Austin. Softball earned its fair share as well with the second-highest NIL value of $295,790 spread among 64 deals. Men's and women's swimming and diving programs each earned around $250k each. Men's basketball athletes inked 71 deals for a grand total of $158,585. And volleyball was the final sport to crack $100k with 26 contracts and over $105k in cash. https://austonia.com/longhorns-nil-deals-2021 https://www.hookem.com/restricted/?return=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hookem.com%2Fstory%2Fsports%2Fcollege%2F2022%2F06%2F21%2Funiversity-texas-athletes-generated-2-million-first-year-nil%2F7637342001%2F
  9. TCU's Mosiello to tOSU. Good hires, See has contacts in the SE, Wallis, West Coast.
  10. https://www.newskudo.com/texas/waco/sports/11600559-tyler-johnson-to-become-next-mclennan-head-baseball-coach Skip Johnson's son, Tyler, named head coach at McClennan. Promoted from asst position at Mc.
  11. This and BMD's who care about baseball. And possibly to prevent a portal exodus of some of our talent. The talent is there. Best of luck to Sean. Outstanding person and recruiter.
  12. Great post ! Don't be a stranger to the baseball forum.
  13. Do you have a link for that podcast or site ?
  14. Don’t know why Pierce would permit him to start early Summer ball. If Ivan goes down he is best available for 1B. Also a LH pinch hitter with power.
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