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  1. East Anderson and Slaughter if this is current. Pretty sure it is. AUSTIN: 1410 EAST ANDERSON LN, AUSTIN, TX 78752 – PH: (512) 835-9454AUSTIN: 415 W SLAUGHTER LN, AUSTIN, TX 78748 – PH: (512) 590-7540 https://www.lubys.com/all-locations
  2. http://stats.mutigers.com/sports/m-basebl/2007-2008/mu_32.html https://texassports.com/news/2008/4/11/041108aaa_749.aspx Hesitated to mention, but in 2008 Mizzou defeated Texas 31-12, worst loss ever. Winds were at 25mph plus all game. 9 HR's, Priday of Mizzou had 4. Mizzou was ranked #8, we were #12. Team finished 39-22, lost at the Rice Regional.
  3. What happened ? I missed it. Congrats to Pearland who defeated Tulsa 9-4 for a trip to Williamsport. Do Texas proud in the LLWS ! Tulsa is commended for being a "scappy" little team. Seemed to have the deepest pitching staff in the tournament, just could not make it all the way back after losing game 2.
  4. Not that familiar, Pearland seems to have the best hitting team, Abilene will likely counter with their ace McCarty who shutdown Eastbank on Thursday. You are correct, teams seem not as strong this year. Or perhaps there is just not one dominant team.
  5. Ms upsets defending champion La Eastbank 7-5. Great game. For an inexplicable reason (probably to save him for later), Eastbank coach pulled his starter with a 4-0 lead. Can't do that in the loser's bracket. You all need to watch these games. It is ok to relive your childhood.
  6. Sat Okla vs Ark, 4PM La vs Ms, 7PM Sun TBD, Winner of above games, 12PM Pearland vs Abilene, 4PM (winner goes to championship game on Tues) Abilene beat Okla 3-2 last night in 7 inn, but may have lost their #2 pitcher/1B to injury. Hurt his knee fielding a bunt, didn't look good. No clear favorite. Tournament will be won by the team whose coach manages his team the best.
  7. Be best to talk with her about her complete financial situation. Is $1500 the answer or will it just complicate her financial situation. It may be for high interest payments which is money wasted and will only grow. A bill consolidation loan and budget review may be in order. With children involved, it is even more important.
  8. I will defer to @Huckleberry but they are very good. Rick McCarty, head baseball coach at Abilene Christian is an assistant coach. His son was the winning pitcher tonight over defending champion Eastbank La. Little League baseball seems to be somewhat cyclical. https://www.littleleague.org/world-series/2022/llbws/tournaments/southwest-region/ Today's scores and schedule. After day 1, top 4 seems to be Wylie, Eastbank, Pearland, and Tulsa. Starkville is also pretty good.
  9. LHN not showing the Waco Regional though schedule indicates such.
  10. https://gc.com/tmt/summer-2022/little-league-baseball-southwest-region-tournament-62c71d4a6950b355b5ef9410/schedule Best time of year ! Road to Williamsport continues Thursday in Waco. Games scheduled for LHN. Will miss Keith Moreland doing the broadcast, have a full recovery "Zonk".
  11. McLean returning to OKSt. May recall he was their closer/3B. 3rd round pick, was draft eligible true sophomore (no covid).
  12. True though Walbridge looks pretty good. He may be a hidden gem. Redshirt junior, only pitched 3.1 innings at Texas. (injury ?) Perfect Game rating was 9th rated LHP in State, 78th in Nation. From private school in San Antonio, though played with good Summer League programs. At 6'5", looks good getting off the bus. 2023 Baseball Roster - University of Texas Athletics (texassports.com) Fall Roster published (minus transfers) with the 20 returning players including everyone's favorite Hoffart.
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