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  1. https://icelz.newsrade.com/tv/channel2.php?id=MzMyYWYxM2U0MDY3NDBjYTgwYWIzY2FlMzU1MmU3ODc=&channel=The Longhorn Network Chrome works best.
  2. KXAN published stat graphs for the season for all areas. Click link for complete article. Check the graph on quarter performance. (excerpt) https://www.kxan.com/sports-general/horns-report/by-the-numbers-stats-to-know-about-the-texas-longhorns-2023-season/ How many points do the Longhorns typically score each game? The chart below shows the number of points scored and allowed by the Longhorns in each game. The team is scoring an average of 35.1 points per game, while allowing the opposing team to score an average of 17.3 points per game.
  3. Pierce is in charge, but kudos to Rodriguez for his connections. (12 years at Pepperdine)
  4. Below is the Perfect Game rankings referred to in the above post. Click on link for entire list. Note this does not include portal. With the addition of Yeskie as pitching coach, LSU has a very strong coaching/recruiting staff. Combine with Marucci and NIL money... but you have to play the game on the diamond. HS commits Top 100 Points Avg Player College Recruit Rankings Class of 2024 | Perfect Game USA Texas - Perfect Game Baseball Player College Commitments
  5. Does Barron look 100% ? Seem to be favoring his right leg, noticed same when he got up from table at post game press conf.
  6. Piqued my interest @Js1. Cursory look at past opponents who have published schedule. Lone Star Invitational @McCombs 23-25 Feb Stanford, ULL, Colo St (great tournament) Texas St, Feb 28, (there) Apr 10 Tenn is coming down to play UT Arlington on 8 Feb and follow with a weekend @Baylor. Too bad we could not have scheduled in lieu of UTA or a Monday game. Suppose game at Clearwater affected. New B12 teams '23 record. UCF 40-21 BYU 35-17 UH 20-30 (Hope Nadia Taylor and Hope Trautwein can improve the program) Cinn - No program
  7. "rest of my mind" Luv you David ! https://www.statesman.com/story/sports/college/longhorns/football/2023/11/11/texas-football-longhorns-win-over-tcu-horned-frogs-quinn-ewers-jonathon-brooks-reactions/71553280007/
  8. Yep, they have until 1 Aug '24. Not a good rule since teams need to fill out roster with portal, etc. National Signing Day is November 8, 2023 for all D1 and D2 sports outside of football or basketball, and the signing period continues through August 1, 2024. National Signing Day: Everything You Need to Know (ncsasports.org)
  9. https://www.tcta.org/legal-services/legal-issues-a-to-z/faqs-when-placed-on-administrative-leave I am not in the education field, but did he contact the Texas Classroom Teachers Assoc as the first step ? Is he a new hire under a probation period ? I believe @Knoxtnhorn is in the education field. Though I think he is in the Metroplex, perhaps he can offer advice.
  10. At 12:46 Scipio alludes that TCU had our offensive signals last year. Mentions coaches, players thought the same.
  11. https://txst.com/sports/baseball/schedule Texas St schedule for those interested. Texas games are at Astros Minute Maid College Classic and April 9th and 10th. Texas St also plays at the Round Rock Classic Feb 23-25 with Kansas, Wash St. and Kentucky (Mitchell Daly's return to the ATX area). Hope he does well, great person.
  12. Final Fall game vs Texas St, tonight, 6PM (weather permitting, 64% chance of ts). No LHN.
  13. https://www.mlb.com/news/d-backs-bullpen-surge-helps-key-world-series-appearance Nice article on the formation of the Dbacks bullpen. GM or whoever needs a payraise. And Lovullo and Brent Strom (75 years old) for their management. Lovullo gives Strom full control. Former Dback Greg Swindell is happy. (excerpts) That bullpen makeover started when the D-backs acquired Sewald. While all the attention was on splashy deals around the league like Justin Verlander, Jordan Montgomery and Max Scherzer, the D-backs sneakily made just as big of a deal to acquire their closer. Adding Sewald allowed the younger relievers to settle into their roles. That then opened the door for Thompson, who was designated for assignment by the Rays in August, to become an integral middle reliever. Ginkel has been one of the hottest relievers in baseball for over a month. Saalfrank was called up at the start of September to be a lefty killer.
  14. Post was made to reply to post immediately above which asked which game was telecast last year.
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