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  1. But instead of TVs it's rice.
  2. Umm, this will not end well. "Civilization" and "Order" break down very, very quickly if people do not have food. https://mobile.twitter.com/ischinar/status/1221568301039542274 https://mobile.twitter.com/mgoqkzlbrplchyn/status/1221377650205179905
  3. Full tin foil hat theory: 1 month ago an earthquake hit Wuhan. This earthquake damaged said bioweapons facility, causing infection. Due to fear of repurcussions for their "negligence" the workers/scientists in the facility attempted to contain the outbreak, and did not report the magnitude of the situation to their superiors. https://earthquaketrack.com/cn-12-wuhan/recent
  4. I know no one wants to be that guy who freaks out over nothing, but look at what is currently taking place. You have absolutely enormous cities quarantined, embassies being evacuated, corporations (Disney, Starbucks) shutting down their operations in China, etc. Isn't this unprecedented? Are these governments and corporations overreacting, and being ridiculously, super cautious? Or is there something much more serious going on here than is currently being made public? This just seems different than anything I've ever witnessed.
  5. Probably bullshit, but I just read someone now predicting Coronavirus will infect 20% of the world's population, and approximately 10% of those infected will die. Again probably just fear mongering, but that would be 150 million deaths worldwide. I'm not sure where that ranks on the horrid factor of pandemics, but it seems pretty fucking bad if it turns out to be correct.
  6. The 6x pit is enormous. It seems they're making rapid progress. Hanover Republic Square is a beehive of activity. I think this one should be considered officially under construction now, and not just site prep.
  7. Come on guys, this was supposed to be funny. I thought the bolded portion would give it away.
  8. These guys talking about black on the uniforms are so fucking stupid. That would look terrible. Anyone with a lick of sense knows we need to add Gray to our uniforms instead. Gray pants with burnt orange stripes, and our home jerseys with gray accents would be off the muthafuckin chain! Throw in a matte gray helmet with a burnt orange longhorn and you may very well have the greatest unis to ever grace a football field! Make it so CDC! Add Gray as one of the official school colors, and let us finally enter the 21st century of uniform fashion design!
  9. You're a liar! I slap cops on the ass all the time, and as a privileged white man I face no consequences. They usually turn around angrily, but when they see I'm not a minority they just smile and we high five one another.
  10. True. They probably got the scale wrong in the rendering.
  11. I think so. My bet on the location is the old post office site just south of 6x and directly north of Republic Square. It's a prime location with frontage on 5th, 6th, and Guadalupe. It's also unencumbered by any Capital View Corridors. Does anyone have any insider info about what's going on with this property? It's been so quiet regarding any news or proposals.
  12. I get it. Mass transit isn't for everyone. If someone hypothetically say lives in one of the suburban areas not well served by transit, it isn't of much use to them. But a lot of people do live and work in areas of the Austin area with good transit. And a lot of them use it as well. If you and your circle of family, friends, co-workers don't, I get it must seem like nobody must. But they do, to the tune of tens of millions of passenger trips annually.
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