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  1. Somnio


    Funny you consider it clueless and elitist considering I lived myself without a car for an extended period of time in my adult life, and the fact I was too poor was the primary reason. Spending $500 a month or more for car payments, insurance, maintenance, etc. is not something a "poor" person can afford. Or alternatively driving around in 15 or 20 year old cars that can't pass inspection, or will inevitably strand you when it breaks down is not a recipe for success. Or one can choose to forsake owning a car, choose a location to live served well by mass transit, and which has stores and services that are nearby so you can actually walk somewhere. These places already exist in most cities of any size, including Austin. Are there enough of them for everyone? Nope. Are they too expensive typically? Yep. Should anyone be forced to live such a lifestyle? Hell no. But hopefully the changes to our land use and urban planning which give people a choice will continue and even accelerate over the coming decades.
  2. Somnio


    In truth, the "poors" shouldn't own an automobile anyways. I don't mean that in an insulting way either. It's just cars are expensive to buy and maintain. That money could be better spent on housing costs, or food, or savings. I understand though, given the way we have built our cities, with such segregation of uses and spread out over vast areas. Hopefully with better zoning and land use, along with public transport more people will at least have the option of living without a car, regardless of income.
  3. Somnio

    Moody Center

    A rendering I had not seen from the same Twitter account...
  4. Somnio

    Its happening

    https://t.co/4WhJ2mN6m8 https://twitter.com/HudsonSiteCntrl/status/1304071606482993152?s=20
  5. On tap for tonight this beast coming in at an impressive 8.7% ABV.
  6. I've always preferred my Tex-Mex enchiladas to use a chili con carne sauce. Where's the beef?!?
  7. Just picked up at the south location of Central Market...
  8. I found this to be an interesting read.
  9. Yeah, I think you may have a point. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/16/ceos-see-pay-grow-1000percent-and-now-make-278-times-the-average-worker.html
  10. Since you're moving from New York, I will suggest Cary, aka containment area for relocated yankees.
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