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  1. You'd be doing me a favor. Thanks in advance.
  2. You're a fascist who wishes death and suffering upon people. You're why genocide has happened throughout history. I've seen your vile posts before. You need help. Seriously, I'll swallow my pride and pray for you. And I will exit this horrid thread of groupthink with these facts. You all know the mortality rate is extremely low, miniscule actually if you're healthy and not 70 or above. You all know the symptoms for the vast majority aren't particularly serious, pretty much like a bad case of the flu. I can't quite understand what has happened to you all, but it really is bizarre. May I suggest you stop putting your faith in man, institutions of man, and creations of man. We are in a fallen world, afterall. God bless!
  3. Also, does the mRNA shot not "teach" your body to fight covid-19 by having your body produce the spike protiens? Also from info neomoon provided... However, the vaccine works by teaching the immune system to fight off the spike protien
  4. The info presented by neomoon states it is supposed to stay at the injection site. But Dr. Adam Ratner, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at NYU Langone Health, said that vaccines are mostly concentrated at the site of injection or the local lymph nodes.
  5. You are a shitstain who has resorted to personal attacks. I don't know what's wrong with you, but fuck off and go to hell.
  6. Fuck you. This is supposedly a covid-19 discussion thread. If you don't like to discuss the topic gtfo.
  7. I remember hearing he ran defenses with two on the D-Line and thinking WTF?!? Teams are gonna run for 350 yards on us.
  8. He states there is peer reviewed evidence these spike proteins are not staying in the shoulder, and are entering the blood stream. He states these spike proteins can cross the blood brain barrier, and also concentrate in several different organs. He also states these spike proteins cause blood clots, and other damage to the cardiovascular system. Like I mentioned, it is a very short clip. It would be great if you gave it a listen, and could refute his claims.
  9. Its actually only 3 or 4 minutes long.
  10. When the second half started, and we exchanged field goals I thought the win was in the bag. Texas was up 18 points with less than three minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Then the worst collapse I've ever seen transpired. Texas defense proceeded to get gashed for 31 points in the final 17 minutes or so. Not that the offense was impressive, but they did manage to score another TD. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but 48 points should be enough to win. Sure, there are legitimate criticisms regarding play calling, and special teams. However, the defense gave up almost 700 yards of offense, and over 50 points. They gave up big play after big play. The defensive coaches and players cost Texas this game.
  11. The score was 41- 23 Texas with 2:45 left in the 3rd quarter. OU scored 31 points in the final 17:45. This is on PK and the shitty defense. The offense was overall shit in the second half as well, but 48 fucking points should be enough for the win.
  12. Team effort in this epic meltdown, but I vote defense.
  13. Everybody laughing right now. Absolutely disgraceful.
  14. Texas was up 18 points with less than 3 minutes in the 3rd quarter. This is an epic meltdown. There is blame to be passed around everywhere, but the defense is the biggest culprit. 41 points should be enough to win.
  15. It this fake news? Is this guy who claims to be a doctor lying? Is he inviting hatred and contempt upon himself for the lulz, or something more sinister? Or is he just really dumb? What say you, Surly? https://seed306.bitchute.com/qsqOliWyhidn/N5UAQT3s31TY.mp4
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