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  1. I am already getting hit by the injury bug. This shit sucks.
  2. Is this where we are at in this league?
  3. Capn81

    Formula 1 2019

    Is it that or does he say things like this when he knows he has the best car by far? You know, trying to make it seem like he had a tougher task than what he really had to endure.
  4. Capn81

    Fire Tom Herman

    I agree 100%. As we move forward into the new likeness profiting setup for college athletes, there will definitely be more of a business front with the way that the individuals will need to be handled. The more this comes into play, the less need for head coaches who build relationships. Saban gives a fuck about relationships. That is why he will continue to win, and why he has excelled in the past as well. For an old guy, he is actually ahead of the curve.
  5. How fast will this lead to a break-up/realigning of the FBS schools?
  6. Capn81

    Next Texas Coach

    I do not think we should move on from Herman, but I think those decisions need to be made for/with him. I think him being a bit uncomfortable will do him good.
  7. Here is my thing. I expected our record to be good with maybe 9 or 10 wins. The part where I kick myself was believing that we would look competent and polished.
  8. Good. Hopefully his dumbass realizes that he doesn’t have any answers.
  9. I believe it was a National Association type of rule where a player must serve a suspension, for a game, the game following an ejection.
  10. Hey BO, I am good either way but I think it was discussed that we would pay like we did in fantasy baseball so one guy didn’t have to hold the cash. I am good with anything, just wanted to make sure that there was no confusion.
  11. The next comment should have been “When.”
  12. The offensive line is not great and our receivers cannot catch balls part of the time. I would also not say that 600 yards of offense tonight is not a great achievement because Kansas sucks. However, they got it done tonight especially when they had to.
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