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  1. Capn81

    Formula One 2020

    So, we are basically not seeing racing until May at this point with Bahrain and Vietnam being canceled. Any chance they reschedule these cancelled races? I figured the logistics end that chance but I have not heard if possible or not.
  2. Let’s just plan on the Sunday/Monday prior to the season finally starting.
  3. Are we supposed to talk about their shutout? Not sure on that one either.
  4. They have a no-hitter? Oh man, I am not sure that we should talk about their no-hitter. Nope. We probably should not mention their no-hitter.
  5. GG Rick. I am remembering why I hate fantasy basketball.
  6. I would be in again.
  7. As the young guys go, we will go.
  8. I kicked the tires on going, but I am already going on a golfing trip to Ireland in August. Should be a fun series.
  9. Capn81

    Formula One 2020

    This looks fantastic.
  10. I did not. I was afraid to do so.
  11. According to Rice’s baseball twitter account, the games will stream on CUSA.TV.
  12. If think about joining a league but it would have to be on one of the big sites that has easy access on an app. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Is there TV/Stream for this weekend?
  14. I am fine with Derka knocking out the draft order whenever. Would March 23rd or 24th work for the draft date? Maybe an 8pm start?
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