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  1. What are things looking like this year for the Tampa Bay Rays?
  2. I am starting to think that the FO sees a weak Central and is gunning for a Wild Card type of team again. Probably still the best team in the Central even with the subpar offense. If things go south with the team that they start the year off with, they will call up Carlson to get the hype back up and fill more seats.
  3. Well, there goes Ozuna. I am having a hard time seeing good things from our offense.
  4. Haha, no doubt there on the dead weight issue. I agree with seeing what Carlson can do when he gets the call up. I feel like we are engaged with Colorado in Arenado, and that we want him, but are trying to move some of the dead weight in the deal. If they are able to move Fowler, they have space for both Carlson and Ozuna.
  5. I could see that, but I am not sure there are any other players left in the Central except for maybe the Reds. He might have to settle a one year prove it type of deal.
  6. Probably a few for “a bitch,” just not “the bitch.”
  7. That was my thought as well. I bet he wants the QO $ but the years are ok in the offer.
  8. Alright boys. Do you think we come up on our offer to Ozuna or does he sign elsewhere? It sounds as if he wants more from STL, but that there appear to be no other suitors at this time. Maybe the Rangers but I think they are going after Nicholas C.
  9. I blocked him a long time ago on Twitter. The world does not need another hot take artist.
  10. Capn81

    Google Stadia

    Zero surprise. They were in need of new game releases in a bad way.
  11. I went to Gettysburg as a part of my High School Senior Class trip. I just remember being in awe of the place from the get-go. Our History teacher was our guide, which was an extra cool experience.
  12. You chose geography for $1000. This city in Florida is the location of Disney World.
  13. Not the poster but isn’t Herman known for a blowing a game or two that he should not lose each year?
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