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  1. They have plenty of time to figure this out and the admin knows it. There is a small chance that football is going to be played anyway, so make all the right moves at one time instead of rushing through changes.
  2. Again? Do we know which other handle(s) he uses?
  3. I guess I should have said my take above when I asked the question. I say that at least 45 games should be played for anything to count. 3/4 seems like a good number to make things official. I am also cool with all or nothing.
  4. Hopefully I did not miss this above, but with the real possibility of the season not fully being played, is there a set numbers of games that we will use to determine that enough games were played to count? Or will all 60 games need to be completed for our league to count?
  5. I am down for whatever...if there is even a damn season.
  6. Winning will ease a lot of feelings. Losing will amplify. It will be interesting come October to see how it plays out.
  7. And with this team, it is Sam way up high on earner list, and everyone else at the bottom.
  8. I think it would be fun to try, especially in a short season.
  9. The amount of double plays that hit into is mind-boggling. But yes, can be fun too.
  10. Yep, the fielding is a problem some games. It is odd that I can play games on top of games without issue, and then back to back games are lost because a fielder makes no attempt to catch the ball.
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