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  1. That was one of my early 90s gateway beers. Always something new to try at Crown & Anchor, but I remember this being ubiquitous. And then never seeing it again after 1995.... Until now.
  2. Should be a blowout, but for Ridder/Smith.
  3. Fuck Baylor. After the baseball series in March, I'll never think about that shit stain of a "school" again.
  4. Patterson was on a roll as well. I miss Mike Smith. Shit, is Jerry Glanville or Marion Campbell still alive? Even a corpse might be an improvement
  5. Unfuckingbelievable. Nice throw,Ridder.
  6. Bijan scores. Nice blocking on the right side
  7. Pick six is Falcons' best offense
  8. Great 4th down play call by Arthur Smith, as usual.
  9. Taysom Hill sighting. Too soon?
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