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  1. Update on the situation in Nazareth (Castro Co)......now 8 confirmed cases Good news 2 of the 3 folks on vents have made it off of them and are breathing on their own Bad news: one of the new cases in Nazareth is an FNP at the county clinic in Dimmitt
  2. Update on situation in Nazareth (Castro Co ) Now 8 confirmed cases Good news 2 of the 3 that were on vents in Amarillo have come off the vents. Bad news....one of the new cases from Nazareth is a NP at the County clinic in Dimmitt
  3. Sweet.....If I live through this I'll take you up on your offer
  4. just came to do a (drive-by) to see what the Surly MD's were saying about allergies.....my eyes were stuck together this morning.............
  5. Of course.... Everything in Naz is basketball related.....the Swiftettes have won 24 state championships over the last 44 years
  6. Nazareth is where my family would have to go to buy beer when visiting my grandparents in Tulia. Was the closest town outside Swisher County which was completely dry. That's the place.... German's....they gotta have their beer
  7. Closest hospital is Dimmitt 11 miles... I know for sure 2 of the 6 started there before transfered to Amarillo
  8. There is a "hot spot" up in the Panhandle .... Small Town Nazareth......there are 6 confirmed cases from there.....last I heard 3 on vents in Amarillo 1 in hospital (no vent yet) and 2 at home.....ages 16 thru 80's It's in Castro Co which went on lock down yesterday. Nazareth pop. Around 300.....% pretty damn high
  9. Was told late last night... 5 confirmed cases 3 of which are on vents in Amarillo 2 at home. Youngest Jr in HS ... ...The county went on lock down yesterday (Castro) town involved is Nazareth...approx 300 pop.
  10. (guessing) small communities outside of Georgetown would not issue the order and 1 larger town east of Round Rock probably wouldn't either
  11. SECTION 6. Definitions and Exemptions. a. Individuals experiencing homelessness are exempt from this Order except that, to the extent individuals are using shared or outdoor spaces, they shall, to the greatest extent feasible, maintain social distancing of at least six feet from any other person, consistent with the Social Distancing Requirements, as defined in this Section, below. Individuals experiencing homelessness are strongly urged to obtain shelter. good thing they included the homeless, i though this shit might real
  12. everybody is different.....trust me dude there are alcoholics out there that have drank vodka long enough and hard enough....that beer and wine will not hold them
  13. And out of ICU beds.....because acute alcohol W/D will take up ICU beds
  14. Electricity just went off....78626 Asshole puckered just a bit
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