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  1. Rub some dirt on it...and get him back out there
  2. I have seen several of their vehicles parked in their (little parking areas around the capital) with equipment trailers hitched to them....one can only assume they are loaded for bear
  3. Anybody know anything about that TE from Aledo? (Lewellyn).....damn he sure looks the part.
  4. bump....because 4 games left in the next 2 days, looks like Texas HS football fucked around and did it!!
  5. That Tracy sideline chick needs to do something with that mole....
  6. 1. Snow 2. Sugar ( to personal taste) 3. Vanilla flavoring 1 tsp 4. Milk (enough to mix other ingredients)
  7. I'm guessing it will be on KBVO
  8. Crosby onside kick...if they score...it's done
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