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  1. that one is off the beatin path......second smallest ISD in the state HS enrollment 14
  2. RIP....Dick Fosbury... (the Fosbury Flop)
  3. Graford head coach: Jeff Bell, 5 state championships....... 953 total wins
  4. he was 95.....and they are shocked by his passing
  5. 52 lbs He is like a 52 lbs bowling ball when he is ready to play....
  6. Got a new addition to the family....say hello to Otis....1 yr 7 mo....previous owner needed more room in his house ( wife prego) VID_20230223_174440830.mp4
  7. Carlo Franco at 6pm tonight stated: Low pressure over Greenland was going to move WEST over northern Canada down through Alaska to west coast then across Texas towards end of next week....I've been around 64 years and have never heard heard anything like that......
  8. looks like Boobie is in trouble again....maybe he and Beard should get together and discuss their troubles James Earl ‘Boobie’ Miles has been arrested again (cbs7.com) According to our partners at the Odessa American, James Earl “Boobie” Miles jr. was arrested Tuesday, and is being accused of seriously injuring his ex-wife. Tuesday afternoon his ex-wife called 911 saying Miles was choking her, when dispatchers responded to the call, she was found passed out in her car with choke marks around her neck, and injuries to her face.
  9. just renewed on chat at $5.99 with tax and fees $7.75 a month on 2 radios and Nina can suck a egg.....
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