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  1. A) your opinion about the balloon is as dumb as you think my posts on this matter are. Maybe read the APNews article I posted? B) just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I like Trump, voted for him, watch Fox News etc. I mean some of the posts like this last one really show your hand as well. If someone disagrees with you they must be stereotyped and put in some type of box. And discredited and labeled a right wing crazy Republican. Which I am not! Oh and also xenophobic and racist. Which I am not! I feel like the people who have to do that to me every time i disagree with them aren’t Capable of critical thought and just parrot the opinions of their party and party leaders and their 24 hour news channel of choice.
  2. They had three balloons crossed over the US (2019) during the Trump administration and yet another earlier in the Biden administration. But the government didn’t shoot those down. So all the people saying it wouldn’t have happened on Trump’s watch are wrong as well. Or the people clamoring for an innocent explanation of the balloon at this point after at least four others have flown over the continental US are wrong as well. Granted this balloon got a lot of attention because of the length of time it was here and well…we all saw it. Thought this AP article was interesting at any rate: Even if the balloon was not armed, it posed a risk to the U.S., said retired Army Gen. John Ferrari, a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. The flight itself, he said, could be used to test America’s ability to detect incoming threats and to find holes in the country’s air defense warning system. It may also have allowed the Chinese to sense electromagnetic emissions that higher-altitude satellites cannot detect, such as low-power radio frequencies that could help them understand how different U.S. weapons systems communicate. https://apnews.com/article/politics-united-states-government-antony-blinken-china-b1b03193b7abeb7bbeca169bbc7c2c53
  3. China has expressed its “strong dissatisfaction and protest” against the decision, accusing the US of “overreacting” and “seriously violating international practice.” President Joe Biden described the mission as a success. He said he ordered the military to shoot it down “as soon as possible” when he was briefed Wednesday. US officials say the balloon was being used for surveillance; China insists it was a civilian research vessel. It was first spotted over the continental US several days ago, according to the Pentagon, but officials deemed it too dangerous to shoot down over land.
  4. FYI: I don’t watch very much cable news. I just read articles from different sources. I watch a little BBC news now and then and my local news but the American 24 hour ones I shy away from. I just want who what where why how and when. I don’t care for political opinions as both parties here are completely off the rails and neither is worth defending. It is not political for me. China is not our friend. Yes The Pentagon did say there was no threat on Friday. And shot it down less than 24 hours later. I could care less what China’s explanation is. Nothing they do or say should be taken at face value as they’ve not earned the benefit of the doubt. The thing that bothers me the most on surly is if you attack China you are somehow a Trump supporter or right wing nut job. (I am not btw and never have been and I feel no government or policy is above criticism) I’m an independent person and thinker. My opinions are my own and they may suck but they are not some Reddit bullshit or Fox or MSNBC crap. I do think it’s odd that we allowed the balloon’s flight to disrupt commercial airspace and flights before shooting it down. But I get we wanted it over water and ability to collect it’s busted ass remains. But I do not trust anything China or Russia does at this point. I’m letting off steam. We’ve been through the shit the last two plus years and a lot of that is because of China. I don’t even post in the Ukraine thread because I got emotional and kept getting criticized over and over for having thoughts and feelings. After two years of watching surly members come and go and tearing our own people apart about masks and vaccines and social distancing I choose to throw my hate and anger at the country I believe to be the most responsible for wrecking havoc. In short even if there is an “innocent” explanation for said balloon who gives a fuck? Shoot it down on principle and mail the remains back to them in a pine box. Because fuck them.
  5. US officials say the balloon was being used for surveillance; China insists it was a civilian research vessel. Yes let’s trust what China says. Because their civilians can’t do dick without their government knowing about it and approving it. So let’s try again. The pentagon said it didn’t simply blow off course and has sophisticated maneuvering capabilities and wasn’t just following the jet stream. Still baffling that people are saying, “It’s not a threat. Their government said it wasn’t. There is an innocent explanation for the balloon! China isn’t a threat at all to the world. I want their government here! I think It’s great. I’m going to keep defending them because I am absolutely delusional! China is so smart and sophisticated. They didn’t spread Covid on purpose!” (Narrator: move there and fuck off then.)
  6. It doesn’t matter why the balloon was here and it didn’t just blow off course. China is not our friend. Their government may have all the technology but they are still assholes. Not worth defending any of their actions. There was nothing wrong with shooting down their bitch ass balloon. During the height of Covid, it simply baffled me to hear so many American people and the media defending China and the origins of Covid and how China did such a great job of closing things off etc…no they didn’t. Fuck them. Period. China is no better than Russia. They are just smarter and have better weapons but they aren’t our friend. Fuck them for unleashing hell on the world with Covid. We should slowly start pulling our resources out of China and moving them to Mexico and Central and South America. And slowly let them bleed out and suffocate.
  7. Nicole44


    Kinda confusing for me. He made the transition to female. Lived that way for two years and now identifies as male and wants to be called a he so…just going along for the ride.
  8. Nicole44


    So when I miscarried a few years ago (I don’t have children) I was having a hard time coping with that and a bad marriage (my ex and I weren’t compatible.) I struggled with alcoholism and anxiety and everything that comes with all of it: shame, guilt etc…I joined a therapy group. Talk about stuff. It was meant to be just us ladies who’d been through a miscarriage and our hormones and emotions. One of the women in our group had a brother (he was transitioning) and asked because he was dealing with a lot of pain guilt and anxiety and struggling to be a woman if he could join our group. At first, it was a flat no. But it weighed on the women in in our group a lot. He was suicidal and all that comes along with that. We decided it was okay for him (now her) to join our group. We recognized he was struggling with a lot. I’m absolutely not going to pretend I understand any of this and I have read studies and books about this (we all did so as best to allow him into our group.) I will tell you it makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I’m not saying therapy or drugs would help. I’m just saying I don’t get it but I do know people are hurting because this is how they feel. this isn’t coming from any place other than love. We did allow him into our group. Out of love so he’d feel safe. I personally don’t want to see someone make a life change (surgery and all of that) until they are fully able to comprehend that it’s irreversible. What I can say, is he fit right into our group at the time. He would never be able to have kids biologically and could empathize with those of us who’d lost one due to miscarriage. I’m not trying to be offensive when I see him as a him and not a her. But what I can say is he is thriving now and married to someone who loves him very much. I mean that’s all that matters. Just my two cents.
  9. Has anyone mentioned ricin yet (pun intended)?
  10. Sorry if already posted but it could have been a mechanism for food delivery. I mean hot air balloon and blimp drivers could find new clarity for their jobs…
  11. When I was a kid my dad took our family to go dig for crystals there. For whatever reason it’s one of my favorite memories. Still have my smoky quartz that I found. I guess digging in the mud was a fun time for me back in the day. But I had a blast.
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