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  1. This made me laugh…are you a goddamn slut?
  2. That’s as idiotic as going through a phone book and killing all the people named Sarah Connor.
  3. Those songs are stuck in my head now…
  4. And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile And you may find yourself in a beautiful house And you may ask yourself, "Well, how did I get here?"
  5. Yeah! If the game is close I like our chances bc…
  6. Not on Instagram but saw his message on another site so just screenshot…
  7. In 2018, her third and as it turns out final battle with it (from breast cancer in the 1990’s and a second in the early 2000’s) she said she was fighting it in her spine. Fuck cancer.
  8. Oh no…this one really hurts. Fuck. RIP lovely lady. Such a huge part of my childhood. I loved Olivia! Very angelic and “magical” voice…damnit!!!
  9. This put a smile on my face. Also, fuck La Niña. We’ve had enough of you bitch…move along.
  10. The predator in this scenario just became a player on any team in our conference…even…Kansas when we were playing them. back to other mysteries…the Mary Celeste, that shit that happened on Everest…DB Cooper…Amelia Earhart… https://www.livescience.com/55591-unsolved-deaths-and-disappearances.html it would be awesome if they could somehow put the Predator at the Alamo…say… Narrator: “These brave men were NOT defeated by Santa Anna’s army…that’s what he told you. It was a fucking alien.” …cue music.. I know that would really be a cool Traces of Texas tweet for @Hornius Emeritus
  11. That dog is a Carolina dog named Coco. The director said she was always happy and running around in circles excited to see everyone on the set. They used every bit of footage they could of her making her marks for the film. Pretty cool. Article about dog in film (putting it in spoilers just in case):
  12. Since they rebooted with 1719…I’d like to see them go straight into 1700’s America and still follow the girl as she goes to the east coast. But also as a back story in that movie talk about Roanoke Island in flash backs. Narrator: “Historians have posited that the colonists of Roanoke went to live with the Native Americans or were captured by Spaniards. Or some freak nature event. Wrong. It was a fucking alien. Croatoan. By now you should know what that means…” cue Predator music…
  13. I think because without having more information it’s just a case of someone who got drunk and killed people. A nurse who broke up with her boyfriend and ran a red light. If Anne had killed the woman in her house I’d say the sympathy would be a lot less. We know Anne has mental issues so a bit more sympathy. No idea about the nurse—but she killed a pregnant lady and a little Bitty so yeah sympathy is real low there. Anne was also allegedly drunk as a mofo…and driving recklessly so fuck her for that and burning a woman’s house down.
  14. Odd… There are a couple of unsubstantiated rumors on Twitter that she may lose both hands and both feet. Obviously, I’m sympathetic to her situation. Clearly she suffers from some mental health issues and substance problems (which she’s talked about quite a bit.) so in that sense I hurt for her and have sympathy—particularly if what she’s said about her growing up is true. Even if it’s not…I feel for her because she is clearly unwell. Having said that…my sympathies also lie with the people that she’s hurt along the way. That lady who either owned or was renting the house lost everything. Anne has two kids and a string of broken relationships…as much sympathy as I have for Anne…the people in her life are also hurt. This is a person who has means and ability to be on a regime, get therapy etc…at some point you are just an irresponsible asshole. You have to be accountable for the treatment you need that you don’t seek out or get or follow. There are no doubt so many people in the wake of people like Anne that are completely innocent. So while I feel for Anne absolutely also feel for the innocent people harmed because someone won’t take responsibility for themselves. Addicts and those who deal with mental health issues always get the entire spotlight and most of the sympathy…it should fall equally on the people in their path and in their lives who probably have done all they can to help and still suffer.
  15. Jason A. Jones, a Laurel, Nebraska resident who lived "right across the street" from one of the fire scenes, was arrested Friday and charged with first-degree murder and arson, Nebraska State Patrol public relations director Cody Thomas told USA TODAY. Jones, 42, had burns over a large part of his body at the time of his arrest and was flown to a hospital, Nebraska State Patrol Col. John Bolduc said at a Friday press conference. He was arrested inside his home, according to the Nebraska State Patrol. Several people in Laurel said they knew little about Jones, other than he had moved into the home within the last few years. Court records say Jones had lived in the Elm Street house since at least 2019 https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2022/08/05/nebraska-laurel-house-fires-suspect-arrested/10246889002/ Burns…Elm Street…I mean…ummmm
  16. Clu Gulager, star of the Tall Man and the Virginian, dies, age 93. RIP. https://tvline.com/2022/08/06/clu-gulager-tall-man-virginian-dead-dies-obituary/
  17. I loved all the homage paid to Predator and Predator 2. I dug the end of Predator 2 when they give Glover that gun. And the part where Gary Busey says “a fucking alien!” But I can’t find a good gifmeme for that. Plenty of Predator stuff…but Sonny Landham was the best: “We’re all gonna die.” Need that gif/meme. I liked that she was a believable character in Prey.
  18. Eye roll works for me. I can’t do the negative rep anymore unless someone just comes after me with a vengeance and even then…I just so seldomly use it for reasons I’ve already said.
  19. I guess where I am at in Atlanta is about to get blasted but it’s creepy calm.
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