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  1. 9-4 is a good season at Texas Tech or Arizona State.
  2. I voted "About the same." Sure, we're winning a little more with Tom, but the players are better, too. And all 6 years worth of teams committed the same dumbass penalties, couldn't figure out where to be on defense, couldn't tackle, had shit special teams, and neither coach could manage a clock and sat on leads and coached not to lose. The parallels are everywhere. But at least Charlie was a nice guy.
  3. He'll get next year. We'll lose to LSU and ou by double digits. We'll lose at Okie Lite. And at least one other. Then we'll go hire the next big thing from Cincinnati or Memphis. Maybe Boise. Or Navy.
  4. Seriously. He already built a program up from nothing and now they're in the playoff every year. Why would he want to start over when there's gonna be a statue of him there someday?
  5. I'd let Stephen Hawking's ghost call a couple of plays at this point.
  6. This is gonna age really well after Baylor skullfucks us.
  7. It's not THIS fucking hard, Thomas.
  8. Of course not. But I'm sure his lackey will let him know that we crashed the damned server.
  9. ad@athletics.utexas.edu 512-471-5757 Per: https://directory.utexas.edu/index.php?q=del+conte&scope=all&i=1 Let's get started...
  10. Well I hope Baylor wins and ou burns to the ground.
  11. Jesus. That would be too many for our basketball team who plays three times as many games.
  12. At least Mackovic was a nice guy.
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