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  1. He looks like Danny Bonaduce made a baby with Ray Donovan.
  2. How do you hype a game as the greatest college team of all time against one guy, then when the one guy wins rank him #81 of all time?
  3. I seriously hope this whole situation is creating a monster.
  4. Serious question: what would Ed Orgeron be doing for a living if football didn't exist?
  5. I almost wonder if he's playing through an injury: a hand or a shoulder or something. He's been so far off all night.
  6. It's not, though. If they wanted to fuck Clemson, they'd have 10+ penalties and LSU would have like 3. Clemson's gotten away with some shit tonight, too. Y'all's bias is showing hardcore in this thread.
  7. Man, that's a dumb penalty. And all of y'all acting like Clemson is getting fucked by the refs are high. I hate the SEC as much as anyone, but LSU has 9 penalties and Clemson has 6.
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