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  1. It's probably more like 36.5%. Trump's approval rating is 41.5%. I'd say about 5% is accounted for by the purely evil Stephen Miller types pulling the strings on this fucked up marionnette show. And yeah, the other 36.5% are batshit crazy.
  2. Chelsea 20-21: Ze Germans Are Coming
  3. Bwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahayayayayayaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaauahahajahajajahauauauauaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! God damn, Republicans are stupid.
  4. Holy shit, lol. But they know their target audience is a bunch of morons who won't go anywhere for "information" but Fox News and conservative twitter, so they'll never know how retarded this is.
  5. I would literally vote for Wee-Bey over Trump.
  6. He probably ran out of crayons to take notes and said fuck it, Vlad will bring me up to speed the next time I'm blowing him to keep him from releasing the Russian oligarch money laundering evidence.
  7. Yep, straight of the "Barack Hussein Obama" playbook.
  8. Over/under on the first time someone on Fox calls her the n-word = 8/15/20.
  9. So this is what the Republicans have to go after? Slut shaming a woman for blowing a man while dating him? While they all vote for a man who definitely cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star (hooker) and who probably raped like 15 other women? Has Trump actually conned you out of whatever self-awareness you once had?
  10. Don't worry, you've got that ground firmly claimed.
  11. I'm happy with Kamala. She would've been my second choice after Pete, but he's too white and too male, which begs a lot of questions about equality and level playing field, but I digress. I have every confidence that she'll be an excellent VP. Now, WIN. And when those fucking crooks try to steal it, catch them and out them. And win anyway. WIN.
  12. Yeah, the guy who scrapped the Iran deal that was very good for Iran is who they want in power. That makes total sense if you're as stupid as Trump is, which is what he's banking on every time he opens his mouth. And unfortunately that's true for about 40% of this country.
  13. A typo is when I say Trump is a ravist instead of a racist or a tapist instead of a rapist. Covfefe isn't a typo unless maybe he was trying to phonetically spell his Russian safeword and he was on enough painkillers to think he was texting Daddy Vladdy instead of tweeting.
  14. But it's not an abbreviation. He actually tried to type that entire sentence and "covfefe" is what came out.
  15. New on cnn.com: "Citing coronavirus, Trump administration weighs more restrictions on the US-Mexico border that could include citizens" Because this virus that is just the flu requires swift and decisive action... Against our brown neighbors only... I swear, if this guy is re-elected we'll be a full-blown fascist state by St Patrick's Day.
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