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  1. The fact that his approval rating on this particular issue is anything other than a 0% is proof of how completely and totally fucked we are as a country. I can understand someone giving the thumbs up in a basic approval poll just because he's a Republican and they're on the same team. I can even understand someone giving the thumbs up because he supports Trump on the wall or any other issue. It's stupid, but at least it's understandable. But for so many people to give Trump the thumbs up on his handling of this issue shows just how many of us don't even have basic critical thinking skills or the intellectual capacity to understand that liking someone doesn't make them always right. This is like clapping for Pete Carroll right after his horrible decision on the easiest play call of his life cost his team a Super Bowl. Fox News has absolutely ruined this country.
  2. Because Trump is doing such an amazing job in Poland?
  3. Okay. In places with population densities comparable to Europe, it's just as bad here. And we're lagging behind them on the timeline. And we waited longer to force social isolation. The death totals will almost certainly be worse here. I hope I'm wrong. I want to be wrong. But there is absolutely no way any reasonable person could give Trump credit for how he's handled this. It's absurd. This will be the cherry on top of the shit sundae of his legacy.
  4. He's also not taking into account that the population density in Europe is much higher. A more fair comparison would be per capita Italy to NY or Germany to CA. But we all know the last thing in the world he's interested in is fair comparisons.
  5. Well, shit, since it's over I guess we won. Nothing else to see here. Murka. The shit Trumpkins can cook up to defend/promote their boy is nothing short of amazing. It's like an army of 100 million miniature Fox News twisting, lying machines.
  6. "Hydrochloroquine is, is a, uh, a very powerful drug for certain things. And it's a, uh, very successful drug."
  7. The POTUS just told a reporter not to be a cutie pie.
  8. If the Titanic had unprotected sex with the Hindenburg and they made a baby and named it Fuck Up and it somehow was put in charge, I would have more faith that the sinking, burning ship-baby of failure might say something intelligent at the next presser.
  9. I clearly said it may or may not be that bad. Bad that is the pace we're on. You don't have to believe me. Get someone smarter than you to show you on a calculator. And the "fuck you" was for even considering wagering on such a thing. If you're not better than that, you should be.
  10. And if there are, you'll just get a new screen name with a different hot take.
  11. Anyone who believes that needs a remedial math lesson. The death toll has been doubling every two to three days. And that's before this disease overwhelms hospitals and every new case that needs a ventilator doesn't get one. We're at over 1,000 deaths today with 17 days until Easter. If the death total doubles 6 more times by then, we're looking at 64,000 dead Americans by Easter. Maybe it won't be that bad. Social distancing will curb the rate of infections. But the mortality rate may also increase in the short term due to lack of care. It's tough to say. But the death toll in America will absolutely hit five figures in the next few days. It may hit six figures in the next few weeks. It's not unthinkable that it hits seven figures before we get a vaccine. Stay. Home. For a long time.
  12. Still the funniest two minutes of Kevin Hart's career.
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