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  1. For about the 50th time in the last decade: fuck you, Hollywood.
  2. You do understand that there will be many more NFL seasons after the last one, right?
  3. Go ahead and list those 7 or 8, please. Also, is there a clinical term for what's wrong with your brain? Because I don't want to make fun of a cripple.
  4. And fuck Bauer if he did say he's not responsible if his catcher put something on the ball. That's like Brady saying it's not his fault the footballs were underinflated in that playoff game - the equipment guy did it, not me! Yeah, well, you're both professional ball tossers (snicker) and you knew something was giving you an unfair advantage and you used it. You're cheaters. And Bauer's Twitter defense is basically, "everybody else is, too," after acting like the lone choir boy who's been standing up for the good of the game. At least the Astros admitted it when they got caught. An
  5. How do they know that the A's are struggling when all they've been doing is losing to the Dodgers and Astros? Maybe the A's are good enough to win 85 and compete for a wild card, they're just not good enough to beat the eventual league champs? Well, we'd better shit on the A's rather than give the Astros credit for clearly being the best team in baseball after 7 games.
  6. He might be right that he's being singled out, but if you bitch about cheating and bitch about the league not stopping it, you'd damn well better not be, ya know, cheating yourself. He's a smug, self-righteous, sanctimonious, hypocritical douchebag and I hope a bird shits on him.
  7. Well, it's one thing when it's the Dodgers, Yankees, or Red Sox and it's something else entirely when it's anyone else.
  8. Looks like the offspring of Michael Rapaport and a beaver.
  9. Good god, do I actually have to watch this in Spanish?
  10. Ball bounces kindly and it's a pair of runs. Go on and break this one open, Zach...
  11. How in the world do you pick that pitch off the dirt and throw out the base stealer?
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