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  1. Bryant is also supposedly available...just sayin'. If Correa is moved and we get a starting pitcher with 4 more years of team control, perhaps Whitley is expendable if he nets Bryant...
  2. Underthinking things is probably more characteristic.
  3. Mookie’s a free agent after this coming season too. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Astros to sign Betts for what is likely to be around $325-350 million (for the same reason that they aren’t going to seriously pursue Cole).
  4. Agree that gray looks good with burnt orange. Vehemently disagree that it should in any way be incorporated into football uniforms. It's been said on here a million times - all that should happen to the football uniforms is removing all the bullshit from the collar/chest and getting the shade of burnt orange correct on the helmet and the jersey (I know, this may just be the material, but the damn helmet logo has definitely become a lighter shade).
  5. I just want him to play on 150 games every year. He can sing and dance and do awkward YouTube videos all he wants if he can play in 150 games per year (maybe avoid massages).
  6. The Astros were never going to sign Cole, regardless of the WS result, sign-stealing, etc, after the season he had. They're bumping up against the luxury tax threshold as it is. Tucker is the only OF (who seems like a regular, and he's no sure thing) under contract beyond next season, and there aren't really any upper-level OF prospects that figure to plug in. Meanwhile, there is no viable catcher on the roster, and the rotation and bullpen could use a boost. The Astros aren't going to give Cole more than $30 million annually for 6 or 7 years, which would blow them past the luxury tax threshold at least for the next couple of seasons. Not when you either have to extend or replace Springer and Brantley next offseason, then Correa the following year. If Verlander and Greinke were coming off the books this year, or maybe even next year...sure. But they aren't. This is an era in which the Red Sox are supposedly shopping Mookie Betts - one of the 3 or 4 best players in baseball - because they don't want to pay a luxury tax. The Yankees and Dodgers have been mostly fiscally restrained in recent years. The Astros don't figure to be the ones to buck the trend. They were never going to be a player for Cole.
  7. I think he may be available at a lower price than most think. I think I read that most teams think of him as a generally poor defensive catcher and that the Cubs may be disappointed with the return they get for him. He is a good hitter, though in the season (2018) in which he played the most games (138), he had his worst offensive performance (100 wRC+ - exactly an average hitter). But I'd love to get him, assuming he doesn't cost too much in the way of prospects.
  8. I don't know...I enjoyed that 2017 Army-Navy game in the snow probably more than any college or pro game I've watched in a decade...(part of that is because post-2009 Texas, but still, that was a great game)...
  9. Guys, we can argue about how 2012 A&M would have fared in the B12 in some hypothetical parallel universe all day long... ...shouldn't we instead just embrace the hilarious irony that their best player and team in decades lined up perfectly with a down B12 that year, but that they essentially fucked themselves by making the move that they all believed would redefine their program and thrust them into the national elite - which they may have actually done had they just stayed where they were? Come on assholes, it is perfect the way it is.
  10. I know I'm a broken record here, but this is the ultimate litmus test for the belief that "Texas doesn't care as much about football as the really successful programs." If Texas did really prioritize winning, this move would be a no-brainer. If Texas doesn't, it will bring an obvious lesser-tier coach back for another mediocre season while someone else hires Meyer. I know there's a buyout. I know Urban seems sleazy. I know. Other programs would do it. Texas will not. And - right, wrong or indifferent - that answers the question.
  11. Bonds, Clemens, Jeter. I think Walker and Schilling are close. Rolen, Jones and Helton were damn good but not quite HOFers. Damn Andruw Jones looked like a sure-fire HOFer early in his career.
  12. Prioritizing $ = bringing Herman back because you won’t pay his buyout. prioritizing winning = Herman is shitcanned and Urban is the new coach in 2020.
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