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  1. I hope yall didn’t drink whatever Baylor gave you.
  2. The series was a hell of a lot more fun during the decade before that IMO.
  3. Disagree. I enjoy coming back to this thread every 2-3 weeks and catching up on the arguments. I can’t really explain why, but I enjoy this thread. And I don’t even really like basketball.
  4. Yeah. The 8 bench reps at his size was shockingly bad at the combine and he wasn’t particularly fast either. I think he was generally considered a R2 guy before the testing; I can’t imagine he’s selected before round 3 at this point, and he may go lower than that.
  5. He may be redundant since they signed Brown.
  6. Finally. I’m very ready for this.
  7. Seems like defining and enforcing that isn’t going to be terribly straightforward.
  8. Any idea how one goes about procuring this hoodie? (Photo from today’s practice) I’m an old and the 2-bar face mask makes me excited.
  9. If that’s real, then they basically made minor modifications that only serve to make the overall look more amateurish? Good job, good effort.
  10. It’s still 33 AAV regardless of his arm health.
  11. Right? And $33m AAV doesn’t seem out of line. Not sure what I’m missing.
  12. So, one more year with Bregman, one or two more with JV, two more with Tucker…isn’t this (Snell/1 or 2 year deal) exactly the type of deal the Astros should be pursuing?
  13. JD Davis released by SF today. Assuming he could play 1B, bring him in and move on from Singleton. He’s a good hitter and can play 3B or OF.
  14. Me either, but I actively dislike most things widely regarded as “fun.”
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