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  1. bigcigar

    Dallas | Burgers

    Haven’t been in a while and that’s a travesty. Will be on my list next weekend.
  2. I bet they figure out scheduling to avoid that. Vandy to play 50 game schedule
  3. What are the odds every sec school finishes the regular season ranked? I’d imagine pretty high.
  4. Just dropping in to say I’ve worked with @UTPhil2006’s team on a couple transactions over the years and have been giving them hell on a third this year - flipping between home search options and refinance for rates for several months. It should be over now, but I definitely appreciate all the hoops the team has jumped through for me.
  5. I got mine this week as well. I checked for surly reviews after I bought the grates and got worried. Burger success made me me feel better.
  6. I got some after a recommendation from a friend. I was very skeptical because he’s a bit too into gadgets. First use was for burgers...I’ll just leave these here.
  7. This is a very poorly executed humble brag.
  8. Then posting on surly the original receipt claiming they support local
  9. On boarding might be smooth, but going into the office a month after you start will be weird. Like who the fuck let that asshole in
  10. I love that place (Richardson location). They’ve been slammed since the shutdown.
  11. My host reached out a couple days ago which would never happen under normal circumstances (one trip a year, not much comped other than room). I imagine with the shutdown and a couple months without Chinese whales, they’re all hurting and hungry to get people back. I had the same thought on Memorial Day, but my family vacation the week following got canceled...so may pick a random weekend in June since I’m not trying group time off together.
  12. There’s no way that’s a word
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