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  1. If you enjoy hazy IPAs, the extra bit to Frisco is worth it. They have some outstanding stuff.
  2. Be sure to pickup some beer from Outer Range in Frisco.
  3. No drip, no cover, ~ 3 ft of above ground exposed pipe = shark bite and 6 inches left.
  4. Reminds me of when I left Big 4 for a local advisory firm. The partner I reported into kept canceling the meeting until I was out of time to give notice. I couldn’t reach her because she was traveling. So I left her a vm, emailed HR and cc’d her. She got pissed and wouldn’t talk to me. “This is not the way you’re supposed to handle this.” Fast forward many years and I inherited her as a vendor. It was amazing how I immediately became her best friend. Engagement wrapped up and I brought in new firms for future work. Whatever you do, don’t be a dick. You never know when it will come b
  5. So now that the dust is nearly fully settled, who gets a fire thread first?
  6. Agent play. Free advertising for their services
  7. Is Ash ass? Giles and Bouleware can get fucked
  8. Plans changed after purchase, won’t use. Model number CIT36XKBB- it’s a discontinued model of Thermador’s induction cooktop that doesn’t have set burners, but rather allows you to place and move the cookware anywhere on the surface. Asking $3,500 obo in Dallas area.
  9. And then you have to think about the kids. The kids crave stability and Sally’s cookies. I just hate to see instability and changes for the kids sake. When Tom Herman was learning the proper way to churn butter under my tutelage back when I ran mack brown-texasfootball.com, I used to tell him you have to think about the kids. You have to make sure they know they’re loved and they’re getting proper hydration and nutrients with halftime orange slices. Dehydration in the Texas heat just scares you to death. I’m afraid the instability of firing coaches will cause the kids emotional harm.
  10. Doesn’t count anyway since he was fired in October
  11. Bullshit Zach reported first. I saw someone report his Twitter change here first. Surly scooped them again
  12. I don’t follow recruiting, but wanted to see what Sark is inheriting. Maybe we pulled the trigger too quickly? Herman was just a month away from a one score victory over maryland
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