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  1. It happens cause there is no god. Or if there is a god he is that sociopath kid that you knew who taped frogs to bottle rockets and fired them up for fun
  2. Since abortion is now "homicide" in LA, I would bet that you could shoot a pregnant woman who you believe is contemplating abortion and claim some form of "fetal self defense by proxy", stir up the right wing media machine, and probably be attending a Mara-Largo party as a right wing celebrity by this time next year.
  3. In the state of Texas, with a population of 29 million, yes there are emergency surgeries for ruptured ectopic pregnancies daily. Now how many cases do you think each individual obgyn is doing? In my 2 hospitals we get MAYBE 1-3 of those cases annually with a obgyn staff of 5. Its all fun and games until its your loved one who needs an proficient surgeon with no time to transfer.
  4. "Oh but we don't want to out law it for these kinds of cases, just all the other ones!!!" OK. Well, who do you think is gonna do the urgent procedure when YOUR wife or daughter needs one urgently to save their life? Your choice will be the 3rd year resident who read about it in a book a few month ago, or the 70yr old semi retired GYN who performed one 5 years ago. Which are you gonna choose? I am a physician who does procedures for a living. If I don't do the same procedure routinely and frequently I notice it very quickly. We also have to do a minimum number of cases annually or we lose hospital credentialing to do a specific procedure. I don't know how any docs in red states are gonna have the numbers to maintain credentialing or proficiency to do these procedures for any circumstances.
  5. Well, that means contraceptives pills and IUDs are murder since they prevent implantation of a fertilized egg
  6. Why do these fuckers get to work in absolute secrecy exactly? I guess I can kinda understand having TEMPORARY nonpublication for draft deliberations and such, but after the decisions are made everything needs to be released to the public. Especially the drafts and deliberations so we can see how this shit show of an institution operates. Letting the public see the process is not the horrible, world-ending event FXN or Newsmax wants everyone to believe. I say that with 60% confidence that a right wing justice/staff leaked it. Good for them. And lets not forget that the original Roe-V-Wade decision leaked too....twice https://www.npr.org/2022/05/03/1096097236/roe-wade-original-ruling-leak
  7. If you took a blind, random shot at him, you would have 4X greater chance of hitting his huge melon than that ballistic vest.
  8. So if your wife/girlfriend has a miscarriage this year, you should be able to claim that fetus as a dependent for 2022 taxes right? Also, should citizenship now occur upon conception? Or are all these fetuses just nationless individuals without any nationality?
  9. I am not sure this transfer was well thought out, According to this website, if Bru's dating age range is 21-24 he has a total of 190 potential asian females in his dating pool in Knoxville. https://suburbanstats.org/race/tennessee/knoxville/how-many-asian-people-live-in-knoxville-tennessee
  10. If Thomas impregnated a 13 year old, made her carry to term, and preformed a 40wk abortion himself while the SC was in session during the announcement of the over-turning of RVW.... I seriously doubt you would have the 60 senate votes to impeach.
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