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  1. Great results. I would shoot more if I ever got around to developing and scanning at home
  2. Giannis casually went back to back 20 rebounds, and almost a triple-double, but yes, he needed help, which seems to be an essential of getting on in the NBA going back as far as I can remember.. Trae Young is a punk and root for his continued misery. I wonder just how good Luka can be if he commits himself to an offseason of elite conditioning...
  3. she's supposed to be a different type than that sort. supposed to be.
  4. It would be incredible if she really did call him a pedophile without evidence.
  5. went and took a look. going for over $1000. wow. once again, kicking myself for not getting an M6 and Pentax 67 years ago
  6. have you considered Micro 4/3rds for that particular purpose if you want to go mirrorless? There is really no timetable for Nikon DX pro cameras in the mirrorless world. And given their strategy with DSLRs, waiting for DX mirrorless lenses could be even longer
  7. It's much better. I have a Z6 and the Z50, and there is a clear difference between the 2. There is a another difference btw the Z6/Z7 and the Z9.
  8. DougO saw above that you got the Nikon Z fc. That's just a bad fit for what you wanted in a mirrorless. There really isn't an APS-C option that can be considered in the same line as a D500.
  9. I have a Nikon FM3a. One of the most technologically marvelous analogue cameras ever made. Just was a bit too late in the game. A shutter that goes all the way to 1/4000, works with or without a battery.
  10. My experience has been somewhat different. Some of the stuff below might have been raised above already. There have also been some interesting podcasts on some of these issues, one in medicine from Freakonomics, MD titled "How Can You Choose The Best Doctor." They interview a researcher that looked to see if there was a correlation between reputation for residency and outcomes (in OB, another in General Surgery), and it turned out that the answer was yes. Obviously residency isn't medical school, but there is also a correlation between your medical school and your chances of matching into a top residency. My encounters with medical students from top schools, is that, as a whole, they can be a cut above. It isn't always the technical part (though sometimes it is that too), but I do think the elite 10 or so do set themselves apart in some way. Freakonomics Radio, also just started a series of podcasts on colleges and have one titled "The University of Impossible to Get Into." Touches on some of the why it has gotten so hard to get into Harvard, Stanford etc. Interesting not that long ago, the admission rates were almost double what they are now. I looked at the first few pages of this thread, and it seemed dominated by the Lawyers and Law School, and alot of anecdotal evidence that top law grads are not any better (and in many cases, cited as being worse) than the rest of the pack. I haven't found that to be true on the medicine side. On the issue of cost, if you are going to take on the burden of student debt, you can argue the case that doing it for medical school is the not worst decision you can make, if, your plan is to be in competitive specialty, to have a greater pick of geography to practice in, and especially if you plan to be in academics and do research. If I was advising a HS student, would say go to best public state school you can go to, i.e, Michigan, UCLA etc, incurring the least amount of debt that you can. Then aim for best medical school (public or private) you can get into.
  11. Guardiola is a goddamn smart idiot.
  12. 1. Glad you are okay. 2. I'm crazy for choosing academics, staying in this city while being in a specialty that can actually make 7 figures. Turned down 3 jobs in NY for this. Ha, will see how it turns out. Told myself, reassess in 2 years. 3. Consider how hard it is to get to your level. Consider what you are now doing -- not the money or watches, that's your work, you earned that. But the drugs. That rarely ends well. Recall the USC dean or president.
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